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Is it possible to add ribbon support such as “Featured” or “Hot!” etc…?

Also is it possible to Highlight table column?

At the moment there are only icons but it is possible that in the future I will add as will be greater demand. A table can be a highlight with on / off ZOOM. Just click on the table to view its individual options. Options will appear on the bottom of the left column.

Looks like a masterpiece :-)

I guess the code created could easily be inserted in any CMS like WP or others?!

Thanks, Bernhard

Generate code as in the manual. Then you need to include ptc-custom.css, ptc-tables.css, font-awesome.css and fonts folder in your WordPress template or other cms system. Paste the html code into a text editor as the source html. Soon I’ll put a detailed tutorial to help document

Looks awesome :) ! GLWS

Thanks. Working much better ;)

Best pricing tables I’ve seen on Code Canyon. Very professional.

WOW. Thank You Very Much. Please rate my item.

Awesome program, had fun generating the three template types. I find it simple to use and easy to refine further in CSS if needed. Thanks very much! :)

I am very glad you like it. Thx.

Is it possible to have different numbers of rows per table – ie some tables have more features than others? If not, is it possible to grey out / strike through features not included in certain levels? This looks a great tool!.

Hi. On preview You can check all available options. If You know a little html coding You can edit generated html code and remove features that You don’t needed.

Great, that makes sense. I wanst sure how much of the end result was javascript vs html. Thanks for the quick reply.