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please let me know how i can get rid of the image i have uploaded first time. no refresh helped!

Hi daniavorszky, if you mean the uploaded watermark, you can:
1- remove browser cache and refresh the page
2- upload another watermark
3- remove the image from the folder /temp/

good day is there a problem running this script on a localhost?? I’ve followed your instructions but the qr doesn’t generate.

good day is there a problem running this script on a localhost?? I’ve followed your instructions but the qr doesn’t generate.

Hello Blackmoore11, no, you shouldn’t have problems, the script has been developed on localhost (MAMP).
you could look at your php_error.log if there’s any information. For further support please send me a message using the form under the support tab.

Hello, I just purchased your template, and uploaded it, but doesn’t looks demo version. How do I to set to be exactly as the demo version? Include logo, icons, descriptions and links on footer?

Hello, I have replied to your email

Is there a way to store the qr code image on our server so people just copy+paste the html code instead of downloading it?

Hi Seopti, sorry for my late response. the generated images are saved inside the /qrcodes/ folder, so they are already stored on your server. you can customize the output function to print the image url instead of a force-download. Please send me a private message if you need further support.

Nice script! Is there a way to auto delete the generated qr codes after a certain time? Like download now, code deleted in 24 hours?

Yes, by default generated QRcodes are deleted after 24 hours, you can choose their lifetime and if to delete or not generated codes directly from the configuration file

Thanks! Sorry if I missed that in docs…

Sorry to bother you again so quickly but wondering where the meta tag data is stored (what file) for title, description and keywords?


is it open source?

Hello, I just purchased your template, and uploaded it, but doesn’t looks demo version. How do I to set to be exactly as the demo version? Include logo, icons, descriptions and links on footer?

Hi, the script includes all the Twitter Bootstrap’s framework, and the Font Awesome icons, so you can open the file index.php and insert your header banner just after the tag <body>, and some footer elements just before the closing </body>.
here you can find some references:
Font Awesome
I’m sorry but the logo has been created for this project, so you should use your own.

Which API its been used for QR code generator?

Hi, the script doesn’t use any external API, it has an internal php class


JDMP Purchased

is it possible to customize the app so as to set a default email ??...or the option to select from more than one email ?

Hello, yes, you have to change the form inputs, which are simple html inside the main index.

Hello, i want to order this, but my problem, i do not know more in php and bootstrap. Please cn you help me setup like your own demo with header banner and logo, to look like your demo after i purchase?. I have domain already ready now waiting.

And where the new update?

I need like demo you set in envato. If confirm, i order now

Hello, I just added a starter template in addition to the default clean script:

This will be included in the next version, currently under revision.

Ok so so it is demo you send like? Thanks

1. There is no logo

2. I will need adsense or banner ads on the site to monetise. If problem, will contact you

3. Can you please revise paypal donation so donator set their amount they can instead of fix price?

4. Can you add bitcoin tab for bitcoin payment?

yes, it is what you see in the link above.

1- the logo has been created for this item: QRcdr, sold here on codecanyon, so i’d appreciate if it wouldn’t be used “as it is” elsewhere.

2- it usually needs some copy-paste code, it’s not so difficult, but I’m not available for customizations, I’m sorry.

3- If you simply leave blank the price field before generating the code, the result is a paypal checkout with a free amount field

4- nice suggestion, I don’t know much about bitcoin at the moment, should do some search

Hi, The script is Great!

Lo script è perfetto, mi piace davvero!!! :)

Per il possimo update suggerirei di aggiungere la condivisione del qr code anche sui social… Ciao

Ti ringrazio! In effetti settando su false ‘delete_old_files’, si potrebbero anche generare dei link di condivisione (altrimenti diveneterebbero dei broken link dopo un certo periodo). Aggiunto alla to-do list! ;)


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Hello, how to load the google map?

Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.

Hi, please send me the url of your app using the support form, so I can do a debug, I heard that the api-key became mandatory for google maps with new installations


I just discovered that the Company field in vCards is not being added to the QR.

Also, is it possible to include web address as well?

You are right, I’m currently working on a script update and I noticed it today (I’m adding job title, fax and website to the vCards). Please use the support form, I will send you the quick fix for the company name issue

Thanks for such a quick replay :)

Hi Nicola Franchini! I wanted to know if it is possible for you to add 2 simple features? 1. mp3 upload and share (example: ) 2. short url for mp3 as alternative to qr code that’s all for now! thanks!

Hi Poorsouh, that’s not so simple :D I didn’t know about mp3 + qrcode, but I think both of them would need a DataBase to store some additional informations and associate mp3 with short urls, or with generated QRcodes. I will take a look, thanks for the suggestions

ok i understand … i hope one day you will do it … and then i will surely buy it too … thanks!

Hi, would you consider adding a stripe payment gateway instead of paypal?

Hi, it seems that Stripe needs some more than a simple link for their checkout, but nice suggestion, if there’s a way to convert it in a QR code it will be added.

Hi there! Just bought the script, thanks! I was just thinking… I have successfully installed the script. But I find it a little too open… everyone who has the link to our site can generate QR codes as they wish… How can I keep this just to our company? Or if anyone outside our company wants to generate QR codes… they have to login or pay something before it will be opened… Thanks in advance for your help! Cheers!

Yep, that’s not included, but you could add a login mask which sets a session login, and then a check/redirect on top of the QRcdr index file.

Hi there! Me again, I was just playing around with my newly installed script… Nice looking! I was successful with Link; Text; and paypal… however the rest is not working… it says: net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME when I tried to use, Location; Email; SMS; Call; Wifi… When I used Vcard, it showed the details but in Text format… I thought when I used location it will show me a map ( I successfully pasted the Google Maps API), When I used email I thought it should open in an email, When I used SMS I thought it would send directly an SMS, When I used WIFI it just showed the details similar to Text,,, When I used Call I thought it would call directly… Is it because of my phone? I am using Galaxy S7 Edge if it can help you see where the problem is. Kindly assist so I can set up the QR generator properly… Thanks!

Hi again :) I tried to embed the generator via iframes… it showed inside my mobile app… everything was okay, it’s similar to when I am using the generator on my desktop, very responsive… However when it was time to save/download… can’t save/download in any of the options available, png, eps, svg, print… Maybe the script lacks some communication with mobile? That’s why it can’t download QR codes? Thanks!

Hi! Please send me the url of your installation through the support tab, so I can do some tests and directly reply to your email, thank you.