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Hi, how can I initialize the red countdown

Hello, All info is available in readme file.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hello. I’m interested in using this as an on-screen timer so that users can set the time countdown to time themselves.

1.) Can we pay you to customize it w/ a text field and buttons to set and reset timer minutes and seconds?

2.) Can we add milliseconds field?

Hey, Unfortunatelly we are currently not available for freelance and modifications.

Best, Boom Apps team

Does the WP Plugin allow for re-occuring times? For instance I would like to have the countdown always count down to the upcoming Sunday.

Hello, There is no such functionality.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hi what happens when the count down finishes?

Also, do you have any updates for this? Everytime I keep updating anything on the page, I have to keep looking up UNIX timestamp code to input under now. If I remove that option or leave it blank, it throws the timer countdown days too far off.


z_amir Purchased

Hi Thank you for making this wonderful countdown. I have a problem with it. The problem is about “end time”. I want to set counter from now to a specific timestamp related to 10 days next. But the counter shows me 9999 days !!! this is my timestamp: end: 1483250707002,

Hey, The timestamp is too long – should be 10 digits long. This one is a milisecond timestamp.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Can’t get it to start counting down… everything is loading, no errors in console… this is my script:

<script> $(function() { $(”#zw-cd-timer”).redCountdown({ preset: “flat-colors”, end: 1491177600 }); }); </script>

It works if I extend out 3 more zeros as a millesecond timestamp… sort of… the days are way off though… that date should be April 3rd, 2017

Hey, Thanks for contacting support. We’ll investigate the issue and answer with a fix this evening CET time.

Best, Boom Apps Team


blizam Purchased

any luck? thanks in advance

Hey, We’ve replied you yesterday. Have you got our email?

Best, Boom Apps Team