Table Matrix for Gravity Forms - Multiple Choice Field Add-On

Table Matrix for Gravity Forms - Multiple Choice Field Add-On

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Table Matrix for Gravity Forms

Choices table add-on for Gravity Forms

Build complex multiple choice surveys with ease!


Add matrixes as (multiple)-choice fields for Radio Buttons or Checkboxes to your Gravity Forms. Fully integrated with Gravity forms. Works conflict free as a extended field and allows multiple table matrixes in one form. Fully responsive and scalable frontend.

Allows choices in single radio, multiple radio groups and checkboxes. Also usable for group sellection sets vertically or horizontally. Every choice can be disabled if needed.

New! Table matrix can be populated dynamically from code. Table content and options can be modified or added. Completely new tables can be populated dynamically!

New! Entries can be shown as fully generated tables, so complex survey results can be directly presented to the end-user or further styled to i.e. generate result pdf.


With the styles file the layout and button styles can easy customized. There are seperate style files for editor and preview / website layout styling.


We made the hardest part of coding. We tryed to designing and making UI/UX as generic as possible. All you need to do is just upload the plugin into WordPress, activating the plugin, customize the options and you are done!

Extend your gravity form with a modern and fresh selection table. Great for choices of survey, tariff, scientific, technical or industrial oriented forms. Ideal for customer surveys.

We think its a great add-on and we are working hard to make it even greater. If you need help or miss something we are always happy to help and develop to give you the best possible experience.

Update History

Fix: GF_Field_Table::get_value_export format
Add custom table option. Add class "tmcolorize" to the field
Layout Fixes
Fix required form validation with radio or checkbox field type without group
Add new option "Entries Format" to show the TM-entries as a formatted table
Fix some smaller layout and compatibility issues in the form editor
Update to WP 6.0.3
Add new option for dynamically populating fields choices with a hook
Fix check of required / conditional value for multiple row / column radio choices
Optimize saved form values for better post-processing
Fix compatibility errors
Update to GF 2.6.7
Update to WP 6.0.2
Fixes for multiple Taxle Matrix instances
Fixes for generated values (Entries)
Updates for the latest GF & WP
Update for new Gravity Forms v2.5.15.2
Many fixes for newest wordpress and GF
Redesign layout
Refactoring and enhancement of functionality
Fixed checkbox multipliying bug
Export standarized. Multiple columns or rows in one field will be exported as comma separated values
New Feature: Mobile responsive (stacked) layout
Fixed some issued with meta values
Fixed Email meta processing to send values on confirmation emails
New Feature: Choices can now be grouped in even columns or rows. Multiple selection sets can be realized in one table matrix field
Enhancement: You can even generate labels or values as the form output. Please refer to the merge tags
Documentation on GF ->
Every choice can be disabled so provider-defined individual selection sets will be possible
Fixed bug on re-add of columns or rows after removing
Fixed value print in heading section
Fixed colorizing in table-matrix.php
Fixed result formatting
Layout Fixes
"get_conditional_logic_event" on GF_Field is deprecated since 2.4
Layout Fixes
Add template for colorized table as seen in screenshot (Uncomment "Colorize table" in file table-matrix.php)
Allow choices type as checkbox for multiple choice selection
Initial version
Allows selection of one radion button, clearing any prior selection in the group

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