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Looking at upgrading our server to PHP 7.0. I ran a plugin scan test pre-upgrade, and this plugin came out on the report as not compatible with 7.0+.

Is this plugin compatible with PHP 7.0+?


Oh, and one more idea, it would be great if each contest could have the customized Icon, Vote text, and Vote text after.

When running multiple contests that may be very different, a person might want the ‘call to action’ for the Vote, or the ‘Thanks’ to be content specific.

Not a big deal, as one could leave it standard/generic for all of them. Just an idea. :)

Listen I have fixed file for PHP7 already. So if you send me a message through support form I can send you this file today. About nice URL I can do it, BUT it has no influence on SEO like 10 years ago and in mobile devices, you do not see the whole URL anyway. About custom post type. If I do that it will be not possible to have images in media library anymore. So no edit options like flip and rotate or crop and maybe other problems. It will be always post type -> attachment.

OK. :) And if you really like my plugin do not forget rate it ;) It is very easy just go here select stars and a relevant reason. Thank you!

Can I add adittional fields to the subscribe page?

Yes sir about 20 :)

Hi! I would like to use your plugin for a photo and video vote. So I have to buy your 2 plugins? To vote, users will have to register or log in. I would like to use the plugin userpro and I would like to know if it is compatible with your plugins. Does the person who logs in and vote is recognized as a user? More, it is not the Internet user who will publish his picture. He will have to send it to us via a form and I will publish it myself. Is it possible to ensure that the user can only vote and not deposit content? Thank you for your answers. :-) Gaëlle

Hello Gaëlle! 1. No you can buy both plugins as one item and save 20USD 2. No it is up to you. You can set that only registered users can vote OR everyone. 3. Sorry i do not know userpro plugin. 4. Yes 5. Yes you can hide upload form and users can only rate the images/videos

Is there anyway to add an entry manually for someone if they are having issues?

Hello. No. It is not. But it never happened some trouble with upload, because upload is through WordPress. If you have trouble use support form and send me the link to your contest please.

I’m having a problem. I added a new contest, and it takes me to a create contest form. It looks a little different than what I am used to. And when I input the info, it just resets and a contest is not created. Please assist.

Hello. Please use official support form (i can react much faster) it can be cache plugin. Do you use cache plugin?

I replied there too. I do not use cache plugin

I have a client who wants to create a simple Vote for your favorite T-shirt that we upload without the need to verify voter and to share via Twitter that they voted on this T-shirt after they voted. I saw you can hide most everything to make it a simple type of online poll/vote. Am I correct in that we can set it up like this?

Hello. Yes, you can do it very simple. You can hide every section (except the gallery) and email verification is optional. But there is no code to force someone to share image on Twitter or Facebook

Thanks for the quick reply and note about the twitter share. I’m assuming we’ll just have to suggest they share they voted on Twitter. Thanks again!

Well it is not included… But we can change the text after vote. If you will buy the plugin use support form and send me the text you want to have after vote i will send you file for that

great plugin!

Thank you! And i am very soon release new version with lot of amazing features!

hi, pre-sale questions: what is included in the new version? is Instagram embed allowed?

1. no 2. yes Social Login plugin is fully integrated.

Sounds good. Will order the plugin.

If you will have more questions please use official support form because I can react much faster


zupitr Purchased

I started a photo contest last month and some people did fake voting. There was a sudden increase in voting. Can we restrict votes by ip address? Please help me.

Hello. The IP address checker is added since the first release. Just be sure, that you did not disable this checker. If you have version 2.6 or higher hit edit icon in the menu and look for IP address option


lesnic Purchased

Hi! I need Change name on Email validation: Now after vote, user see email: From WordPress. to…- Can I Cange WordPress to name of my site? Thank you for help!



lesnic Purchased

No, i steel can’t see EDIT button on mobile when i login. I send you message on support. Nick


lesnic Purchased

Another question: I don’t know why, but sometime when i register new user , wordpress not send confirmation email, sometime send… Can you tell me why?


For the first question check your email. For the second: Yes I can. All emails are sent through WordPress so it happens like in all automatically sent emails sometimes these emails go to the spam folder. It is not your fault or someone else it depends on how is set your spam filter.


lesnic Purchased

Hi! I have new question: it’s possible see only TOP 10 on page? Or have TOP 10 on the top ( first page ) I see that you have widgest for top 5… you have shortcode for view only TOP 10 ? Nick

Sorry there is not shortcode for that. But it can be. I will check it for next version

hello, can we have Facebook comment system it has a cool viral effect

Actually yes i am working on it just now. In next version will be possible to select if the contest will be in normal mode or if it will be only uploading form.

What about my second question. The jury vote option what it means and when should we look up to the new update?

2. NO sorry there is no demo for that because user must be looged in AND admin must select him as Jury member. But it is simple. Admin switch vote to Jury mode and pick jury members and set maximum votes for jury member. It is very easy and simple. After that all jury members can see the vote button and normal users not.


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Hi, after the last upgrade the admin is still informed by email but the new user is not. Nobody receives an email with their login. What can cause this? All options are the same like in the old version of the plugin Thank you.

Really send me a message through support form i will send you new file.


Erkwerk Purchased

Hi, I did yesterday. do I have to send it again? best, Erik

You did dit great i just was working on solution ;). Good news is that you can check your email right now ;)

Presales questions: I see that you can have contests running concurrently, but how do you specify which contest appears on each page? So if I wanted a Jewelry Contest, a Sculpture Contest, etc. does that get specified in the shortcode in some way? Also, users are not uploading the images, I am – can I upload all the Jewelry images to the Jewelry contest at once or does it need to be done one at a time from the front-end of the site.

Every contest is connected to one or two pages. This is set not in the shortcode, but in the contest settings in the admin area. It is not problem to switch contest or pages

Thank you. And what about bulk upload of images?

I am sorry but bulk upload is not included

hi very cool plugin.. but wasn’t there a php version of this that can be installed as a facebook app that is no longer an option? we need something like the other one because users can interact on it directly on facebook… thanks

Hello. This is WordPress plugin it cannot be installed as Facebook app.

I understand that, what happened to the facebook app version you made before? Is facebook blocking these types of apps now?

Yes. It was created for Facebook canvas. Facebook constantly changed the API and it was not possible to continue with the product like that.