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Hello, I am very interested in this script but I don’t seem to find any info regarding the multi language feature. Is there the possibility for users at least to select their favorite language since it seems many are already included in the code?

Hi, not sure yet but hopefully we’ll add this feature in next release. Thanks.


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Hello my server has been updated to php 7.2 and mysql 5.7 and now the rise presents me with a continuous message

The Encrypt library requires the Mcrypt extension.

Please install the Mcrypt extension.

Hi FairSketch, there is a tiny bug in your system: On a Project Dashboard it is possible to Add Team Members to a project who are already ‘inactive’.

Hi, Yes that should not be there. Thanks.

Question: Is it possible to add a Subtask-feature to a Task (possible with the same stuff like assigning/dates/labels etcetera)? We really would like this feature. For example a project is called “Webshop development”. A task is: “build header-shopping cart”. And a Subtask is “build a function to count total products” or “create html to delete item”...

This could be helpful but it’s not possible right now. Added to list. Thanks.

Maybe you can also put on your list a ‘clone task’ and ‘clone subtask’ function?

Another question: is it possible to add a function to ‘close the crm system’ for a few minutes/hours for all users (except owner) with a custom text to explain. This is shown on the login screen and all current logged in users are to be logged out automatically at once….

It’s possible but it seems to be very special for you. You can do it yourself. If you need any instruction about this, please send an email to support@fairsketch.com. Thanks.

Is it possible to build a ‘Project Templating’ function in Settings? My client is asking if they can create multiple ‘Project Templates’ with Milestones and Tasks in it already (without certain fields like dates filled in ofcourse). Because the ‘clone project’ is not what they wish to use for it, they have a lot of project templates.

This feature will be added in future updates. Thanks.

Is your roadmap public somewhere?

No. Thanks.

Do you have plans to extend the Settings options? For instance create more Settings for removing or adding fields (details fields of everything). Or create more ‘Modules’ on/off switches.

Not planned yet.


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Hi, When is next update expected? Hope the payslips feature is included in your list.

Planning in this month but payslip will not be available in this release. Thanks.


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Thanks a lot for your work and support!

I’m facing an issue regarding emails. Email invitation are working perfectly but not the others one (notifications).

I’ve switched on all notification in the bask office, openssl and curl are on the last version.

Switched on logs and nothing appear on it.

I have done the 3 security type options

Do you have any idea?

Thanks a lot for your support

Please send an email to support@fairsketch.com. Thanks.

Hello there!

Is it possible to add a column with the information of when was a task marked as complete?

Because we set a deadline for each task, but sometimes we finish it sooner than expected, and we need the exact date of when it was completed in a report.


Hi, you can see the information from activity log. If you want to add a column, you have change the source code. Thanks.


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it would be really great help if you could provide the option to create folders for files in projects!

also sync with outlook and/or thunderbird would be great step forward!

Can this do subscriptions via stripe or paypal?

This feature is not available. Thanks.

Hi it is posible to send and receive email around the world in the system

You can send email to any address but can’t receive. Thanks.

Hi Guys, I had some requests and problems

1. when I create a user from my script under client section it does not send them the login info but something like when sending them an invoice it goes through so fix the login details not send problem

2. could you add Email Piping feature in ticketing where someone can send an email to suppport@example.com and the website opens a ticket.

Replied on email.


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Is it possible to add the custom field options to Files? (for instance to add a Label)


reinschaap Purchased

Is it possible to create a Setting where the Administrator is able to de-activate the function in the ‘Leave’ module that the Boss needs to Accept or Decline a Leave Application? Because we want to give al users the functionality to insert a Leave (immediately approved by system) without the need to approve it.

Hi, custom fields in file is not planned. You can auto approve the leave application by changing 1 line of code. If you need help, please send email to support@fairsketch.com. Thanks.

Hello how are you? I am interested in your plugin but want to ensure I can create private client pages that will be attached to only that client. Is that something that can be done?

Hi, this feature is not available and one another thing, this is not any wordpress plugin. It’s a standalone application. Thanks.