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How can we show form id on pdf? as well as email

please open support ticket for such technical questions.


If someone is doing a job application can I have it set that they get a PDF copy or I can get a PDF copy emailed of the info inputed

yes you surely can do it.

hello friends, i need a form plugin that let me save in pdf every entry but, the pdf must have the same form format. I dont want a pdf that have one field under another, just the same format as every form. I dont know if i’m clear. I’m trying your demo, but no entries there to see or export to pdf. ¿Where could i see an example of pdf? Best Regards !!!


yes, in our pdf you can have pdf created for each entry. however regarding format we provide two basic templates for pdf. they will be linear.

if you need something custom format then you can customise template by your self.

however lemme clear that pdf creator is addon to main plugin ARforms.


Hi Admin

How to remove Powered By AR Froms? or can I customise?


it can be removed easily go to general setting and there click on remove rebranding checkbox and save it.


I just ask how to remove Powered By AR Froms in the PDF entry doc?

Can you show some examples of the PDFs I can generate from the form submissions? Can the math logic be converted to a PDF like a receipt/bill of sale? Any possibility if one product is not picked only show the products that were picked with math logic feature? Basically I will have a list of products. Only need for the bill of sale what products were selected.

What about populating a fillable pdf?


I have a presale question. On the website of my client there are many forms. Admin should receive the pdf of the submited fields but also the client and it seems that your plugin do that, but my need is to display on the pdf other things who are not on the form.

In fact the pdf should be printed by the person who send the form and that person should sign it and send it back by postal mail. So we should be able to add some text and a place where user will be able to sign, and maybe add also a second page with conditions and agreement but also on top maybe the postal adress where to send back the form by post. Is this possible ?


sorry for this delay..thanks for your answer. My goal is to create a website for a school who sell training courses (not online, in the real life). They have a lot of courses. I’m looking for a solution to manage courses, students and subscriptions…i will ask to ARForms if it can be linked with this kind of management system. Thanks

I have a last question. For some forms I need to use the generation of pdf to be sent to the person who filled the form, but for other forms no need. Can I select on which forms I want to use the pdf customization?

And can I easily use your system on different forms without the need to customize each pdf for each form? Thanks again


i am not sure how u want arforms to manage courses students etc as its form builder.

regarding pdf customization you can create custom template for pdf and then assign them to any particular form. And you can enable/disable pdf facility per form basis.


how can I show the html content on PDF


you can copy one template and rename it and put it as new templates.

And then you can select particular template which your form need.


can you elaborately show how to go about it coz I’m not a coder and there is no field to choose which pdf template to use.


template customization can be done by a coder and person who do not know some coding can not do it.

but still if you need we can give you some steps, for that please open support ticket and our technical support staff will assist you.



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How can I change the pdf name sending as atteachment eg ” entry_15.pdf ” to “myname_15.pdf ”?

you can not change it directly. you need to modify code to do that.

I apologize this plugin automatically compiles a PDF after the user has typed in your information in a form on wordpress, and then send a copy to me and saves a copy to the customer?


once form is submitted pdf will be dynamically generated and sent to selected email address.


This was asked but never answered, Can this plugin populate a fillable pdf?

NO, its not possible to create fillable pdf.

Hi How can i hide the empty fields what i closed on conditional laws on pdf form please ?


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Just a feedback: it is not clear what “send pdf file of the form entry with email to admin ( if configured )” actually means. That is: what is “the admin”? Is it the admin of the entire WP website? Is it the SMTP mail in global settings of ARForms? Is it the mail you decide to insert under the admin check of a single form? Documentation about ARForms (and PDF extension) should clarify a little.

thanks for the suggestion. we will improve documentation so, in future such confusion can not occur.


I could use some attention on ticket #002584 now.


yes, dont worry. support staff will reply as soon as possible.

They already did.


you welcome

Can you do custom template design – if yes how much ?

yes we can do custom work if you need. kindly open support ticket and provide your reference pdf etc so, we can check and let you know fees.


could not register for support, jankie system won’t take my Item Purchase Code. I am not feeling good about this purchase. Can’t use plug-in because of Pdfcreator For ARForms plugin requires ARForms Plugin installed and active. $16 down the tube

jankie??? if you try to open support ticket with an addon then it will not work.


Please refund! I bought a plugin for a plugin that I don’t have! This plugin only works if you have another plugin for wordpress. Please contact me since your support system does not allow new tickets. Thanks!

well, thats unfortunate. but as its digital product so, we check case by case for refunds. you can generate refund request at codecanyon.

I will make a Contract, with Adresse, names, adress and other facts. A solid text with entries. Is that possible.

Not sure what exactly you need but i think with little technical knowledge you can modify or create new templates for pdf. And this is Addon for ARForms. so, you need to have ARForms.


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Is it possible to make a condition to remove the lines when the values are empty? On this template:



Thank you


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plz dont mention your shortcode here. Also, if problem will be related only in pdf addon part then we will be able to assist you. If it will have relation with arforms too then you will need support extension of arforms too.

please contact me through message box of our codecanyon profile page with your shortcode.



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I send you a private message.

Hi, is it possible to add to the form an option to save the form as a pdf as soon as the form is completed?

If so, how do I do it.

I tried opening a support ticket, but it says that my support period is over, for the ARForms plugin, but I only care about this extension, that I bought just a day ago.

Thanks, Oleg

Hey Oleg,

we have facility that if you have addon activated with arforms. THen, in form entries beside each entry you can see button to download that entry as pdf. If thats what you are looking for.