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1.) whats Qrcdr? is it not Qr code generator? 2.) Is the script dependent on external API or the script has its own?

Hi, QRcdr is the name of this project, and yes, it is a QR-code generator.
The script uses an internal php class, with no external dependencies


I get this error: “Strict Standards: date(): It is not safe to rely on the system’s timezone settings. You are required to use the date.timezone setting or the date_default_timezone_set() function. In case you used any of those methods and you are still getting this warning, you most likely misspelled the timezone identifier. We selected ‘Europe/Berlin’ for ‘CEST/2.0/DST’ instead in …............../qr/head.php on line 66”

Can you help please?

Thank you

Hi, Probably your server doesn’t have a default date.timezone in its settings, please send me a message using the support form, I will tell you what to edit inside the script.

Do you have the backend screenshot ?

Hi, there’s no option to track the contents of the codes, but you can control the folder /qrcodes/ where the generated codes are saved. and you can set the option 'delete_old_files' => true, and adjust 'file_lifetime' => 24, to automatically remove the generated codes “older than”

Hi what if I want to remove the old files that are not used? I do not want to delete all the files…Unless I need to install this software in 3 different folders? so each folder has different time limits. Also once deleted will this actually stop the QR code from working?

The QRcodes will not stop working, the code itself contains the informations, so if you downloaded a code with a link, it will always contain that link. Is not clear to me how would you differentiate used and non used codes, but the script itself can’t do much to manage the images after they are generated.

could this be used as a onsite class? ive got profile pages and want do embed a qr-image on the profile with a link to the profile

The script itself collects the input data and uses a class to generate the codes on page, and saves the images in a folder, but we have no APIs. you should probably look for a bare-bones php class, and integrate that in your project, if you don’t need all the options

Hi, is there a chance to have a transparent background? I see that by default it is #FFFFFF white and there is no option to chose transparent one.

Hi, I’m sorry but the library used doesn’t support transparent backgrounds, you could possibly edit the .svg and remove it from there

Will you do password protect QR CODE ? when someone scan it he should enter secret code to see the content ;-)

As far as I know there’s no password option for qr codes, maybe you should protect with a password the landing page linked via qrcode

Hi there! Great script! I just have few questions…

How to put an image background to the main page? And another question is, is it possible that the created QRsare saved automatically to a cloud storage like Google Drive? Thanks a lot!

Hi, and thank you!
About Google Drive, you should possibly add some ajax call after the code generation, but I can’t help you with this, I don’t have any code snippet ready.
About background image can be easily done via CSS/HTML, please send me a private message using the support form, I will reply there.

Hi Nicola;

I’m interested in php implementation. Very nice work.

One question; Can the embed code output?

Best Regards,

Hi, and thanks. It can be embedded using an <iframe>, like the online demo does.

Hi Nicola,

Thanks for your quick reply.

How it’s made. I wanted to try .But I did not see the code on the site?

Also I want to ask you two more questions… 1.- Static and dynamic link (URL) 2.- Design ( colored and logo ) QR Code

Best Regards,

Sorry but is not clear to me the question “static and dynamic link”. In general, what you can do is what you can see in the online demo, and your installation can be embedded putting the url inside the <iframe>, nothing special.

After installation, I add a link but the QR code scanner (and i have tried multiple qr code scanners ) isn’t able to read it. When I try text, it works. What am i missing in order for me to add links?

Be sure to set http:// in front of the url

How do I put a banner to earn money with AdSense?

Inserting the required html/javascript code directly inside the index page

Logos are not working with SVG or EPS. Downloaded QR codes do not show the applied logo?

Downloaded the latest update and that is where issue began. Never seemed to have issue with past version or at least sure did not notice.

How can this be fixed in short term without waiting for an update?


Hi, the watermarks never worked on EPS or SVG. We can’t merge a bitmap over a vector. There’s the note “*Vector formats are exported without watermarks” just below the item description, since the first day.

My bad. Could have sworn they did. Guess I better go get some new glasses:)

Hi. Pre-sale question: possible to add membership (registrations)?

Hi, you should implement your own login/registration system, and redirect the unlogged users from the generator page to the login mask, this script only includes the QRcode generator.

Do you have a quote on how much it will be to add in another Payaim option.. Thanks

I’m sorry but I’m not available for customizations, you could possibly look for a php login/registration script, and manage the access with that.

Is it easy to add new items like facebook like url etc?

the facebook sharer is a link like this so yes, it would be relatively simple.