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aftab97 Purchased

hello can anyone reply me how to set 30 movies per page???

And IMDB is not stops on search movies.

Imdb works perfectly,you just have to upgrade. Please commenting here and sending 10 emails in 3 minutes time as well will not help either me or you. Use either email or here.

Apart from being weekend, you’ve got a reply in 2 hours – wait your turn.

hi crivion i send to you a useename and password you forget me ?

I didn’t , you just don’t have support so I always give priority to those in the right to!

When I goto add a movie in the admin panel it is saying I must add my license key. But I don’t know where my license key is. Where do you find it? it doesnt say anything about it in the documentation

I found it in the purchase email. Disregard

No prob.

IMDB autocomplete isn’t working. It gets stuck forever with the message “Please wait, calling API for movie results..” I’ve got v2.8 and even did the upgrade via the instructions to make sure. I’ve tried the autocomplete for multiple titles but still the same thing

It works perfectly, just contact me via my profile page with your URL and admin login. I’ll clarify that out quickly.

Ok sent, thanks


Vwake07 Purchased

help me to fix this error - A Database Error Occurred Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

Filename: core/Loader.php

Line Number: 346

That means your database logins are invalid. Contact me via my profile page form with hosting login and I’ll sort it for you.


aftab97 Purchased

Hello Sir! please help me how to add new page i have created new page and when click on that page it shows not found..please help me. Thanks.


You must understand that support terms do not include teaching you how to code. I already told you that via email.

If you can’t handle, get someone do it for like $5 . Also I suggest how Tos page was created (application/controllers/home.php) and application/views folder.


i want my fresh copy of latest updated version

Everyone who purchased has access to it in Downloads section. You haven’t.

Can you track only Brazilian movies?

What you mean by track?


ae18 Purchased

If possible, I’l like you to add Most Views Tap in the next update, please

Sure, no problem. Thanks for the suggestion.

Short question: Is it possible to show the count of all movies and shows in the sidebar?

No, there isn’t such option at the moment.

Hi. I have a Prblem with the Script and have send you a email yesterday. Can you please answer it? Thx…

Hi, can’t replicate the issue. There’s no need to post here and also email, just in case you thought that’s going to urgent things. We take every customer one by one and pay attention to everyone’s requests.

We already reply reasonably within 1-2 days.

If you can help replicating, let us know here or via email. (or both if you prefer I don’t mind)