Discussion on Responsive CSS3 Flexbox Tables

Discussion on Responsive CSS3 Flexbox Tables

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does it allow column sorting? asc/desc?

Hi, it’s HTML+CSS only. Sorting would require some custom JS. Thanks!

Hi, My support question seems unnoticed on the support forums. Can you take a look?

Hi, I’m sorry for my late reply. Please take a look at your topic. Thanks

Can we put search box? As we type it searches and shortens the table?(just like datatable) ?

Hi eugene569, it’s CSS based table, search box is not available. Thanks!

Hi planning on purchase this item, are still supporting or is it outdated?

Hi, please feel free, it works exactly like in live demo.

Hi, I posted an issue 3 days ago on the support forum see here. I have not received a response yet.

Hi, please find your solution on the support forum. Thank you.

hi i can make the title header text to allign center, default is left..been trying modify on css couldnt find it.. thanks

Hi, thank you for your purchase. Please register an account on our support forum at Please create a topic with a screenshot and a brief info, we’ll answer as soon as possible. Thank you


I would like to customize a checkbox in a cell.

<div role="row">
<span role="cell" data-header="ID">
  <label class="input-container"> my label
    <input type="checkbox" name="checkboxes" value="">
    <span class="checkmark" />

Is it possible to reset the label css values and input checkboxes?

I tested “all” but it doesn’t work.

label {all: initial;} label * { all: unset }

Thanks! Mick

From what I was able to check, there is no way to immediately select or deselect many (all) checkboxes using only CSS. Rather, you will need some javascript here. Thanks

I think you should have used a class for input and label.

[role="table"] .myclass-input[type="checkbox"]
Currently we need to use “display” :
<span role="cell" data-header="my inputName">
    <input type="checkbox" name="myCheckboxes[]" style="display:inline">


We will need to discuss that more and check on your end. Please create new topic on our Support Forum and our team will provide assistance. Thank you!

Hello Quantical Labs,

This item is so good for data-table based website. Is it possible to make a WordPress plugin like this?

prowithbro, we don’t plan to make it WordPress plugin at the moment. Thanks!

this product is not made for wordpress but is possible to install it on wordpress?

Hi, yes it’s possible. This would require adding custom CSS to your WordPress installation and placing the HTML of the item on the new page. Please remember that the item does not have an administration panel, so the management is done by editing the HTML code

Yes I understand, do you have any documentation ?

I can’t guarantee it will work perfectly with your theme but there shouldn’t be any major problems. You can use the plugin to add custom css to your WP installation.

Hello I need that user select a row in the grid is too dificult put the select you have in the car-wash-booking-system im buy immediately if you do

Hello, such modifications are available as a custom jobs only. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

the cost of custom job for tho this change?

Hello, is it possible to have some columns unchecked (hidden) by default and show it only on demand (via filtering option)? Thanx!

Hello, yes, simply add “checked” to selected input id’s (DESCRIPTION/ COLUMN FILTERING section in HTML document). If you have further questions, please post a new topic on the forum, thanks!

Hi. Looks like a great item. I posted a couple of questions in the forum I hope you could answer. Thanks.

Hi. Just answered, thanks!

I am using laravel framework where bootstrap already exist and hv implemented this as per your documentation but it doesn’t work.. any reason?

Hi, just replied to your comment on our support forum. Thanks

Hello .. I hope you have great sales at this site .. Follow me TOO :D

Thanks a million

is there any onmouseover animation in files or cells? thanks

There is a mouseover effect on a row only. Thanks

Hi there, do you have a demo login to see it in action? thanks

Hi, it’s not a WordPress plugin, there is no admin panel for it. It’s a CSS framework. Thanks.

sighs !!! this item is listed under wordpress code canyon… but i tried and tried to paste the code and of course place the styles with its reference to its location within my site and i dont see it working !!! this is not intended for wordpress use… this code cannot be pasted where you place your content in the wordpress platform… i want my money back

Hello leandrosstudio, where did you find this item described or promoted as WordPress plugin?

is it possible to ad search to this

Hi, by default there is no search. It’s pure CSS. It would require custom coding.

Hello Quantical Labs

This was very simple to install but it sort of what I’m not after I may need some customisation. Basically I would also like another form where if someone was to submit a form with the fields I placed in I would like it to go to the table grid that I have purchased from you, is this possible?

Hello Tholek, thank you for your purchase. In case of custom modification please contact us via contact form on our profile page. Thank you.

Hey – nice table. Would very much appreciate it if you could assist with jQuery TableSorter plugin ? Seems a number of changes need to be made in order to accommodate. Spent about an hour on it and have a half mangled mess to be honest !

Thanks in advance, Steve

Hi, thank you for your kind words. TableSorter feature is out of scope item support as Data Grids is only CSS framework. It could be implemented only as a custom work. Thank you for your understanding.


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