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hi FT , What data feed source you are using? It seem intraday data feed on the chart , why not you are merge the intraday data into daily bar

Hi, the source is this: Yes, this is an intraday realtime chart, not a historical chart, so there is no daily bar/candle.

I also have this question. Providing historical data is of great value to customers as such data is arguably even more important than intraday data when it comes to Forex investments. Will see more sales if historical data can be added!

Well, there already is a solution to display historical charts:

So this was intentionally made intraday only. Thanks for you comment anyway.

Thanks for the reply. But, that is only for stocks, not forex, right? Can you add in historical charts for forex on top of the current intraday data?

We will consider adding historical data on top of intraday.

nicely done, very good job ! wish you big sales ;)

can you give me your e-mail please? I need a similar php script but in different currencies. I will show you targeted website and so you may understand better what i need. thank you.

Hi, you can contact us through profile page:

mrboran Purchased

I uploaded but it doesn’t work. can you help me?

Can you provide a link to your website please?

hi now purshaed this script. installed on my web site but not woriking plase help me
Hi, looks like one file is missing from the package. Please download the following file and unarchive its content to chars folder on your server:

Let me know if that helps. Thanks.

Thanks for support. Well do you have turkish lira support?

Unfortunately, turkish lira is not supported.

Hi I am trying to compare this script with your other new scripts. Just wanted to ask if this script is the same as your other new ones you just release? All I want is a fast script that could show forex charts that shows the fastest response for my business. Is the script response as fast as what I can see in Yahoo forex charts? lmk


First of all, all products that we offer are different, no product is the same as others.

This one provides real-time FX charts, which are updated on every tick.

Please let us know in case of any further questions.

sorry i have a problem … i uploaded in my project … but i got this error …

“App id is mandatory to access our api. Please register your application.”

Should buy a license ?!

I want to have a simple line chart with zoom … like this link …

no realtime change …

I see, this one supports only real-time line charts.

I bought package and unzip all file to server, but not working like here.

please advise me what is wrong with it.

Ok, thanks. I can see you are using an old version. Please download the most recent version of the plugin from CodeCanyon and upload it to your server. This should resolve the issue. Let us know.

Thank you ! I made it with the latest version !

That’s great, you are welcome!