Reviews for QRcdr - responsive QR Code generator

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for Code Quality

Nice Job and easy to install Good Work Man and very recomended.

for Flexibility

No Update.It is not updated for a year.


Author response

The project is stable, up and running also with the latest PHP version. I publish updates when I find interesting features to add, or if there's any bug.

for Other

Great job, congratulations, I've downloaded and installed without problems. clear and easy documentation to apply. I recommend this product really is excellent.

for Customer Support

great seller and author.. QRcdr - responsive QR Code generator, for me, is the best qr code generator from codecanyon. More than that, his author fully support this script. Code is clean, even can be easily understand by newbie in web dev. Great thanks fro offering this script, and keep on up to day. :D

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