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the question is – is there any way to make selectionof some cells of the impossible? so, for example, there is a table 2×2 with 4 possible choices. 3 choices are possible to select and the fourth is not available?

regards, Roman

P.S. my product code is b15d984a-b826-4216-ab89-ee1129aff986

Hello Roman. The update will be published trough Codecanyon today or tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

Hello Roman. With the 1.3.1 release every choice can be disabled so provider-defined individual selection sets will be possible.

does the current version match your expectations? In the next version we can also enable a complete hiding of the elements.


I bought your plugin and it’s very excellent. But i have a trouble for a table.

I have lignes with differents degrees and 3 columns with “you”, “father”, “mother”.

I would like check button radio for each columns. My degree, my father’s degree and my mother’s degree.

How can i do that ?

Thanks for your response.

Best regards.


When you want here but if you wish you can send a mail to i will look at this today.

Hello Kim,

thank you for the screens. As per design, for radio buttons GF will show the labels per default. If you don’t have labels and want to show the values, please use the following merge tag: {all_fields:value}

Is everything working as expected now?


For Table Matrix, plugin, can I add questions in bulk? I have about 40 questions that need to go into one matrix, and I have to do that several times.

Thank you for answering.

Can you please answer my question? Thank you.

Hi defeyter,

sorry for the late reply. Do you want to import the questions into one table matrix? Then it should be possible when you create a form with empty content and using the standard import/export functionality of Wordpress.

Hello. I was reading the comments and I came across a confirmation from you that text fields can be used instead of just radio buttons and checklists. Is this correct? So Can I basically build a full table of data with rows and columns (ex: products list as rows and different prices or information as columns)

Also, do the column and row headers belong to classes that can be formatted via CSS

Thanks Rob


Sorry for the delayed answer.

1. Yes we are integrating the possibility to use text fields right now. Do you have a screenshot to show your requirements so we can consider this for the next version?

2. You can use classes for almost every table element. If you are missing anything, please give me a hint.

Thank you.


unfortunately the “mandatory field” setting does not work for my table. As soon as I click on it, even with selected fields of the table, it is shown that you cannot go on without selecting the table. It is as if it is not registered that all required fields have already been selected. The “Input Field Type” is “Radio”, the “Multiple Radio Selection Sets ” is “horizontal row.

Could you please help me?

Hello, the problem is still there: when the “Input Field Type” is “Radio (One selection per Group)”, the “Multiple Radio Selection Sets ” is “horizontal row it is not possible to get the “mandatory” function work.

Could you please help me?

Hello and sorry for the late reply!

I am working on a solution and will commit a new version in the next days.

Just bought your plugin. If I set the matrix with:

1. Input Field Type Radio 2. Multiple Radio Selection Sets: Horizontal (Row) 3. Required

No matter what selections are made, the “Required” condition is never met and it will not submit the form. Each row is a radio set that has only a single choice, all rows selections have been made, required is not satisfied.

Urgent help please, I have a demo tomorrow.

Thanks Rob

Without the “Required” it’s working fine.

OK, thank you for your reply

For personal reasons I have not been able to work for the past few months. I am now working on the next version of this add-on.

Hello, I am using Gravity Perks Populate Anything which works so far with all fields and advanced fields including several plugin add-ons I have. For Table Matrix I cannot pickup the choices from checkbox selections made in one of the form entries in Gravity forms. Seems that the choices values for that field cannot be picked up and integrated into Table Matrix. Any thoughts on that?



Any support available for this purchase?


Sorry for trhe late reply!

Just purchased Gravity Perks Populate Anything to test your requirements. Can you tell me the scenario you wish to use, i.e. how you will integrate TM?

Thank you very much.

Hi, is it possibile to pass with confirmation and query string the label of rows and columns ?

Yes, shure. If you give me some information about your requirements (eventually a screenshot) i will look for a soloution.

I purchased downloaded and installed the plugin today. After initially setting up the matrix and selecting the update button. I’m no longer able to edit any form elements. A solid border appears around the element but no option to edit.

This is only happening when I use the matrix. Please advise. Thanks

WP 5.3.2 GF

I found the issue, It’s the GF advanced calculations plugin. Thanks

Ok, nice! For the next version i will examine why TM is going to hit the canvas in combination with advanced calculations.

Is there a version of this plugin that would allow GF number fields with calculations?

Hi! What do you mean with calculations? Any Example?

When you expect to make calculations with the field values so we will integrate this possibility in the next version.

Just purchased the Table Matrix. Works well for basics. I have some questions/feature requests for you:

1) I’m using the GravityPDF plugin which generates PDF versions of completed forms. The output of the Matrix in that format doesn’t produce a very good result. Basically the Matrix appears as a block with the row number followed by the value of the selection. It would be better for the full row to appear with the field and value alongside it. This is better expressed in a screenshot.

2) The field values appear as though they cannot be used in Number fields for calculations. Is that something you’ve considered?

Hello. Below i will answer your questions.

1. This plugin will just generate the pure values for the pdf output. The output format can be customized with templates for your needs. For more information I can recommend the following page:

2. Yes, for better compatibility, we will generate the values ​​as numbers in the next update.

Hi. Just purchased it hoping it would work as I want it to. How can you get the selected value in the table to be added to the Total (using woocommerce addon) I have just noticed some comments / questions have not been answered for a while now. Is this plugin still supported or should I just ask for a refund?

Support is available again. Do you have an example which value you need in which format to allow calculations in woocommerce?

How long should I be waiting for this. I responded to you but have not heard back. If this cannot be done, please issue a refund.. now..

is it possible to have a table matrix with text input?


we bought the plugin but it seems that the checkboxes don’t appear in the notification section?

Because, we send the users to different thank you pages, depends on what they choose. Everything works fine but no notification logic

so, no support here?

c23f83c6-e3a7-41d2-8406-3b3fbd723709 – 8 Apr 2020 REGULAR LICENSE

I want refund immediately. more than 2 months and you don’t even reply to my messages.

Hey- Are you serious. Are you still alive. Guys, beware this is the worst experience I have had in 9 years with codecanyon. Stay away from this plug in. the guy does not reply to any message.

Hello Rocketboot, This is a link to a screenshot of a printed form that we’d like to replicate with Gravity Forms and your plugin –

The goal would be for the viewer to tick off the checkboxes that apply to them. Do you think think your plugin would be able to accomplish this type matrix? Thank you!

Hello. I’m having a problem with the plugin. It does work fine, but doesn’t save table matrix data with Gravity Forms save and continue feature. All other fields are prepopuleted correctly, but not the table matrix ones.


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