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The menu doesn’t dropdown on ipad and i can’t figure out why. Any chance i could email you a link to take a quick look? Thanks

Hi love the look of this menu but having a problem getting the menu to open on an old iphone3GS clicking the icon does not open the menu. Is there any way to solve this please? Is this working on the latest versions please and is just a bug on an old phone.

HI there,

The menu is not working properly on iPhones since the IOS 9 update.

Could you fix this bug asap please because the menu systems are not working correctly.

Hi there

The meu does not work correctly on iPhones since the IOS 9 Update.

Could you fix the bugs asap please and let me know when the new version is ready please?

Many thanks : )

I cannot attached a screenshot via that interface :(

I will need your email address. Please send me a message via mine: karl@webzen.co.uk

All of our clients and website visitors are having the same problem!

So it’s not a personal issue.

Your help with the iOS 9 issue would e appreciated:)

Can not seem to get an iPad in landscape mode to use responsive menu. Anyone with success on this?