King MEDIA - Video, Image Upload and Share

King MEDIA - Video, Image Upload and Share

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  • Image Upload & Share From Url , Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, VK, Vine, Instagram, Metacafe, DailyMotion Videos and Soundcloud
  • Comments for Media
  • Facebook Comments
  • Responsive Layout
  • User Profile & Points
  • Tags or Category System
  • Super Easy Installation
  • Full Admin Panel
  • Moderate Guest Submissions
  • Social Share Buttons
  • Search for Media
  • Seo Url
  • Much More…


  • PHP 4.3 or later, PHP 5.4.x for all functionality.
  • MySQL 4.1 or later, MySQL 5.x for best performance.
  • fopen enabled
  • fileinfo extension

Technologies Used:


V 2.2

  • Added better quick start option on list theme
  • Added Terms and Privacy option for register page
  • Added facebook meta tags
  • Fixed some bugs…

V 2.1

  • Added Rss options page in admin panel
  • Added video source
  • Fixed some bugs…

V 2

  • Added mp4 video upload option from pc
  • Added king video player
  • Added Custom message for submit page and comment box
  • Added post title in twitter share
  • Fixed some bugs…


  • KingMedia now supporting more video sources (-xhamster,,,, )
  • Fixed facebook video issue
  • Fixed php5 issue
  • Fixed some bugs


  • Added Quick start option at list theme
  • Fixed Soundcloud issue
  • Fixed some bugs

v 1.9.9

  • Added Multiple Image Upload (enable in admin > lists)
  • Added Quick View Option in List Theme
  • Fixed some bugs

v 1.9.8

  • Added video source
  • Added <meta> description input in admin> layout
  • Added vk login option
  • Fixed some bugs

v 1.9.7

  • Added Notice feature for new users and first time visitors in admin > users
  • Changed Sticky add area in list theme
  • Fixed some bugs

v 1.9.6

  • Added watermark option
  • Changed image submitting page
  • Added Sticky add area in list theme
  • Changed infinite scroll codes in default theme
  • Added image preview area in image submitting page
  • Added pinterest and google+ share buttons in list theme
  • Fixed some mobile view issues
  • Fixed some bugs

v 1.9.5

  • Added new Sources, VK videos, Facebook videos, Soundcloud
  • Users can add video or image in comments via url
  • fixed rss image issue
  • Fixed some bugs

v 1.9.4

  • Fixed some bugs

v 1.9.3

  • Added admin > stats page
  • Fixed rss issues
  • Added Length of Tags page , Length of Media page, Length of Users page at admin > lists
  • Fixed some bugs

v 1.9.2

  • Added Custom Css option
  • Modified Category Page design,
  • Added Mobile Theme select option
  • Fixed Some bugs

v 1.9.1

  • Added google+ and pinterest share buttons
  • Added custom email settings in admin panel
  • Fixed Some bugs

v 1.9

  • Now More Fast! using thumbnails on homepage
  • Supporting animated Gifs
  • Fixed Some bugs

v 1.8

  • Fixed Some bugs

v 1.7

  • Fixed Some bugs

v 1.6

  • Added new plugin “King Extra” you can add extra fields on submit page
  • Added Description option on homepage
  • Added 404 page
  • Fixed Some bugs

v 1.5

  • Added new option ‘Create Custom Pages’
  • Create link option added
  • Added categories page
  • Fixed Some bugs

v 1.4

  • Added NEW! List theme layout
  • Added Theme-Switcher Plugin
  • Fixed Some bugs

v 1.3

  • Added new stylish and simple captcha plugin
  • Added permission option for the image upload
  • Added tag cloud tags limit
  • Fixed some bugs

v 1.2

  • Changed top users page design
  • Fixed permissions bugs
  • Fixed some css bugs

v 1.1

  • Added social login buttons in login modal
  • Fixed mobile image upload
  • Fixed some css bugs