PAN PHP File Manager

PAN PHP File Manager


Back-end view:

PAN File Manager

It manages uploaded images and document files. In short, it manages the uploaded file, and allows you to do whatever you want with the file, especially if it is an image, and as many times as you want. It is the ideal class to quickly integrate file upload in your site. If the file is an image, you can resize it in many ways. You can also apply filters, watermarks, rotation etc. That’s all you need for a news, blogs, articles and any web platforms keeping files your own server. Multi-language, file size, image file width/height and 107 defined mime-type controls can use with PAN.

Don’t waste time for create new file manager for your CMS! PAN easily can be integrated to any Linux servers!

Allowed File Types

You can control file types before upload. There 107 mime-types defined to PAN!


Uploaded Image Settings

You can set uploaded image size, width, thumbnail size and watermark image.


Image Resizing

You can easily resize of your images. There 4 option available; Fixed Resizing, Resizing by Width, Resizing by Height and Percent Resizing.


Image Manipulation

You can edit your images while uploading. Image rotating, Pixelate, Negative and Greyscale filters.


File Explorer

PAN currently work as database controlled. But you can link manually uploaded files via file explorer.


File Linkage

You can choose uploaded file links for use. One-click copy function available for each files. Also you can use direct link, HTMl or BBCode links.



  • Defined 107 mime-types
  • Multi-language (only english included)
  • Direct, HTML or BBCode Link Generator
  • Automatic File Name Generator
  • Setting Panel for Admin
  • File Size Control
  • Folder Categorization
  • Folder / File Statistics
  • Overwrite / Auto Rename Control
  • Automatically Create Thumbnail Image
  • Custom Watermark & Position
  • Greyscale, Negative, Rotation, Pixalate Filters
  • Resize by Fixed, Percent, X/Y Ratio
  • Maximum Width/Height Control

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