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bx1 Purchased

Hello, how are you? Excellent Work your plugin.

I need to create a role only to do the scan, that role should only have credentials to do the scan.

I tried several plugins but I could not. I need your help to guide me on how to create a role to perform only the scan.

Thanks in advance.


powert Purchased

The website does not seem to support https. My website is full SSL, so that’s a problem for me. Any idea on how to fix this?

the solution is simple that you pass it will be great for your clients. especially those that have SSL in full web. Privacy.


How the barcode display on the checkout ?

Because we want also to display in on our PDF invoices/Packing lists and dropshipper packing list.

Thank you.


I just bought your plugin thinking it was a life saver but now I’m stuck as it doesn’t work on my website. I used firebug and i’m getting an error here:

That is it’s able to get the QR code from that website. It appears to be blocked as it’s not https. Please assist.

Thanks a mil for writing this plugin!


This is my second message, I cannot get your plugin to work with my site which runs on https. Please assist.


Hi, I istallated pluing but where is the built in easy scan form? I can not find it.

please help me

On any page, you can use the shortcode [easyscanform]

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing your plugin but according to CodeCanyon it hasn’t been updated since 2014…Over four years ago. Is it compatible with WooCommerce 3?

Hi – Yes, it still works and supports the latest version of woocommerce.

Hi, i istallated a plug but when i scan barcode with TaoTronics® USB Barcode Scanner a code no is reported in orderbarcode form, why?

Great plugin, but I have 2 questions: 1) I use Woo-commerce Booster to change Woocommerce random order number with sequential nice looking order numbers. But when you scan the barcode, the original random order number shows. 2) After scanning the barcode on the phone you see only order details, but no customer details. Can you show who placed the order also ? Without this 2 features, it is hard to determine what order is this.

Hi, I have a problem. the barcode reader reads and writes all barcode but it does not read plugin’s barcode. why? I’m using the reader recommended by you Thanks


The barcode on our account page are gone

Is there any issue today? because yesterday is working well.

Thank you!

Are you still having issues with this? Thanks

All good now. Thanks

Hi, I send you an email yesterday…can you reply? thanks

it’s urgent and if your plugin meets my needs I’ll buy it right away. thanks

Hi, for my use case, I having shipping containers with permanent bar codes printed on them. Will this plugin help track the shipping containers when it is shipped and when it is delivered. My bar codes never change, but their routes will change, as well as pick up and drop off schedules. Will your plugin allow this.

Hello there, I have a quick question, does this plugin support WC Vendors? Where individual vendors can scan and complete each order?

I’m sure it would work with some customization


chaboun Purchased

When I scan using QR it says login. Do not really know what should I put! Please help

Use the login that you use to login to WordPress admin panel

How Do I set up the Easy Scan Form?

I have everything set up but how do I set up the Easy Scan Form As a Page on my website! This is a great plugin


I want my customers to be able to look up their order without being logged into wordpress, so that if they have the barcode they can in a sense register their product is that not available?

when I go to the Look Up Section as a customer it says: “Access denied for order 1780. Make sure you are logged in and double check the barcode entered.” The main reason I got this was for our customers to register the product with the code/QR scanner so can you please help me here. Thank you! Or is there a way I can pay you to add to this plugin

Yes, we can customize for you. Please send me a PM on my profile page

Hello, I love your product. I am wondering if there is a way to add our own barcodes to the system. The reason for this is we have products that will not be paid for prior to the customer receiving it. They may receive a product from their doctor without paying, go to our website, register the product with the barcode, and pay at the same time. We are wanting to be able to add our own barcodes that will validate at checkout when they enter it into a custom field.

Yes, we can customize for you. Please send me a PM on my profile page

Hello, Does your Order Barcodes for WooCommerce plug-in have the ability for admin to print the barcodes for each order? I need to put the barcode stickers on the product, box, invoice, etc.