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Another Question, can i convert this game a Android App? How?

You can try PhoneGap, it help to wrap HTML game into a native app.

In which languages is the game developed?

English, but it can support other languages as long as the web font is supported the characters.

Would this would published to github pages?

Hi, This game is build for web browser but not sure about Github page.

support Arabic text?


It can support other languages as long as the web font is supported the characters

Hi ,

Great job.

Can we set cut off mark?, or If candidate score 100% then only it show finish page otherwise it redirect to restart page?

Hi, yes possible.


Is there a way to import the game with myarcadepluginpro? Let me know, Thanks!


The Quiz Game is only compatible with scoreboard below:

Hi, what about your other games, can they be imported with the MyArcadePlugin?

Hi, you may request this at support page for game customization if you wish to integrate with other data.

hello can i add more questions? i want use it for sport questions but need user registration

what is code written in? and can i add user registration?

the code in JavaScript, if you need customization may request at support page.

can i see admin?


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Can i see installation documentation? I am good with php but sometimes these kind of programs baffle me. Is it just reskin and upload js file or is there a bunch of changes needed and other paid programs to make it work before I can upload to server. Let me know, very interested


This is a very simple canvas game make with CreateJS, just upload the folder to server to run the game. All questions and answer are load from XML files, or you can run the build-in editor tool to edit the question.

Most default settings are in JS file, very easy to change by value like font size, position or colours. And to reskin you can change the image assets by replacing them.