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How to remove the 3 dropdown menus on the menu (Newest, Categories, Search)

Thanks! can you send again the link where I can fill up the form please. It seems the link didn’t work. Thanks!

Done! :)

The single image shortcode doesn’t work please help I tryed different themes, tryed text, tryed even on sidebar and the code shows nothing please help

got my answer via email thanks

Hello, with our photo submission notification email, we used to be able to see the image in the email, now it’s not showing the image. Was this removed? How can we get that back into the notification emails?

The image never was in notification email. So if you have it it must be some custom work.

some voter doing cheating and use bots or software for increase voting, so tell me how to caught cheaters ?

Hello. Please use support form. Send me version you have and use account on which you have a license

i buy your Contest Bundle – WordPress Plugins

done, please check support

Hello, so on the photo upload form, we have added some custom fields to collect. But after submission, these fields are not able to be changed in the admin. How can we enable the admin to update these fields on these custom fields?

Actually, nobody asks me for such feature before. But in few days i will create new version so i will add this to my “to do” list

Is this compatible with w3 total cache plugin? and Easy Social Share Buttons Plugin and Boombox theme?

Lot of people? Well nobody actually….. those results on google are from other plugins. :(

And also conflict with easy social share buttons plugin. :( :(

No i have tried that plugin. Why you say that?


croma Purchased

Hi, Zbynek_Hovorka. We’ve been checking your plugin and it looks like exactly what we need. Before purchasing it we need some answers:

We need that every user can upload an image and its title via form. And then we need a frontend page where everyone can see all the images and title (we don’t want to show more information). We need the voting to be private and enabled only for a jury (an specific user).

Is it possible?

Thank you!

Croma team

Listen try the third option. It never happened problem with lightbox so i believe that it will work.


croma Purchased

Thank you!

No problem if you need help the best option is to use support form because i can react much faster


newlich Purchased

Can I have the latest changelog? Would like to see what is the new feature.

Hello. Yes of course. Changelog you can find on item documentation, or here or in online documentation here


villaliv Purchased

Hi! We would like to have a contest where the users can upload 2-5 images as a gallery. And the entires are not as individual pictures but as galeries. Like: Show you home contest – where you can vote for the best looking home. Is there any possibility for that?


bully_ Purchased

Love the ease of your plugin, but something has got me down. Uploading the images at 800 wide by 1200 tall crops the images on the Gallery landing page to a 350×350 square. This cuts the top and bottom of my photos off. Is there a way to display the images in full height or at least not crop both the top and bottom? Rather than telling my customers to crop in square? Most of these photos are going to be taller than wide.

Hello. But the 350×350 pictures are only thumbnails. Original Wordpress Thumbnail has 150×150 but the quality is low so i did width bigger to 350×350 but it is still only thumbnail.


bully_ Purchased

Thank you, I understand, but is it possible to display the full image uploaded? Or crop from the top down so the top of the uploaded photo isn’t cropped? If I use CSS to increase the height of the gallery homepage images, they’re still cropped.

Yes it is :) if you set the column to 1 in contest settings. In this case, you will see the full image.


galloc2 Purchased

i’ve got this problem (only when i tried to upload but i’m not logged as wordpress user)

Fatal error: Call to undefined function vc_is_disposable_mail() in /web/htdocs/ on line 107


galloc2 Purchased

ok resolved

Hi, I installed this plug in and setup all required belongs to my contest, I setup max size as 10 MB but no one able to upload pictures above 2 MB

Hello! It is because the basic server limit is max 2MB. You must change this setting in your php ini file.

My server limit is max 64 MB and when I use media uploaded of WP I can upload over than 10 MB. on photo contest I also found that pictures over than 3000 pixel in not uploaded. please advise

Hello. There is nothing i can do about it because the upload process is 100% created and controlled by WordPress. This is not an excuse i can fix everything inside my code very quickly because i know the code up and down but this is not part of my code. The limit on your server has two parts one is upload_max_filesize value and for WordPress is important second value – post_max_size . Please check both values and if you did the change do not forget to restart php on your server


tbuza Purchased

Hi, we have some issue after update. When in photo contest the header (logo) of website disappears. This happens only when in the photo contest here

I would also like to change thumbnail size in gallery view because default one has very low quality. Thank you.


galloc2 Purchased

hi how can i change the image_float_box? insert new element fron form, or change the contest-detail-info ?


Hello. Please use official support form. And please send info where the image_float_box is because the code has over 10000 lines. It will be OK just tell where you see this box. If you can send a screenshot. Thank you. Link to official support form