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hi, before i buy your Barcodes for WooCommerce plugin i have one q

i don’t understand how urder is complete with scaning qr code

our example is = customer buy 2 coffee on our web shop and receive mail with success order and qr code, then he goes to coffee bar and show qr code on his mobilephone and then coffee bar owner scan qp code do coffee bar owner need to be login on our web shop to complete order with scaning qr code or this is done automatic without login when owner scan qr code with some mobile app please send me an answer on Thank you, By Ivan

The bartender will only have to login one time, and then they can scan without logging in until they manually sign out of the device

Thank you for answer Ok he will log in one time, then is he redirected to webpage automatic or he need to copy qr code and manualy paste it in website to check

You will use a qr code app on the phone. When code is scanned then they are auto checked in. You can see this in the video I posted on the item page


hloft Purchased

Hi, I have purchased and installed the plugin and it is working as expected which is great!

I was wondering how I can change the user level to a custom user role instead of the ‘shop manager/ admin’ required to view the order confirmation? Any help on this would be much appreciated.



hloft Purchased

Hi, I notice you are responding to comments newer than mine if they are offering you custom work. Can you do this as custom if it will get it done?

Sorry for overlooking your comment. Yes, that would require customization. Please shoot me a PM and we can chat…


hloft Purchased

Will do this evening, thanks.

I would like to thank you for you developing such a great plugin, however i have a small suggestion that would make this plugin slightly more useful. It would be great if the barcode/qrcode would be added to pdf invoices that are sent out with the orders. We currently use PDF invoices heavily but the barcodes do not appear on those invoices.

Hi Dikesh – I can do this customization for you for a small fee. Please send a PM with details of the PDF plugin you are using and I’ll give you a quote. Thanks!


nekko_ Purchased

Hi, i bought this plugin and its great! but i need some custom small tweaks. Can you help me with that? do you do this kind of job?

Yes, please PM me more details

Hello I want to use this plugin for a ticket sales system. I want to know that when our customers buy a ticket and print it with a barcode and show to us, how can we scan it and sure that they bought it.I mean that we want to be sure that is it a real barcode that they bought from us or not. What happen after scanning the barcode ? Is it showing us something about the person that bought the ticket or just a simple beep?

Thank you

You should check into for ticket sales

Hello. What is the diffrence between Barcodes for WooCommerce and your wootickets?

Barcodes for woocommerce is meant for scanning an order and updating the entire order status, where wooticket you create individual tickets which can be emailed as PDF to the buyer. They bring the ticket with them to the event and you can scan them in at the door

Is it possible to add support for PDF417 barcode?