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I can’t upload plugin I get this error message: “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.”

Hello Ashbeiklou, sorry about that – if you are using a CMS like Wordpress, this is not a plugin for wordpress. However i still can gladly help you attempt to set it up manually in WP (No guarantees of success).

Please send me an email to hello@doptiq.com

Hi, I’ve just bought these file as I required a responsive comparison table. The problem is that when you view the table on a small device, the column containing the row description sits above the other columns meaning a user doesn’t know what the data is for each product/service without scrolling back up the page. While the code and design is good, it doesn’t meet the requirement I need. Unfortunately without a demo I had to buy this before realising this issue, could you let me know how I can get a refund? Thanks

Hello Timeh, Its unfortunate the product didn’t meet your requirements.

The alternatives would be using CSS3 and HTML5 data attribute to generate the descriptions in the columns on small viewports / devices.

Or use descriptions directly like in example1.html of your downloaded folder the first two examples.

As for the refund, please get help from envato support since i can’t issue refunds directly, i believe they will help you.


Thanks for the quick response, I’ll try the idea you suggested.


Please Let me know if you need further help with both suggestions… Will be glad to help.



Nice job on these Pricing Tables. I have an issue with the prices on the 3 column model. They aren’t fully responsive and do resize on small screens. Did i forget to call a file or something similar ? Here is the result : http://www.seo4you.fr/pack-referencement/

For those wanting to use these tables in Wordpress, they work like a charm as long as you disactivate the feature that automatically adds <p></p> tags. To do that, you’ll need to add the following line in your themes functions.php file

remove_filter( 'the_content', 'wpautop' );

Disactivating wpauto will have an impact on the other pages. I therefore do not recommend you do that on an existing website with a big number of pages. If you are setting up a site, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Hello pmcoupry, thanks for the purchase and the kind words, glad you pointed out the Wordpress experience :-)

I think there’s an issue with the media queries for the tables, in the custom stylesheet, your theme is not reading – Try moving all pricing tables media queries code to the main theme style.css – starting from this line and below @media (min-width: 960px) and (max-width: 1140px)

In the mean time i will look at the issue more closely



I needed a small tweak to get the tables perfect for my page and Elia was very helpful. Much appreciated and very highly recommended!

Thanks Vbass for the purchase and always grateful for the kind words.


Hi, Great Price Tables, just um thing, the themes don´t have mouseover animation for the price column? what especial at CSS at Demo SubDir? Thank´s

Please, Can send to me what you finsh, realy I need as sson as, Thank´s.

Hi, Any News?, Thank´s

I sent you the files on your email, please check

hi, i just buy your product. i have high expectation. i think your table when i mouse over is pop up like in your pictures. it is so great if have animation. can you make update release? or you can make suggest for me how to make hover…


sorry my English not good…

Hi Elizur, thanks for the purchase

Please send me an email via my profile.


Hi – Can you please tell me how I can fix any row’s height? The problem is that when some rows contain more text than others the rows get out of horizontal alignment, so I’d like to set row heights to the maximum needed for the row with the greatest volume of text. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi christojuan, thanks for the purchase please add a hight or min-height value to the list, like this below
.pricing-table li { min-height:30px; }

Hello. Nice work! Have you run into any issues with IE8? Looks great in other browsers. Just having trouble with IE.


Hi eSignal thanks for the purchase,

Can u send me a link via my email detailing the IE8 Issue?


Hello, I sent the link through your email form on the main page. Thanks for your help.