Pricing Tables Creator

Pricing Tables Creator

Pricing Tables Creator is the only such tool for creating unique price tables. With a few mouse clicks you can completely change the look of your tables.


Here is a list of opportunities that will give you this tool, You will be able to:
1. Change template
2. Adding / deleting / moving tables
3. Change the font
4. Change the color scheme
5. Giving one color on the different shades of all tables
6. Quick change currency
7. Quick change period
8. Add / Remove table options
9. Enable / disable the spacing between tables
10. Enable / disable / change effect when you hover on table
11. Enable / disable buttons.
12. Edit buttons and links
13. Change the color of the selected single table
14. Change in number of stars quality for the selected table
15. Enable / disable icon in table
16. Enable / disable highlight table
17. Edit all text table as title, price, currency, options
18. Preview of tables
19. Change the background color of preview
20. Generating code html and css designed tables

Creating pricing tables has never been easier.



  • Creator included
  • Up to 6 tables
  • 3 different templates
  • 15 trendy fonts
  • 8 ready-made color schemes
  • 11 CSS3 hover effects
  • 6 global options (currency, period, spacing, the effect hover, button 1, button 2)
  • 4 options for each table (color, rating, icon, highlight)
  • Unlimited color variants
  • Pure CSS3
  • Fully Responsive
  • Tested on the main browsers
  • Documentation included




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    Version 1.1 (2015-07-24) - Small fixes
    Version 1.0 (2014-10-15)
  • First release.