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How does the ‘check in’ function work? Does it add a status of ‘checked in’ to the WooCommerce order?

I cant register at the support forum and I dont get any mail reply. So jow can I add the barcode to the invoice or packing slip pdf?

I just need the output code of the barcode

You must be using another plugin for invoice or packing slip?? Will require customization to work with it..

I already habe a invoice/packing slip plugin. where I can insert code in special section at the layout. So I just need the code that output the barcode like it is used in the mails. I guess this shall work

In the file: plugindistrict-orderbarcodes.php you will find a function called pd_add_order_barcode(). That contains the code you would need – hope that helps.

Hello wanted to know you have thought to get some new update your module, For future versions of wordpress new versions. And their compatibility

Example I do not know if it is 100% compatibility with woocommerce and wordpress latest versions. At the moment it works fine but I have this great doubt on the part of you Mr. plugindistrict.

It works with the latest WordPress and woocommerce :). There’s been no need to update because it just works great. Thanks!

Hi. I have a question. Does plugin create unique QR code for each transaction? Regards

I don’t understand ” Use code party10 for a discount”... ;-)

When buying, use the code and it will give you a discount

Hi, will this generate a barcode on the invoice if I have imported my products already and already assigned a barcode to them in a custom barcode field?


Yes it will

Thanks for letting me know! One more question, do you know of an invoice plugin that works well with yours and also adds the barcode to the invoice? A plugin such as WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips?

No, it’s easy to customise, just add our shortcode to theirs

Hey there.

I just bought your Woocommerce Barcodes plugin and am trying to integrate the barcode in the print invoice plugin I am using. I read in previous comments I should be using the following: function pd_add_order_barcode($order) { $barcodetype = (get_option('plugindistrict_orderbarcodes_barcodetype') == '' ? 'c128b' : get_option('plugindistrict_orderbarcodes_barcodetype')); if ($barcodetype == "qr") { $checkinpath = plugins_url( 'qrlookup.php', __FILE__ ); ?> <div class="pd_order_barcode_div" style="text-align:center;margin-bottom:5px;"><img class="pd_order_barcode" src="<?php echo 'qr/9'.substr('000000000'.$order->id,-9); ?>.png?IsTextDrawn=1&value=<?php echo $checkinpath . '?orderid='.$order->id; ?>" /></div> <?php } else { ?> <div class="pd_order_barcode_div" style="text-align:center;margin-bottom:5px;"><img class="pd_order_barcode" src="<?php echo $barcodetype.'/9'.substr('000000000'.$order->id,-9); ?>.png?IsTextDrawn=1&value=<?php echo '9'.substr('000000000'.$order->id,-9);?>" /></div> <?php } }

But am having trouble getting it to work in the template.

I would appreciate your advice and or guidance.


Figured it out, thanks any way.

Glad to hear, thanks!

HI, My site was use zh_TW Language, I use QR Lookup, the page encoding error, How can i fix it?

I’ve already purchased and installed this successfully. We’d like to use it as a ticketing system. We want to buy scanners for our desktops and check in attendees that way. Is that possible?

Try opening Notepad and then scan a QR code. Check the value that gets put into notepad. If nothing shows after scanning, you may have to change some settings on the scanner. Let me know…

I’m using the page that I put in the [easyscanform] shortcode. You can see that it inputs the correct url for the order. But, it doesn’t take you to the order. It just gives an error that says “order number 0 not found” or something like that.

Your shortcode is not working. It works if you scan the code into an empty URL field. But it doesn’t work with the shortcode. Is there a way to contact you directly?

Hi there,

I just bought your plugin, but I need the QR-code to be shown on my packing slips. Where do I find the custom-field info, or is there a different way to fix this?


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1. How can we hiding order information or prices from specific user role when order barcode is scanned?

2. How can only allowing a ‘check in’ option, not ‘’completed option’ for the specific user role?

Let say the user role is supplier.

3. How this code appears on the email order too It is a embedded link to that order?

Thank you


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Can we contact you for some customer development? Looking to have ability to partially check in each product on the order, rather than the whole order itself


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hi! i have a few quastions. 1. your plugin is can use at “wordpress and woocommerce” latest version? 2. If the orderer present the qr code to admin, can an administrator make sure the payment was made using the scanner? i need this plugin: )

1) Yes, works with latest 2) When scanned it can show the order status which you should be able to tell if paid by that

Thank youi buy now!


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Hi – Question for you. Related to the Check-in, Mark Completed options after scanning the QR code. I would be using this for my contractors completing small jobs. But I have several custom status’ created to support what we do. Is there a way to allow them other status options to set other than ‘Completed’? Thanks, Steve