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How to change a game size (width/height)

You can change the width and height in main.js

Can we disable the selection of categories at the beginning of the game?

Yes, there is a option to turn off category selection.

Yes, your text and picture can be one image to load as one question.

Hello. I am considering purchasing 2 of your products: this HTML5 Quiz Game and the Scoreboard for it. My developer would need to make a few small changes (such as add a custom graphic background; not display the correct answer to each question.) My questions are: 1) Can we make any changes that we need to? Are your files/templates locked down in some way? Is there a cost to allowing us to make our own changes? If we make changes, does that negate support? 2) If we are not able to make the changes, can you do so? What are the time frames and cost? 3) It says ‘Files Included JavaScript JS, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, SWF/FLV, Layered PSD.’ Do we get all of these? Thank you.


1) You can change most of the assets and settings, even javascript if you understand the programming languages.

2) Yes, just let me know what you need then I will give you the cost.

3) Yes.

Can we add images with text?

how do I center the text of the answers?

all answer text are align center

my ranking not updated as entered in the database. Another point is: when I click submit rankin the page does not update. You can guide me?

Hi, Did you integrate the scoreboard? If yes you can send the url at support page to check.

Please help. What script and where should i put it if i want to open both the quiz game tab and another new tab for my lazada affiliate link once the website is click.

Hello.. I want to remove name in share to facebook



You’re welcome, please take a moment to rate the game if you like it.

Hi, I have a WordPress blog with version 4.6.1 ( ) supports Quiz Game – HTML5 Game?

Hi, You can load the Quiz game site into your post or page with iFrame, but first you must upload the game files to server first before you can load it.

your app support thai font ?

you have support construct2 ?

this game does’t support construct 2

hi demonisblack , can i change all the question and answer of quiz ?

yes, all question and answers are load from XML file where you can change easily

my game is not playing it stopped on loading screen please help… what should I do

hi, is either the assets is missing or the XML file format is incorrect, these could stop game half way loading…

Hi, is it difficult to change the questions and answers?

You can edit questions and answers with build-in editor tools, alternative you can open and edit the XML file withe notepad in XML structure, all instructions are prepared in documentation.

Hi! Good day ¡

i have a 21 questions in my game, but i need show only 7 random. That is posssible? Ty 4 all!

Yes, just look for the settings in documentation.

TY ! this var? var questionTextDisplay = ‘Q[NUMBER] / [TOTAL]:’; //current question and total question display

i change total for 7 but the game not ending in the 7° question.

is possible? where is the option. TY

You can request this at support page for more detail

Is there any way that I can use this as a mobile app? Ie: A html5 wrapper app

hi, you can try software like PhoneGap


First of all: good job!

Presales question:

- The game comes with standard quizzes or I need to create them by my own?

- Is it easy to change the language of the Quizzes? (or even translate them if the game comes standard quizzes)?

Many thanks in advance!


The game already have few sample of category and questions just like what you see in preview link. You can edit the questions in XML file easily, the language is depend on the web font use for the game whether it support to display the text.