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Good evening, I searched with the words: “Best customer service”. There are no results. Yet this term is found in the “About us”. Is this a bug or did you choose a single page cms for the test? Thank you for your reply.

Thank you very much for the interest. You are right – the “About us” page had searching turned off and it was excluded from search results. Now I’ve enabled it for that page and you can try again :)

Hey, I just have bought this module. Nice work! Just one question:

I am using the Visual Composer module for prestashop to style my cms pages. Now the Visual Composer is using shortcodes, .like often used in wordpress. These shortcodes are in square brackets like this


Would there be a simple way to either tell the search engine to ignore the content of these brackets or to hide the sqaure brackets in search results?

Thx in advance for answer

Fantastic! Works liek a charm. Thx a lot for that superfast soloution.

Great! We’re glad it works, if you are happy with this module we’ll be grateful for rating it :)

Of course. Done. GLWS!

Hi, the module works fine, but i get 3 results that are exactly the same. Maybe because of multistore? I have 3 shops in 1 presta installation…Or languages?

Hi, probably we need to adapt more to multistore, please send us an email with more details and we’ll help you.

This is exactly what I was looking for in order to see search results of CMS-Pages. Simple and perfect!!! thanks!!!

Thanks! We’re happy that this module is useful for you :-)

Will searched for Russian words, Cyrillic characters.

It should, we had one customer from Macedonia and the module worked for him with non english characters.

Hey, this module is perfect. Easy to install and does do the job. Thanks!

Hello, I am using the Visual Composer module for prestashop to style my cms pages. When I do a search, for example: legal mentions, then I see appearing in the field of the search engine: legal mentions> [vc_row] [vc_column width … It is not very aesthetic or practical. Can you correct this? I use the latest version of your module. Thank you for your reply. Cordially.

Hello, thanks for the purchase. One of our customers had this problem before, and we added some workarounds, but it looks like your case is a bit different. Please contact us by email so we can take a look at your shop and create an appriopriate fix for this.

This module is a great idea, to add search within CMS. Can it also search within ph_simpleblog posts? Can you add that feature? pg_simpleblog is quite widely used and included in Warehouse theme

Currently it searches within CMS only, but of course we can customize the module for your specific needs.

Ok great. This blog module is widely used and the search feature in the blog would be useful for a lot of customers, I think. Would you develop the feature, update the module price and then I can buy it?

I wouldn’t be the only one to support the development cost… Hope you can do that. Thanks!