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Hi, How can I place the logo of my company on the pdf export?

You can edit pdf template. follow pdf creator addon document and you will get some idea.


Hi everytime I activate your plugin from the back end I get:

This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500

I have raised a support ticket but would help for the answer here. It may help someone else.

I dont think its common issue. it seems specific case. kindly wait for support staff to reply as its weekend. hope you understand that they also need little break.

I purchased your PDF creator , signature Addon, and Form Builder today. many good feature (specially the Form Builder) BUT the addons need to be improved:

—The order is in the PDF form fields is not accurate and may cause a lot of confusion. I’m not sure why you were not able to fix this issue yet!

—Many of us would like to get the whole form (including description, instructions, HTML content, and so on) included in the PDF. Some fields won’t make any sense without them. For example, I have a paragraph and then a signature. The signature will be useless without the paragraph. Is there anyway we can have a PDF of all text and fields? It’s a very important feature.

—The size of the signature field should include % and not just size by pixels. Signatures are usually long and when you set a long field (600 px for example), it’ll look bad on mobile. If % size is available, then the field will be within the area available. How can this be fixed?

—Is there a padding option for each form element?

—Sometimes we need to add a section with a colors background to distinguish that area. It’s not easily done in your plugin.

—I suggest adding a separator in the form elements. It’s much easier than adding this simple element in an HTML element.

I hope that you can answer my questions above. If there are no Quick & Easy solutions then I can’t use any of the 3 plugins I purchased a few hours ago.

Thanks for understanding.

Yes. pdf addon is released as promised.

Thank you!

you welcome

Hello, is it possible to change PDF template? I would like to have PDF that looks like invoice. Is it possible to do that with this plugin and how can I try it in demo?

Maybe you col help me. Do you have any PDF template, that could be used as invoice? I will configure it my self, but I would like to have layout that looks line invoice

I found Invoice HTML in internet, but I need some help: 1. How can I display hidden values in PDF for example price. 2. I have one field in form quantity. How can I multiply hidden value price to that field value?


yes, for technical support kindly open support ticket at our helpdesk. And support staff will assist you further on this.


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7milesps Purchased

Sir, Please refund.check my refund status