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hi, its posible to use database, so i just call the data to create QRcode?

No, the script has no DataBase.

I am looking for a QR code generator that allows the access monitoring, through panel. Do you have this feature? Translated by Google (Busco um gerador de código QR que possibilita o acompanhamento de acessos, por meio de painel. Este tem esta funcionalidade?)

No, I’m sorry, the script is just for generate QRcodes, you should implement yourself a tracking system of your choice.

how do i add adsense code to the webpage – i tried to add it in index.php (adsense code) but its not working – please let me know how to add the code

Yes, you should actually edit the file index.php
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Is there a way, that the user can choose between qrcode versions 2.1, 3.0 and 4.0 for vcards? At the moment only version 2.X is supported and that means german umlauts (äöü) are not supported and will be replaced with strange symbols.

Check the online demo, I’ve added the version option, but I think the fix for the accents is just setting CHARSET=utf-8; before the name. I’ve done a test and to me is working fine with any version now, please let me know.

So, I am looking at buying this script, but a few things are not clear to me: 1. Is there a way for someone to register, in order to generate the QR code? 2. Once they generate a VCard, does it keep it on the server, for future use, and can be updated after? 3. Can users have their own space where they can keep and update their generated codes? 4. Do you have this also packaged as a WP Plugin, by any chance?

1- No, the script is just a QR-code generator, it has no login system.
2- The generated QRcode is an image saved to the server, but you can’t edit it, you can just generate a new different code.
3- No, there’s no login system, so no users.
4- No, it will remain as a stand alone script