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ukboy Purchased

A thumbnail is required when try to add movie

I installed it can’t add new move, Check Your Supported need help now!!!

Hi there, just replied to your email 1 sec ago.


ae18 Purchased

Same problem, A thumbnail is required when try to add movie, Need help please

can’t view anything. upload to

that’s only for some movies… a new parser will be released in time once all adjustments for new imdb layout has been added.

Can you answer my email??

Sure no prob.Keep in mind it might take up to 1 day to get a reply. Replied now anyways, thanks!

The demo is not responsive but the changelog show responsive was added. Is this not the case?

not anymore. there’s a revamp to bootstrap 3 under work and it will be released end of nov.


I have been waiting three months of responsive design for mobile. Where does the work? Thanks for the answer!

It’s upcoming in November.

Thank you crivion :)

You’re welcome, stay tuned.

Please check your email for give me some support on instalation of the script! Thanks


Please check your email for give me some support on instalation of the script! Thanks


tvbdo Purchased

Hi, how come when I log in as admin, it is successful but I am unable to access any tabs like add movie, genres, users etc. When I attempt to do so, it automatically brings me to the login page again.

Hi, I have to check that, contact me via my profile page with details.

Hi im very interested in your script but have a pre sales question if you could answer, is adding the latest films manual or is there some sort of bot that grabs all the latest films from various sites, similar to how mp3 sites work thanks

Hi, All manual labour Thanks

Hello, the views in the movies are invisible, why? Can someone explain me how to solve it?
the views in the movies are invisible anyone can help-me?

Yes, please reply to my last email. Thanks.

I sent new email

Multiple language option?

Nope. sorry.

Turkish characters create url problem? Example şçğüş

Just tested and it doesn’t cause issues. It just skips those characters (they don’t appear in URL at all)

Hello, please support, the RewriteEngine on is activate, but the errors continue, “some error occured, please try again later[object Object]” and the url movie example is broken, and url admin it does not work, my web is Please help me.

How do I contact you? please help

Just use my profile page form ( on right side middle )

Your htaccess file was missing an important line which I added and now works.

Hi, how are you, these days, I have a problem, I’m adding a movie and the system not save the movie, it can last 5 minutes and it does not save the movie, it allows me to help please.

“no save data movie”

Additional to the previous email, the registration form does not work

Hi, I’ve got your email, talk there.

hope you are fine, please tell me how to install in sub folder like sitename/movies

hi, you need to install in a subdomain instead of a subfolder.

hi, i just want to know before i buy this script, i should upload movie files to let users watch film right?

but user will be watching from my website?

and how do i add seasons and episodes for tv series?

in tabs . create tab for series 1, tab for series 2. they will watch on your site only if you add embedded codes instead of links.

Many features to be added, check thsi link: 123movies .is Embeding videos, possibility to add subtitles, filtering, and many more!


tinhfpt Purchased

i am interested in your code, but i have some questions :

1. Is there anyway to moderate users’ comments ? I don’t want users to spam my site. 2. Is there anyway to submit download link when adding new movies ?

HI there,

1. yes, of course in admin panel.

2. you can either add watch link or download link, whatever link you want and name it in the title “Download Movie” for example.


tinhfpt Purchased

i got this error :

when i connect twitter -> system deliver to : Fill in email to complete, after i fill my email => deliver to and got error :

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Notice

Message: Undefined property: stdClass::$description

Filename: controllers/hauth.php

Line Number: 160

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Warning

Message: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home1/phuxuyentc/public_html/

Filename: libraries/Session.php

Line Number: 675

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Warning

Message: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home1/phuxuyentc/public_html/

Filename: helpers/url_helper.php

Line Number: 542

How did you end up onto that URL?

Correct one is and


tinhfpt Purchased

is there any cache or cache plugin or optimization for fast loading ? i see no cache function. What if no cache, site will be down if it’s got thousands of visitors

if you think caching is all you need you are wrong. I’ve tested this script as is with 50,000 concurrent users per second abd it stands up very well. that’s 3 mil visitors per minute