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Looks good… It has its uses but I was thinking that it could be linked to an existing directory and see the files that were already there…

I created a directory called images and then went in to manually change the categories table and changed the path to ../upload_pic This directory already had a few files there but they were not seen…

Is there a way to have this ‘see’ files that already exist in a folder?


can you try to open search_dir.php file on browser? does give a error?

no error on the page or the console or the error.log

page itself displays

{"contents":[{"fPath":"images","fName":"images","fType":"folder","fDate":"February 23 2014 07:30:02","fMod":"images"}],"currentPath":""}

When I click on the folder I named images, both images do show up there. one gif and one jpg

there only two file? or only .jpg and .gif extension files?

If browser constantly say loading., there 2 option for this issue, too many files listing or ajax error for getting path content. but if you navigate between folders, it is not a js/ajax issue. also you can see array variables inside of search_dir, there no server-side errors.

I’ve tried, different files and nested folders. I’ve not encountered the error. Can I see your Pan setup? from sub domain or test folder etc.. Reply my mail for that.

does it has register script ?! and can u put the max size for each user ?! and does it have premium user ?! for upgrading ?!

Settings defined for global users, but its can be modified by your membership system. Setting variables calling from php file, you can load user-specific settings file. This is my idea, but could be improved.

lets say i have normal global users they will have 1 GB storage and will have 1 GB traffic / max download per day for example (and a way of changing them) do you have something like that ?!

Its required advanced user system. Current script checking only logged user status.

Hello there, I’m curious, about the upload form, is it click and wait for upload or the upload has a progress bar or something? I don’t see it on screenshots or demo.

Not included currently script, but its can be apply on upload form.

Hi I want to use this as a image-system so my co-workers can download the images they want.. is this system suitable for that? For example, can there be download buttons and log in protection?

Kind regards

yes it is can be used in cms or your own admin panel. But download buttons not available, download buttons can be easily added. This script is a module, easy integrate to many platforms.


Does this script support large file upload?


Input time, memory limit, post sizes and server max upload size handler not available on PAN’s admin section, but you can add manually these configs on custom php.ini.



I’m interested to purchase. And I’m looking for RTL support and to use website in Arabic language.

Is this possible ?

Im open to freelance projects if you want to create your own script.

OK that’s great, I need a membership system for PAN file manager, how much will cost?

Please send your project details to

I’m actually looking for private use rather than membership, but which controller are you using please?

sorry i’ve send it twice.


im interested in buying this, but is this script compatible with SSL?


I did not test it on SSL area, I can not give guarantee that it works on SSL mode with all sections.


Could you try to use it with cloudflare SSL? Please? im really interested in purchasing this.


Sorry for delayed on my reply. I can try it local open ssl module. I will inform you about that.


Hello, Is there any registration/login system ? Kind regards


Membership system is not available. PAN easily can be integrate to membership or CMS platforms.


How much cost to integrate a easy membership system, so customer can login and take image.


Do you have membership system or do you wanna make new one? Please send to me your request via contact form.


i send you a message. thanks

Does this offer multiple user roles?

Thank you so much, I can work on user system if I find some free time =)


Time is the key, I know what you’re talking about. Your style is great and if it were a multi-user system with roles and access features, it would be super even it were 2x the price.

Yes, indeed =) Pan is my second script on Envato, and Im already use it on my self back-end softwares, but I want to improve that script like shutterstock, gettyimages styled img doc management script, hopefully I’ll find some time for it =)


HI there – very nice script and functionality!!! Just a quick one – any chance that I would share a whole folder (ie: like a Dropbox setup). Im thinking of setting up something like your component to share print files on a client/specific bases.

having a share entire folder option would help me


I’ll release new update for PAN, I can try to add your request.


Hi, one question. I’ve uploaded 200 files .jpg trought FTP protocol but at the control panel the folder result empty. If i upload one by one using PAN, the system will be found the single jpg uploaded. How solve ?


You can use directory browser to link files into database.


Thanks for the answer, solved. Now the files are linked to the database, however, the preview image is an unknown file. the system can generate a thumbnail in the case of a photo jpg?

Please help- receive this error -Image too tall.

One more: how to have multiple images upload???

Great script. What about multiple images upload??