Discussion on ProSchedule - Online Appointment System

Discussion on ProSchedule - Online Appointment System

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User receives email notification when a meeting been booked.

On the confirmation email you have the two buttons:

Add To Google Calendar Add To ICal/Outlook

They both give a 404 error, when I checked the code, the path is not there.

For example: http://localhost:1181/event/integration/45c48cce2e2d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad26/i_cal

I don’t see any routes going to event/integration or anything like that in the public folder.

Can you please advise.


Rescheduling of an event is broken…

You are looking for an instead of event.uid in the calendarReschedule function…

also this is not working… event(new EventCreated($event_uid, true)); Attempt to read property \”change\” on null at /var/www/html/app/Listeners/EventCreatedNotification.php:36)

Where do you store the details ‘Please share anything that will help prepare for our meeting’ ? I don’t see it anywhere in the database or booked events

Also where can you see the meeting locations? that’s nowhere stored either….


Once an event type is set Inactive , the link still works and users can still book meetings. Can you check please

Thank you! Please let me know which files I need to update

W3BD Author


Please use the following link to Update the script.


Hi, I can’t replace the whole folder as I start making changes, can you tell me the files you made changes to, in the future is it posible to add on your release notes the edited files please

Hello, I see you released version 2.9.

Would it be possible to tell me which files were changed?

Also would be good going forward to mention in which files the change took place?

The reason why I think its a good idea its because a lot of people like myself customize the product and don’t want to undo the changes.

Many thanks

@maxtor831, On the release 2.9, there made changes on the following files.





Are there any upgrade instructions? Do we need to run any migrations/seeds or anything like that?

W3BD Author


Please use the following link to Update the script.


Please consider adding recurring events booking (like weakly or monthly) to this system for therapy like sessions

@protonport, thank you for your suggestion. I will add that on the further update insha’Allah. :)

Hi, why is the code so messy, includes code from the ticket system…

@maxtor831, please send a support mail with screenshot when you find anything messy, we’ll try our best to refactor/organise the existing code. Thanks a lot. :)

hi, how do you disable registration?

@maxtor831, currently we don’t have that option. We may have that on the further update, insha’Allah. Thanks!

Hi, would you please include unique link feature please in next update?

1 . So for example a unique link can be generated and copied then sent to a user, when they used that link by submitting a meeting, then that link should expire?

2. The user should not be identified in the unique url, names, etc

3. Also have the ability to set an expiry date for the unique link.

4. Can unique links be deleted if user decided to delete it before user uses it?

Many thanks

@maxtor831, would you please send a support mail with the above things? That would be track for the further updates. Thank you!

Hi, I have sent an email, would u consider this

Hi i test your demo Error: Ziggy error: route ‘schedules.index’ is not in the route list. JS error when try to click in admin show event. Is it posisble show appointment into calendar view lik fullcalendar.js or TUI Calendar? thank you for answer

Unfortunately no answer

@mikehit – sorry for the late reply. We just fixed the issue, you may not see again this kinds of issues further.

Thank you for your patience! :)

I set everything properly but whenever my client try to book a meeting a pop up come over the screen with message “The input field is required” though I filled up every input field and try in several time with several type of value

@muhammadmustafizurr, Would you please send a support mail including your website/server details? so that we could check from our end. Thanks! :)

Hi, what are the exect requirements to run this locally and make changes?

Every time I run yarn commands such as:

λ yarn watch yarn run v1.22.19 $ mix watch ‘mix’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. error Command failed with exit code 1. info Visit for documentation about this command.

Also if I update laravel-mix which seems to fix the error above, then when everything get compiled, I get a white page and app is not working anymore

Hey @maxtor831,

For the local setup please use Valet, it’s faster, lighter and easy to use. If you would like to start from scratch just install the following and start. - PHP - Composer - Node.js (v16.15.0 or nearest) - Install Yarn - Install Valet or MAMP Pro or Run directly with terminal like “php artisan serve”

And follow the following documentation.

Thank You!

Hi, whats the next update and whats going to include?

Would it be possible to include the documentation on the zip file please


@maxtor831, yeah. We’ll include that in the future update. Thanks!


1. Can you please explain the purpose of having these roles: admin, manager, customer

Can a manager , manage a set of customers? Then admin manage all managers and their customers

2. Would it be possible to book multiple slots in the same booking?

3. Can availability be checked on calendars directly via api?

Best regards

@maxtor831 1. The role is for the different settings, if someone want to manage different settings by the different users – it’s helpful for them. 2. Currently we don’t have multiple book slots, we may have this feature in the future. 3. Currently we don’t have api integration to check on Google or similar calendar.


I recently encountered a scenario where I would have found it beneficial to select multiple time slots simultaneously for a single appointment. This would enable me to schedule extended training sessions without the need to book several back-to-back individual slots.

Before I submit a feature request, I wanted to check whether there is already an existing functionality or a workaround that would allow for this kind of scheduling. If so, could you kindly guide me on how to leverage it?

I appreciate your assistance and look forward to your response. Should you require any additional information from my end, please don’t hesitate to ask.


- Hopefully we will have multiple slot selection features in the future update. - You can support email for your question, that you want to know.

You can ask further question on the support email, if you want to. We’ll be happy to answer.


I see that last update was 15 July 2023. Can you tell me what was changed/updated – where is the change log please?

Hello, the system looks quite good from the outside, I have very important question:

Is the system synchronized in 2 ways with Google Calendar? That is, can you check availability and later also send the invitation to my Google calendar?

Hi @SistemexLabs, We don’t have Google Calendar Synchronize yet, We hope that will be implement on the future update insha’Allah. Thanks!

hello, , add form enbeded for website roadmap ?

Run On Local Environment(mac) showing : 500 Server Error Whoops, something went wrong on our servers.

@Rishi243, please send a support mail. Thanks!

1. How can i edit or comment the dashboard or ui. (files are in resources/js/Pages/) still showing after commenting code (tried to edit/ hide resources/js/Pages/shared/index.vue language option) & i will hide another few things can u explain me how it can be done. 2. is there a document explaining each and every module. 3. How to setup email it showing error (I have hosting email)

Expecting a fast reply, thank you

@Rishi243, please send a support mail to get support for the issues you are facing. Thanks!


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