Quiz Membership System Add-On

Quiz Membership System Add-On

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Quiz Membership System is a add-on page for Quiz Game 2 – HTML5 Game and Rearrange Letters 2 – HTML5 Game where user can singup, login to continue play. Admin to manage category, questions and view all results and questions report, the add-ons include following:

Signup : Register as new member to start quiz
Login : Login to start or continue quiz and save result
Reset password : Member can reset password via email
Game Code : Enter game code to start private quiz
Admin Dashboard : Admin access to view all members, result and questions report.
Admin Dashboard : Manage category, questions and media files.

Trivia Games list with the latest version that are compatibility with this add-on:

NOTE: This add-ons DOES NOT include the original game but just additional pages.

How To Use It:
1. Get the Trivia Games that is compatible with this add-on (Quiz Game 2 – HTML5 Game or Rearrange Letters 2 – HTML5 Game)
2. Setup server and database (PHP MySQL)
3. Setup admin dashboard and manage quiz category, questions.
4. Copy and integrate the Quiz Membership System files
*Category and questions no longer load from XML files, all must convert to JSON format and store to server to load.

  • Register as member to play all the trivia game with single account
  • Login to continue play and save all quiz result
  • Forgot password can be reset via email
  • Facebook Connect to play without registration
  • Enter game code to start private quiz
  • Admin access to view all members result and questions report.
  • Manage category and questions via admin.
  • Build questions layout via admin.
  • Game settings like total questions or timer can be set for each category via admin.
  • Upload media files like Image, Audio and Video for questions assets via admin.
  • Check result and questions report from all members via admin.
  • Change and update game settings via admin.
  • Datas can be export via admin (CSV, EXCEL, PDF, PRINT)