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Could contestants upload attachment when submitting a photo contest? Then I can use this plugin as a design contest plugin.

For example, graphics design contest, the photo will be the cover image, the attachment will be photoshop file or AI file.

Sorry there is no option for that. BUT you can add a rule to your contest that every winner author must send his winning work as AI file after the end of the contest.

Hi, How can I disable voting in a specific contest?


Hello. It is very simple. Create a Jury and make you as only judge. And voting will be hidden for everybody else

Great, I’ll try and anything I need I’ll contact you again.



mybadca Purchased

Many dropdown containers found throughout the admin area in this plugin are not appearing correctly, it appears narrow with the text barely visible to select from, any way of fixing this? Also a lot of spelling errors to correct….

Hello, do you support facebook login for vote ? Or do you know if it is possible by combining another plugin ? We actually wanna run a contest to get email adresses of voters. Facebook login seems a good idea, but maybe we can set an email gate with your plugin ? something like “Get notified if your choice wins”. If it’s the case, or if any other plugin combined can make it, you’ll be my perfect match for multiple customers! :D (I’ve got one contest pending)

Hello. Well Facebook is not supported. But it is very easy get email addresses from voters because you can allow email vote confirmation. And after is vote confirmed you can collect those emails and export them to CSV


tranan Purchased

HELLO !!! Is possible to display contest menu in the position of wordpress menu ???

Sure! It is wordpress right? All you need is to know URL of the contest sections and create new menu in Apperance->Menu

Hi, I have a couple of pre-sale questions…

1) Can I disable the menu (“pcmenu”)?! I want to insert the links directly in the WordPress main menu.

2) Can I disable voting?

3) When clicking on a image from the Gallery view, is is possible to open the image in lightbox directly (no separate page, since I want to disable voting and no comments)?

4) Can I remove the dropdown and the search functionality?

1) Yes
2) Yes
3) Yes
4) No. But if you get the license i will do that for you (Free of course)


redpages Purchased

I use nginx. this plugins not support for nginx. I must change permalink to old permalink, not pretty link. very sad :(

Well this box will dissapear if you are logged in or fi you disable WordPress comments. For comment is needed to be logged in.


redpages Purchased

how to remove it without having to make user login. I want the box to be invisible to everyone. and anyone can type comment without having to login. the level of our visitors is beginner, low understanding of IT, do not want to be made difficult with the system. I want anyone can choose without login. The web page is clean, there are only photos.

Well, i can remove that box for you. But still, it is needed to be logged in if you want to post the comment. Please contact me through support form i will send you file where ist that login form disabled.


rubin1206 Purchased

Hello. Pre-selling question. It is possible in the block of buttons to share in a social network to replace reddit on

No at this time but i have almost done new version where is possible to disable social icons and also there is a button already.

Hello dear authors and congratulations about your beautiful plugin. I have an important pre-sales question to make. As written in the information, the plugin is WooCommerce compatible. Does this mean it is possible to make the uploaders pay each time they upload a photo? Ideally, as seen in your screenshots, our team would like the customers to be redirected to payment, in order for the photo to be reviewed by us. Is this feature possible? Please provide us some information about the difficulty of establishing such a feature. Thank you for your time!

Hello. Thank you” No plugin is compatible meaning that every standard WooCommerce user can use contest without new registration. There is no payment option.