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Can it bind with mysql tables, and auto refresh at certain interval ?

You could, but it would require some custom coding.

I am not able to see the live preview :(

I am sorry, I can not see any there

Yes,It is showing on my Android phone,not in the desktop Thanks

It’s weird, maybe it’s your OS related issue. Are you a Mac user maybe?


Three questions considering this lovely product:

1. I was wondering if the first column “different styling” can also include small images?

2. The tables are responsive, but since a real “live demo” isnt available: How does it react to a smaller screen? Do some colums disappear which you have to indicate or, can you scroll the table horizontaly?

3. Is it possible to highlight more than one row?

Thanks in advance


1. It’s HTML table so you can put any content into any table cell including icons / images.

2. In live preview (video preview) at 1:05 you can see how table react to a smaller screens. By default you can’t scroll horizontally.

3. It’s possible and easy by adding a class to a table row (please follow included examples).


May I know how many columns this table grid can support?

We are highly interested in the product, but we will need more columns to show some features.

Please kindly let us know. thanks!

Hi, it can support unlimited number of columns. It is HTML table based.

One doubt, this script will need to include the name of the columns dynamically in CSS?

Hi, yes, it is required for responsive mode.

Hi, it works with PHP and SQL? Thank You. Best Regards. Alberto

By default it’s only HTML and CSS but it will work with PHP with data retrieving from the database.

Hi, Can you show me live examples URL

I want to see live examples, not a video

We’re not providing live examples for the CSS items. So unfortunately in this case you can see how the item works only on the video.

Hi, Raised a support ticket a couple of days ago but not received a response yet, have you received it? Thanks

I’m sorry for delay on this, we’ve just replied to your ticket.


Just purchased and works a treat.

From clicking one button on the filter can i have it hide say 5 columns? Is that possible?


Hi, thank you for your purchase. As for filtering many columns with single button – it’s not possible.

Is it possible however? Is it something you could add? if so what will the cost be?

Yes, I can do this for you as a custom job. Please contact me via contact form.

How to you disable an item under Table Filter by default?

Hi, please register on our Support Forum. You’ll find the answer in topic “Filters preset columns load as hidden”.

How do you sort data?

Hi, sortable table isn’t available by default. You can use e.g.: tablesorter jQuery plugin.

Would there be a future implementation of two additional buttons next to the table filter, 1 for the different type of currencies, 2nd for monthly, quarterly and annual pricing? If not how would I go about have a button to change the price according to the currency selected?

Hi, such a modification would require javascript. I don’t plan to modify this item because it’s 100% CSS based.

i want to add small changes on it and i will pay for it (I want to add total at the footer of the table and i want to change the pagination ) can you do this Plz gave me an answer ASAP

I didn’t get it can we talk on Skype

I email you 4 times

Hi, I sent an e-mail to ufoollc@hotmail.com yesterday. Please check your spam folder. Thank you. I’m available via e-mail or you can get support on support forum.

I would like to use images in the column1 data cells. By inserting image tags I notice that the images are not responsive. Do you have an image class to make images responsive in cells?

Simply put image with width 100% set: <img width="100%" src="" />

The grid_buttons on the last column – can they be made responsive as well? They are tiny on mobile. Also if the text could be made responsive, that would be ideal. Do let me know if that is possible.

Hi, please register and post your question at support forum: http://support.quanticalabs.com Thank you!

Hi there, How could I include this is my Wordpress Theme, please?

Thanks for your answer.

Best regards.

Hi, first of all you have to attach additional stylesheets (.css files) to your WordPress installation and then copy HTML content from Data Grids to your post in WordPress by using text editor.

I see a bunch on comments asking about this in a WordPress plugin going back as far a 3 years and you said it would be coming up. Have you made this in a WordPress plugin yet?

Thank you


Yes, we plan to create such plugin for WordPress, but at this moment we are working on other projects, so it is hard to say when such component will be created.

What determines the width of a single column. How do I adjust the width of a single column?

It’s auto calculated by default. You can add width attribute to any TD tag. If you need further support please register an account at http://support.quanticalabs.com and search the forum or create a new topic, we’ll answer as soon as possible. Thank you!

Hey – nice table. Would very much appreciate it if you could assist with jQuery TableSorter plugin ? Seems a number of changes need to be made in order to accommodate. Spent about an hour on it and have a half mangled mess to be honest !

Thanks in advance, Steve

Hi, thank you for your kind words. TableSorter feature is out of scope item support as Data Grids is only CSS framework. It could be implemented only as a custom work. Thank you for your understanding.


Tholek Purchased

Hello Quantical Labs

This was very simple to install but it sort of what I’m not after I may need some customisation. Basically I would also like another form where if someone was to submit a form with the fields I placed in I would like it to go to the table grid that I have purchased from you, is this possible?

Hello Tholek, thank you for your purchase. In case of custom modification please contact us via contact form on our profile page. Thank you.

is it possible to ad search to this

Hi, by default there is no search. It’s pure CSS. It would require custom coding.