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Pre-Sale questions:

1. Is it possible to replace my current menu with your plugin?

2. Is it possible to make the menu icon bigger and write “Menu” next to the icon?

3. Is it possible to customize every single menu text element? e.g. that the first menu element is red, the second blue and so on.

Hi There, Good questions and I hope those answers will helps to you:

1. Excatly it’s adding overlay menu icon to your current menu. If you make custom empty menu only the icon will be visible in the menu. (If you add extra menu items they will be visible) Shortly answers yes!

2. Currently there is no option for the icon size and suffix / prefix in the plugin but it’s possible in the css. But we can add with this option with next version.

3. Plugin allows to you Overlay popup contains; Background Color, Text Color,Link Color,Link Hover Color, Font Size,Font Weight but you can add a class fist menu item and make it red or whatever you want in css.

4. Also you are not limited to use only menu items in the overlay menu popup contains; you can use whatever you want. So it’ll automatically created a widget when activated the plugin and you will allowed to use anything even shortcodes.

Best Regards Team

those answers helped you?

Plugin updated with your suggestions just FYI


Hi there,
pre purchaser here
I would also like to vote for this option (as @findolfin) – make the menu icon bigger and write “Menu” next to the icon.
1. Increase / Decrease Size
2. I don’t want icon > instead I would like to make a huge button.
3. Does it support accordion menu or something to help me hide content?

In my case I want to use your plugin to display my 400 categories through a button in widget section. Now as you can imagine, it’s ridiculously long menu. This is why I want to hide stuff.

P.S. What I really like is that I can click on any place on the screen and it will disappear. That is very handy. Some developers put a tiny “cross” icon and that’s it. Good and user friendly feature! :) Thanks!

hey there, thanks for your interested.

1. Yep we’ll add more options for the menu icon such as suffix/prefix items and icons sizes etc…

2. We’ll add this option too (thanks for the idea) currently ts using ionicons font library.

3. Yep it’s supported any html, js, css, shortcodes or everything. So you can use anything in the overlay menu popup screen. Just copy and paste your codes into the widget area.

4. Yeap maybe we can add this suggestion as an option too for the next update.

By the way we’ll add thos of ideas in to the plugin as soon as possible.

Thanks for your interested Best Regards Team

Plugin updated with your suggestions just FYI


Hi – I can’t seem to get this plugin working correctly. Can you please provide the widget data you used in your demo so that I can copy it? Thanks

Can you share your website or sample for this? Simply you can use any custom menu and others in the “Overlay menu Widget” Also here is the sample widget content And also you can use any shortcodes in this widget.

Activate plugin and simply use anything in the Overlay Menu Widget that’s it

Hi. I just asked a question about your other plugin. Thanks for the reply :)

For this plugin, I need some clarity.

Hamburger icon is flexibly placed but how? By shortcode? I see you have a hamburger icon in the sidebar widget. How? See screenshot…

Hey thanks for your purchases! Your suggestions are very important for us! and we’ll be think about on this. Ans if that possible we’ll add your suggestion into this plugin. Sounds good? :)

Yes. Sounds great :) Ok, let me know if it suits. Appreciate it.

Plugin updated with your suggestions just FYI



fluent Purchased

Hello, excellent plugin.. just wondering if the next release is due soon? as the MENU title and icon sizing is holding back purchase.. unless these is a simple css tweak available for these.? many thanks..

Please let us know if you need any help. We are ready to help you anytime.


fluent Purchased

Sorry where can I find the above code to change the original, is it a plugin file or a theme file or WP? Thanks

Hey there, you need to edit functions.php in the theme folder. Open it and find this :

it should be like after your changes:

$avia_config['nav_menus'] = array(    

                                        'avia2' => array(
                                                    'html' => __('Secondary Menu <br /><small>(Will be displayed if you selected a header layout that supports a submenu <a target="_blank" href="'.admin_url('?page=avia#goto_header').'">here</a>)</small>', 'avia_framework'),
                                                    'plain'=> __('Secondary Menu - will be displayed if you selected a header layout that supports a submenu', 'avia_framework')),
                                        'avia3' => array(
                                                    'html' => __('Footer Menu <br /><small>(no dropdowns)</small>', 'avia_framework'),
                                                    'plain'=> __('Footer Menu (no dropdowns)', 'avia_framework')),
                                        'avia' => array('html' => __('Main Menu', 'avia_framework')),

So you need to move Main Menu to at the end.

Hi, Presale question can I achieve this menu with your plugin?


Yes. thanks. I’ll get the plugin when I start the project.

Okay, when you need us we’re ready every time!


muratay Purchased


I would like to use “Search” widget on the overlay menu. I put it on my overlay menu. When I clicked on overlay menu icon, search widget appears correctly but when I clicked in it to write something inside, overlay menu disappears. How can I use the search widget?

Second qouestion: Is it possible to have two different overlay menu icons and menus like one for menu and other for search? It is OK for me these two icons and menus have the same settings (except icons).


Plugin updated with overlay close button and improvements as your needs.


muratay Purchased

Thank you for quick responses and immediate plugin update.

I have checked it up and yes, it works with search widget. There is a small button to close the overlay, now. However, I liked the way the overlay close after clicking anywhere without having to point and click on a small button.

I have read your comment about second button configuration but I could not understand how and where to set second overlay menu content.

You’re welcome for the quick solution.Yes this way the better usage for the the plugin and front-end users.

Sorry for misunderstood for the second overlay menu response. You can trigger one overlay menu with unlimited buttons at this time.

But maybe you can do a little bit modification for the second overlay popup screen in the plugin’s php, jQuery, parts.

By the way maybe we can add more overlay popup screens for the future into the plugin.

Regards Team

Hi is there a way to remove the menu icon in the custom menu widget?

So the icon is fine in the main Nav but I need it removed from the custom menu widget so it’s not showing up on the pop up.

Hi, do you have a sample site or screen shot regarding with your issue? Custom menu widget not have icon as default.

Also is there a way to resize the close icon on the overlay?

You can do it by css right now. overlay-menu\assets\css\frontend.css

Also we’ll add an icon option in the plugin with next version.

Hi, great plugin. I’ve purchased and just wondered if there’s a way of using an image as the icon instead of just being able to use icons here

Hey @fakierock thanks for the purchased our plugin! Currently there is no image icon option in the plugin but it’s good idea we’ll add it into the plugin asap with next version.

please see message on your item support

Thanks for your purchases! your issue replied on our support forums.

Just we’ve made small changes as you needs and plugin will be updated on codecanyon within a couple days later. But you don’t need to update anything right now. Just check your site and see the result.

Thanks for your purchases! Regards Team


PrinzL4 Purchased

This item was my choice because of its flexibility for inserting everything. After installing I see two close icons on the overlay…? But there is no configuration section for the close icon – but for the menu icon only.

Thanks for the inform this to us. fixes on the way. Please keep on eye updates. Plugin v1.0.5 will be updated on


If you don’t want to wait until update approved please let us know your email address. We’ll be sent it to your inbox immediately.

Thanks Team Kevin J.

Plugin updated with some small fixes.