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RajeshPIN Purchased


After recent update, excel export option is missing for time cards etc.. Please let me know how to enable it..

Looks like the flash is not enabled in your browser. Please go to your domain and click on the info icon on the left side of the address bar. Then set the settings (Flash: Always allow on this site).

Can we use this CRM with a mutual db shared with Wordpress ?

It’s not supported by default but you can do it by adding a db prefix in the installation script. Thanks.


VertEvo Purchased

Hello there.

I just want to bring to your attention that the invoices sorting by date is not working properly, the invoices are sorted by day, not by month, like it should and like it’s on other pages (projects, for instance, works perfectly). For example, date 01.06.2017 is displayed before 15.01.2017. If this is gonna help, I’m using the European day-month-year date format, not the US month-day-year format (the US format works properly).

Other than that… any news on multi-currency support?

Thank you.

Hi, found the error. Could you please send an email to support@fairsketch.com so that we can discuss about the multi-currency? Thanks.

Thank you for the update. Do you do custom work? We need the excel export to calculate a total for the week per person, not for the whole office. We don’t want to have to export 50 times per person each week.

Hi, I’m not available for custom work. You can export the report from Time cards > Summary. Thanks.

Do your app support front-end Estimates form?

I would like to create a form for our clients in the front end. and if deal final I will give them to access to the app.

Yes. you can mark the estimate request form as public. Then the form will be accessible form public. Thanks.


In your support team, is there a person speaking in French? because if I buy your script, I would need a support in French. is it compatible with PHP 7 ?

It’s compatible with PHP 7 but support is available only in English. Thanks.

Hello, I have a problem, add 10 different roles and when I add the following I do not show them in the list. How can it be solved? regards

Hi, I replied your email yesterday. Did you checked?

just purchased and Rise seems to be a very useful tool; it may has been asked before, but it would be really helpful if you could add a folder feature for file management in projects!

another thing on my wishlist: option do customize certain fields in some dialogs and tables

Pre-Sale question: Is there an easy way to customize the Invoice/Estimate file outcome? Multiple invoice/Estimate templates?. For example: Change order of some things, add some text, translate others, etc… – Thank you in advanced.

Actually, is there a way for me to create an invoice template? Both for web-view and PDF including custom fields?