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Dear team,

Just want to check if below functions are available:

1. More than 2 custom fields for each contents 2. Multiple photos in 1 submission

regards, vic

1. Yes 2. No

Where are the emails stored when a person enters it to verify their vote? Thanks.

In the database in wp_postmeta tab

Can this plugin run multiple contests at a time?

Hello. Yes of course

why a user vote to more then one image ?, i want “if a user vote to any one image and he is try to give another vote then show a message – you already give the vote” this is possible ? i check your demo and found a user give many votes.

Hello. Every image can be vote once. It is like “the like” so most liked picture win. It is better for the contest but i will do in next version also “only one vote” option.

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Doing work on a clients Development site who purchased this plugin and when a new user registers this is the error they get on screen (sorry blanked out folder location) – the user still gets registered but can you tell us why this error occurs Cheers Gerard

Hello error from this function – wc_maybe_store_user_agent() can not be fixed in our plugin because this function is not inside the plugin. But if you have problem with registration the easiest way is do registration only through your registration system. If you want i can hide some sections only for already registered users so they will be forced use your registration form

ok now you confused me – not sure what you mean with this

oooops sorry saw that now

How can I add more custom fields to the uploaded image? It only lets me add one field in the Contest Settings. I need to add many fields.

Hello. Sorry support is only for buyers. If you have another account where is the licence use that account.

My client owns the plugin, I’m the developer working on their site.

How can I add more custom fields to the uploaded image? It only lets me add one field in the Contest Settings. I need to add many fields.

Hello. It is possible to add 20 custom fields to the upload form. Just hit edit icon in the contest menu.

I do not see this option. I can only add 1 field. Here is a screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2grv1llbp67g9vt/Screenshot%202017-08-03%2013.02.42.png?dl=0

Here are all 21 custom fields you can add to the upload form. https://postimg.org/image/w23nl31r9/

Is it possible to setup Tags for the contest (similar to categories), but with the ability to select multiple tags, instead of just one category. Further we’d like to be able to filter the list of entries by tags (just like you can with categories).

Tags are not supported. Tags fit better for the gallery not for the contest

Then is it possible for a user to choose multiple categories when uploading their photo?

No. It is possible to choose only one category

Hi, is there any way the photo contest be made paid only, like someone can only upload pics after he pays a fee ?

Not yet. But i will do that in one of the future version

i want to a option, when a user submit vote then required email, name and mobile number so we give 2 prizes: one for which photo receive highest vote and second from voters, this option available in your plugin ?

Hello. No it is not.

A client has been using Coppermine Gallery for a photo contest for several years but we need to change for many reasons. Is it possible to import the past contests so they’re archived there for people to view (though closed to voting)?

Also, from what I can gather, ANYONE can upload, not just registered users. Is that correct? Are upload/entries held for moderation by an Admin?


Thanks for the quick response. Do you know if it works okay with the Divi theme?

Yes it works on Divi i have Divi for testing and other 59 most used themes


Our technician has worked out the issue that we are having he has found out that this plugin isn’t compatible with PHP7.1 is there any plans to make this plugin compatible? Would like to use this asap but cannot roll back php because of security concerns

Latest version of the plugin is developed on PHP 7.1. So just do the update to latest version

Hello! Is there an option to not allow people to upload their own photos? I’m looking to host a photo contest where I would provide the photos and then people can vote on their favorite. Thank you!

Yes, of course, you can hide whole upload section and only you (or other admins) will be able to upload photos.

Great! Thank you!

Is it possible to use the shortcodes to embed a contest into an existing page? I have tried and it puts the contest automatically at the top of the page when I want it in another location. Also, I have it set to hid the rules area but it is still showing. Can you help? Thanks!

Yes it is possible to do that i never had problem with that. Please use standart support form https://codecanyon.net/item/photo-contest-wordpress-plugin/8320636/support and if you can send me URL of your contest and create for me temporary admin account.


dbeynon Purchased

Hi, is it possible to have a contest where there are say 3 different categories (eg landscape, building, humans) and contestant has to upload an image to each category before their entry is considered submitted . In other words they would need to upload 3 pics ((1 for each category ). If they didn’t have a landscape image then the human and building entries they had uploaded wouldn’t display either). Hope this makes sense!

Hello. It is possible to have 3 categories but and you can allow only 3 images but there is no way how to check if user have in all categories 1 image,