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Hello. Can we create a masonry image gallery?

Hello. No.


labeskey Purchased

cher développeur je cherche comment afficher tout les menu du plugin contest photo si vous n’êtes pas connecté parceque chez moi ça sort que les photos pas les autres menus et je remarqué que tout le menu en question sort aussi si vous êtes qu’administrateur mais les autres rôles d’utilisateurs ne fait pas sortir le menu

Hello. All menu items you can control in contest settings (just hit edit icon in the menu). So if you hide some section it will be out of the menu for non-registered users


labeskey Purchased

I activated everything but the menu items do not always appear

Please check your email

Hi – quick pre-sales question. Are you aware if your plugin has been confirmed compatible with ‘Ultimate Member’ membership system? Also, does the license cover installation on a beta site for testing and options configuration before moving to live? Many thanks

Hello. All users are 100% integrated to the WordPress so every plugin based on users should work. But i do not know Ultimate Member plugin. Yes you can do beta site for testing. But there is no option for import/export settings

UM does create standard WordPress users, so that’s great thanks.

Are the costs per month or do I pay once for an unlimited time period?

Hello. You pay only once and all future updates are free

Easy to setup. Looked great. Found out on last day of my contest that users were not getting their votes counted. Terrible glitch at the worst possible time. I won’t be trusting this plugin again.

Listen. If you want to know the truth create for me a test contest i will do all tests if is there something wrong. But just use support form i need to be alone in the contest so do not put URL here

None of that matters now. My contest is over. My users were very unhappy. I don’t need the plugin anymore. I don’t want the plugin anymore. Sorry you can’t fix this one. No need to continue arguing. I’m all done.

It will be better know if was everything OK or not. If you will change your mind i am here for you ready do tests.

I like to use default title in the share box ( Facebook, Twitter, etc). And how to hide tittle field from the upload section.

Well, this is possible do only with some code change. Please use official support form

Pre-purchase question: Is it possible to use it without email verification when liking a picture?

Hello. Yes. It is optional security feature.

Hello, I’m intrested in doing a bracket style competition. Can this be used to put 2 images head to head? Ideally with the winner of that “bracket” automatically moving to the next bracket.


Hello no sorry.


CyberMODE Purchased

Hello, is posible for vote only ask a phone number, without mail and not validation? TIA!

I do not understand. There is no field for voting only vote button


CyberMODE Purchased

I need know how send the vote, i need ask her phone number…

Well it is possible only to add one field to the email confirmation form and rebuild vote log that it will be possible to view those phone numbers and export them. But this is like one hour work. Please use official support form i can react much faster


I have 2 questions / advice:

How can I leave the complete registration form from the first time (email repeated to validate )?

How to prevent sharing the photos on social networks when it finish upload?

Yes, thank you, but it does not solve my requirements.

So tell me. And please use an email i can react much faster

Ready, I sent you the mail.