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pre-purchase questions: can I personalize the set of field that participants have to fill uploading their photos? can I use the same plugin for photo and video (purchasing both the plugin, in case)? thank you

1. Yes you can 2. No one plugin is for photo contest the other for video

Hi, I’ve some questions:

1. I’ve enabled the “camera model” and “Custom image field”, but when I publish a photo these fields are not shown (even if I fill them). How can I show also these fields? (the only field I can see is the description field).

2. It possible to add new custom fields? (maybe using the plugin ACF – advanced custom field)

3. It is possible to enable the html for the description field (in this way user will be able to write in bold, italic and so on)


Hello. 1. Please use official support form I can react much faster Send me URL of your site 2. No 3. No it is spam protection. If you allow HTML users can add spam links or links to adult websites

HI, I’m interested in your plugin. Before I’ll buy it I want to ask you:

- It is possible to run more then one contest at the same time?

- I can see from the demo that when user upload a photo they have to fill different fields. It is possible to add more fields?

- Can users add more than one photo at once? I need to run a photography contest in which every author will upload three pictures (one main image and two related image). It possible for them to add the second and third photo in the description field?


1. Yes
2. Yes 20 custom fields are available
3. No. The user can upload max 1 image at the time. BUT you can limit how many images can user submit so it is possible to set limit per user to 3 images

I have a couple of questions:

1. How can users upload photos of unlimited size? 2. How can I access the exif data of the uploaded images?


1. You can not. But if you want i can do some code change for you. Just use official support form, send me URL of your page and create for me a temporary admin account send me those details also. And i will do that for you
2.there is no option for that. BUT all images are 100% integrated to wordpress so it is possible that exist some plugin for exif someting like this

Hi, pre-purchase question. My client needs its users to vote on different categories (one contest per category). I went through your demo but I couldnt find the answer to the following question: let’s say I will go for a user ID parameter, will they have to login every time for each contest or the information will be kept?

Hi. It is not possible to vote only once in one category. The contest is set up so that is possible to vote for each photo once. The second question. Contest user is also WordPress user so user must login only once

Hi, really pretty plugin, I have some presale questions.

Thanks for the admin demo, very nice, answered many of my questions.

Confirming, it looks like we can not allow other users to upload on one contest, but do allow them to do so on another?

Can we hide the ability to navigate to previous/next image?

Can we set a default sort (example: random) and not let it be changed?

Is there a sort for title alpha A-Z ?

The Top 10 display, is that available in a widget?

Can we use our own facebook app, so the share info has our info, not

It says 10 days response time on support? really?

Thank you.

Sorry, i still do not get it. What you describes is normal sharing on Facebook. The plugin fully supports all meta tags for social networks so it is OK to share any image you want.

I am thinking back to previous contests applications where we have used a custom link in that area of the facebook share that displayed “” in your demo facebook share. There were also other photo plugins where we have needed to change that URL from the plugin author to ours for sharing

Maybe that is not a problem here. If your plugin displays the URL of the website that the image is hosted on, our website URL, in that area where “” is displayed in the demo, then I am sure it will not be a problem.

OK. But it is not an image it is an ordinary font. So it is not storage anywhere than it is easy to add own link


nippi9 Purchased

This is an old plugin, with no hooks and no normalisation of URLS. Any plans to modernise it? Its very hard to customise, and all customisation if have done will be lost if and when its upgraded.

Urls look terrible

It is created. But attachment post is not visible in post list on WordPress because it is the specific type of post. If you want to see it just go to Photo Contest -> Entries section and choose some image and hit EDIT .. you will go to post edit page AND because it is a post it has own POST URL (permalink). You can see it under TITLE (above the image). Because all contest images are posts they must have OWN permalink URL like every post in WordPress


nippi9 Purchased

dude. all i know. is the competition entries dont have their own, crawlable url. the url is a shitty looking thing not effected by permalink rules, like a normal post should. the canonical tag for the entry pages, is the same as the page where the shortcode is placed. own it. you took enormous shortcuts and the entry pages are not “posts” regardless you record an entry in the posts table. the entry pages can not be seoed or indexed and you have a one page competition plugin

You are right. In next version which comes out tomorrow or day after I will add special PHP function which set correct canonical URL for every image.

Pre-Purchase – I will upload images myself, I want to only have title of image show up. 1) Can voting be limited to email address or something else that minimizes how many times one person can vote? 2) If I only want a certain group of people to be able to vote (example: members of a photography group only), can I do that? Looking for a Photo Contest Plugin ASAP

Hi. Yes, it is possible to do that You can hide everything Upload section and after, author, votes and views only title will be visible just like you need.
1. Voting can be limited by email address. But it is possible voting only once for each image with one IP address and one email account. 2. No. You can allow a vote for all registered users or for everyone.

Hi there,

Quick question; is it possible to allow viewers select multiple photos to vote for (ie; up to three at once) and then move the page down to an email entry form where they have the option of signing up for a newsletter before submitting their vote?


People can vote multiple photos but only one at the time. And there is no newsletter option. Sorry

Any way to have something like that implemented? Could you give me a quote, if possible? Thanks!

It can be possible do verification after every vote with email and checkbox for newsletter agreement. But it is needed some code modification


tenglogy Purchased

Hi, can I have the change log for today’s update?

How should I install the update? I have a contest running and I don’t want to disturb it. Please advise.

Hello! Yes of course. Please check your email.

Hi. I get the following error when trying to submit an entry for a competition.

“ReCaptcha was not validated correctly!”

I have the site key and secret key for Recaptcha set up. How do I fix this?

Hello! Sorry support is only for buyers

I need to be able to charge people to enter a contest…as a fundraiser…can this plugin be manipulated to do this ? With PayPal and Mastercard Credit and Debit cards for payment

Sorry. It is not possible pay for submissions with this plugin

Hi there. I made comment earlier but was logged in with a different. I purchased the plugin with this account.

So, I get the following error when trying to submit an entry for a competition.

“ReCaptcha was not validated correctly!”

I have the site key and secret key for Recaptcha set up. How do I fix this?


ajindal Purchased

Hi, can you plz point me to how i can setup categories for a Photo Contest. I would like to have three categories for a contest – Age group 10 and under, Age group 11-18yrs and Age Above 18. Thx


ajindal Purchased

I found the category setting. But would like to know if there is a way to capture the age of person submitting the photo as part of the upload form submission. Thx

Hello. Yes, it is. Just hit edit icon in the menu and set date of birth as part of the upload form

Can you tell me how can I increase the quantity of picture per page?


Hi! Yes. Just hit edit icon in the menu and select rows and columns