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is editor included?

Hello. Yes, the editor is included.

Can this type of game be ported to mobile app like android and iOS?

Hey. You can run the game through PhoneGap or the Crosswalk Project to convert it into a mobile app.


The game comes with the uncompressed source?


Hello. Yes, the source in the release is fully available for both the game and the editor.

I convert it to android but operate very slow ??

Hey. What method did you use? In theory it should operate fairly smoothly with Cordova.

Yes used cordova !

Hey. What part(s) of the game are operating slow? If you want, you can mail me and I will convert the game to APK for a small fee.

Great Product, thanx :)

Hello and thank you for a clearly made stuff. I use the game as a browser game, so lots of users can’t find out that the bar must be pulled up. Just what to ask you where I need to make changes to make menu be opended with just a mouse click.

(PS: I will buy today the next game Tronix from you, the same request). Regards.

Thank you, works fine! 5+

Tonality is my next purchase, all the best, Danijel.

Thank you!

great work! GLWS.


Some users complaining on their device after achieving couple of levels its went back to level 1 kindly advice how to solve this

Hello. I’m gonna need a bit more info. All the player data is stored in their own localstorage so unless the data is cleared on the client side this shouldn’t fail. It could also be a bug I’m not aware of, which is why I need more information. This can also possibly happen if you remove levels or modify level order on the live version of the game while players are using it. Please share some more info if you can (ideally enough so I can recreate the problem on my side) and I will attempt to solve the problem.

You dont have a plan to update this nice game with new resolution and better graphics? Its already 4 years ago and no new update until today

Hi. I don’t currently have any such plans but I may consider it in the future. Thanks