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Hey I looked around the demo and saw this small but important functionality are missing

(1) Email piping Ticketing – like someone can send email at help@rise.fairsketch.com and the script opens a ticket that what i mean

(2) Bugs Tracking

(3) i love the notification functionality but could you add a sms notification functionality for clients seens we use InfoBip it could be great if you add them and other sms gateways so we clients get notification on sms

(4) nice product but seens you have added leaves functionality for employee could add payroll functionality on the script so rather using another payroll system it could be great that managing payroll could be done in your script

I would Love 2 Buy Your Script So Please Answer All The Questions Above Before i Buy It And I Would Really Appreciate It

Hi, none of the features are planned. Thanks.

Hi! After upgrading to 1.8 I’m not able to add payment methods on invoices.. In admin backend I’ve configured Stripe and PayPal but when I try to add them on invoice the selection is empty (no match found)..please help me out. I need this desperately.


I’ve search in PhpMyAdmin and found that changing field online_payble from 1 to 0 does the trick..

I Give up.. can’t understand why it is not working..

Ps is it possible to have recurring payments with stripe payments? I’d like to send the first invoice to my clients and having them to pay the first invoice via stripe, but with recurring mode so that I would just send recurring invoices every month and payment would be automatic. Is this possible?


shreyabi Purchased

Have already purchased the theme Couple of things i wanted to discussion.
  • - Right now any team member can send an estimate to a client. We want to change this so that only team member who has been added to specific project can send an estimate. How do we configure this?
    • – When you add a custom field to ‘projects’, its not shown when you login as a client.( even when you have unchecked the ‘hide from client’ option).
      • Please advice as soon as possible

Which version you are using? You can set estimate permission from Roles settings. Thanks.

If we get extended license can we install it and sell accounts to users?

Extended license is not available. Thanks.


kortibu Purchased

For the leave application, how one application will be approuved by one leader without sending notification to all leaders? For example, staff A on department B applies a leave, then only leader of B receive the notification.


OK. We’ll do something here. Thanks.


shreyabi Purchased

We need a role were all the accesses are project based. So think of them as a project manager, So in the permissions would be as following

  • Can create projects, edit projects,Can delete projects ,add/remove project members,create tasks, edit tasks, delete tasks, comment on tasks,create milestones, edit milestones,delete milestones, delete files – But only for projects in which he is a team member.
  • Can view team member’s contact info & Social Link – But only for Project that he is part of
  • Can manage team member’s time cards & project timesheet – But only for Project that he is part of
  • Can access invoices, estimate and expenses. -But only for Project that he is part of
  • Can access client’s information- But only for Project that he is part of

    What should we change in the code to achieve this?.

The permissions you described are not relational. For example, you can’t add team members before adding projects, so how you’ll set the project creation permission for the member? Also the members are independent entity and they aren’t depended on projects, so you can’t set member view permission project wise. Thanks.


shreyabi Purchased

Hey , thanks for the response

Let me explain :- So apart from the admin , we want two set of staff.. Managers and employees.

So the manager can create & edit projects, and assign team members after he creates a project. So Manager A can do all the permissions above for the projects he created, But not for the ones created by Manager B.

Employees are basically added to the project by managers are per their project requirements, and are assigned tasks as well.

Hope this makes sense.

You can create one set of managers right now. It’s not possible to set project wise permission. Thanks.

The script looks exactly what I need, just a pre-sales question: Is it possible to 1)upload a document when adding an Invoice (as is possible in Expenses)? 2)when entering an expense, not only introduce amount, but Tax % too? Thanks a lot in advance!

It’s not possible. Thanks.


kortibu Purchased

Hi, please tell me how we can known who have created the clients account?

There is no tracking for this. Thanks.

We got it :)

How can i add custom Fields, on Expensive Categiory ?

Custom fields are not available in expense. Thanks.

Hi, on your demo I can see that events in the calendar are not draggable like on the original full calendar.io

Is this possible?

Hi, just to clarify, I need my events calendar to do the same as it goes on the site that developed the calendar plugin


1) Stretch an event to it can be all week at 9am etc… 2) Drag and drop events 3) Option to drag in events from your notes (I could developed this part myself if the drag & drops part works)

Can you please let me know asap before I buy


Hi, This feature is not available, if you want you can customize it. Thanks.

Gerrrrr ok I’ll have a look is there is another solution otherwise ill buy this and try to adjust, if I get stuck are you able to help with this mod?

Hello, I sent you a request few days ago thru Envato contact form and I haven’t gotten an answer. Could you please let me know? Thanks

Don’t bother I found the answer. Regards

I would like to make an additional request to add to the list… but this one is NOT URGENT. If you could make the preview icon for PDF and XLS and other things not that huge gray magnifying glass and maybe a PDF icon or something, that would be great. Again, not urgent.. Just a minor improvement.