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xerracol Purchased

Dear author, there is no field to add the company vat number and show this in the invoice PDF. Could you please point me in the right direction.

Please send an email to support@fairsketch.com. Thanks.

On settings > update when I click the ‘i’ info box in top right I just get a black box with nothing. I would like to see release notes before updating if possible as have done some minor customisation and its good to know what updates and fixes have been done on each release.

which page?

I see now thanks


weborbit Purchased

Hi, How do I update the supported file types for file uploader? Now it’s not accepting DOCX, APK etc.

Please make sure you are not using any space or dot. Just use coma between the file types. Thanks.


J2O Purchased

Hi Guys,

Some Quick Suggestions:

1. Item display order. Would be great if we could manually re-order items on the invoices/estimates. That way we can decide what items are displayed first in the list, etc..

2. Discounts on invoices/estimates. Would be great if we could apply a percentage discount to the whole invoice/estimate which get applied to the total.

3. Invisible item prices. I would like to have multiple items on an invoice/estimate but not display their individual prices, only display the total price for the entire invoice/estimate.

Let me know what you think :-)

Great work btw!


We’ll include the 1 & 2 but the 3 seems to be very special for you. Maybe you can do the #3 by adding some css. Thanks.


J2O Purchased

Thanks FairSketch! You rock!

Tasks Custom Fields Sort Order – How can create sort order for a custom field it is select menu and I in task list view I do not want default numeric/alphabetical sorting, I want custom sorting/order.

Whenever you click on a column, that will be saved on cookie and that’ll work as default.

sorry I probably didn’t explain very well – I created a custom field ‘priority’ with select menu options: low, medium, high, urgent and default sorting is aplhabetcial like this: high, low, medium, urgent but I would like sorting like this: low, medium, high, urgent

Sorry, it’s not possible. Thanks.

date in emails is not formatted

Im not using the overdue invoice emails so I dont know about them but the send invoice / recurring invoice emails has date like yyyy-mm-dd

Fixed. If you need it right now, please send an email to supoort@fairsketch.com. Thanks.

I ready did an dd an edit. Thanks

I can’t try the demo, the login isn’t working with those credentials.

We reset the demo in every 30 minutes. Should be fixed now.

A suggestion: set priority level for a ticket (High, Medium, Low) with a colored label for each :D

OK but you can still add custom fields in tickets. Thanks.

Please in future version add email templates for more control of email messages for project and task addded/updated etc. Its a bit difficult at the moment to control the emails in these cases.

hello i want t ask if the client can reply the ticket from his email client ?

Client can’t reply from the email. It’s only possible for the client portal. Thanks.


aspurian Purchased

Hello, we recently purchased and are happy with the product.

We did have a couple of feature requests / comments, and wondered if they were going to be added in the future?

1) Ability to log time for other users, even if it’s just a feature that admins can use. Currently it’s only possible to log time against the user you’re logged in as.

2) Ability to add more status’ to projects. We understand that you can use labels, but it would be nice to have a “prospective” status for our projects.

3) Ability to always display “Done” tasks on the task list page. Currently you need to select it within the filter each time you go to the page.

Many thanks.


vinayfi Purchased

Pre Purchase Is there push notifications? Example when new tasks are assigned or new message, can user get push notifications on mobile & web? I couldnt find this in demo. Can this be added via onesignal.com or any other service?


vinayfi Purchased

How to create monthly recurring Tasks?

Both of these features are not available. Thanks.

I use the demo. When a task expires, I do not see a message (mail or web). Thank

This feature is not available. Thanks.

why it’s not available? Thanks.

Hello there! After the update, the Export to Excel or Print buttons stopped working in certain screens, such as Tasks and Tickets (but it works in Projects).

I see that this function is working in the demo, but I can’t really imagine why it would stop working on only certain places and not on others in my installation..

I get this error in Console mode from Google Chrome:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘nTh’ of undefined at qe.<anonymous> (app.all.js:1) at qe.iterator (app.all.js:1) at qe.<anonymous> (app.all.js:1) at qe.<anonymous> (app.all.js:1) at qe.header (app.all.js:1) at qe.<anonymous> (app.all.js:1) at qe.map (<anonymous>) at qe.map (app.all.js:1) at qe.<anonymous> (app.all.js:1) at Function.exportData (app.all.js:1)

Please remove the browser cookies and try again. Thanks.

Still not working.. tried in different browsers, in different computers and this happenened on all times :/

Found a bug there and fixed. Please send an email to support@fairsketch.com if you want the update now. Thanks.

Another great update. Keep up the great work. Main request from our team would be the ability to bulk select/download files within the project. Downloading each file one by one is very time consuming. Hopefully we can see this in the next update. Thanks!

Hello again! Another suggestion: when I register an account and then delete it, the e-mail can’t be used anymore in the system. When I try to re-register it, it says it already exists, and doesn’t do anything. It would be nice if we could register accounts using e-mails that were once deleted.


It’s possible in latest version. Are you using the latest version? Thanks.

Ohh I see. This might be happening because the users were created and deleted in version 1.9. But good to know that this is possible now, thanks!


xerracol Purchased

Dear author, there are some bugs with users roles:
  • Disable the can_create_projects is not working, user still can create project when this option is disabled.
  • We you create a role, and delete it, the rol is really not deleted at all, still shows when you edit a member and try to change its role (index.php/team_members/view/3).

    can you please tell me if its posible to hide the project prices for an specific role, I don’t want staff member to see this value.

    I send you an email with aditional questions regarding invoices numbers (id).

    Thanks a lot, please keep up the great work and upcoming updates.

xerracol Purchased

Is not posible to remove the team member in project, if this user is the one who creates the project initially. Not always the same person who creates the project, needs to be added as a team member. Please advise.

User can create project if you enable the ‘Can manage all projects’ for the role. And the project price is visible to them who can create projects. We’ll check the other 2 issues. Thanks.


xerracol Purchased

Thanks a lot for your reply. Please let me know on the other 2 issues. Regards.