PHP DAL Generator

PHP DAL Generator

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PHP DAL Generator is a .Net desktop application that generates data access layer for MySQL database. It generates code for MySQL, MySQLi and PDO extensions. This software makes PHP development easy. This tool is specially useful for programmers who don’t want to (or cannot) use a CMS. Programmers have complete control over the generated code and can be modified easily because the generated code is very clean.

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  • Supports MySQL, MySQLi and PDO extensions.
  • Create object oriented or procedural programming.
  • It generates separate PHP files/classes for each table.
  • Creates methods for CRUD (Create, Read/Retrieve, Update and Delete/Destroy) operations.
  • Create unlimited custom functions.
  • Pagination has been handled.
  • Sorting has been handled.
  • Search has been handled.
  • Primary key is automatically detected for each table.
  • Composite primary key is supported.
  • Nullable columns have been handled.
  • Auto increment column has been handled.
  • Timestamp column has been handled.
  • Completely indented code is generated.
  • Supports all data types (except spatial).
  • Date/Time to string or string to date/time conversion options.
  • Customize class, functions and properties/variables names.

How To Use?

  • Enter the database connection information and click Connect button.
  • Select the tables for which you want to create PHP files/classes. Also select the methods you want to add to the file/class.
  • Specify options.
  • Add custom functions if needed.
  • Specify output location.
  • Click Generate Code button.

Sample Application:

A sample web application has also been provided that is using the generated code. In this application one form (for employees) has been created. This app uses the generated data access layer without modifying a single line in the generated code.

Updates History

Update 1 (Version 1.1):
Upgraded the app to .Net 4.6.1.

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