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Hello :-) Is the script manages sessions and cookies

Thanks for getting in touch, i’m not shure what you mean – but its a server side cache and no browser cache – but if you want to discuss it in detail – drop me a line by the Support form

Dear sammy787

you send a Support eMail but your Address was not correct – so i could not respond. please send a new eMail with you eMail-Address in the Contenttext. So i will fix your Problem as soon as possible !! Cheers ;-)

Hi i installed and work, but i have follow error: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/elett24com/public_html/siti-elettricisti/index.php:1 in /home/elett24com/public_html/siti-elettricisti/cache.php on line 98

The Cache include must be the very first Line in your Code! Cheers

The cache include is at the very first line. Cheers

We ensure you that the product is fully functional and we will be very happy to help you if you will be so kind to use the codecanyon PM system to ask for support. It is available from our profile page. Please send the PHP File that causes the Problem! Thank you so much! We’re waiting for your email. Cheers!

Good evening and sorry for my English. I just want to say that this script is a good script. It even works well with WordPress !. Very good work and continuous

Hello and thank you for buying! We are very happy that our script helped you.

Hi, Do you have a step by step installation guide?

Thanks for getting in touch, Have you taken a look at the documentation? Cheers

thanks we figured it out. Its working perfect.

Hello and thank you for buying my script. Please take a look at my other Scripts and don’t forget to add your eMail Adress here:

I have dropped you an email concerning your 5* rating – please respond. Thanks.

Yes, and you get your email on 31. Juli (4 day ago) – please take a look. Cheers

Hello, can i used this on a live stream page to help reduce buffering?

sorry, no i don’t think so – the streamed content is no HTML/CSS/JS etc. so it will not be cached….

Hi, I’m interested in this script but I have a question.

I have a very dynamic website. I want to cache most pages, but when a user “Edits” or “Creates” new content, I would like to reset the cache for multiple pages. Is it possible with this script?

Yes you or your script can delete the cache (by include ‘cache-empty.php’) on edit or create new content! Cheers

it only cache the html css js or it also cache the database result like varnish cache ?

Please use the envato PM system available on my profile page to email me. Thank you.

hi, its very POWERFUL script. but im facing a very huge issue because of the awesomeness of the script ( no sarcasm )

see, my site checks the user agent using php and according to that it redirects the user to mobile/desktop template.

well … after adding the file, i browsed it using mobile. now when im browsing the site from desktop, it is still showing me the mobile template. Any way to make it work? if not then i believe i waste money on this script .

once again, its amazing script .

P.s pm sent

Well, my first idea is to use a responsive Design! The way the Cache works there is no easy fix to solve your problem :(

Hi, im facing another problem . i know this script works on responsive design but it has one more flaw.

my site has option to register and sign in . it has responsive design . so i included the cache file on all the pages . i logged into my site using account1 .

i logged out and then i signed into my site using account2 but account2 is showing the details on account1 on dashboard ..

how to solve this ?

I understand you issue, but if it is the same URL and you would display two different pages for two different user you had to show the content dynamicaly and not ONE static HTML page from the cache, that will not work….

so basically this script only works for static pages

No, the Script works as shown in the Demo and described in the Item Description. Cheers

Is this script still supported by you guys? Are you releasing regular updates? Does it work with any kind of php applications like Custom Built CMS, wordpress, joomla, WHMCS or just about any php application irrespective of either it’s custom cms or open source CMS like Wordpress etc. ?

Yes, it’s supportet. We release Updates if they are needet. It should work with the most types of PHP Aplications. We have customer that us the script with wordpress. Hope that helps

Thank you very much! okay, does it work with custom built php scripts?

Yes, should do so! ;-)


gummisj Purchased

zip file is not working. it is corrupt. i can’t download.


gummisj Purchased

Works now. very odd.

Sorry for the delay

I open the .ZIP File and find only a .CPGZ File in it. :shocked: What should i do? Please try this: :grin:

If that will not solve your Problem send an eMail and i will help!!

shubnigg Purchased

HI, is there a way to have let say for example the index page with a cache time of 1 hour and the others pages 10 hours? Thank you


shubnigg Purchased

Hi,yes I’m sure. I gonna send you ftp access


shubnigg Purchased

Did you received my mail?

Yes, i get it – will take a look on Monday in the office ;-)