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I made a totem of self-service to the client. I would use the scanner only to query products on woocommerce with scanner. Would?

Hey, the plugin works great on the emails and the customer page order screen, but nothing is showing in the order details page in the backend.


Jac33au Purchased

Is there a way to drop the leading 9 & zeros from the barcode? I have a picking system which needs the barcode to match the order exactly ie 8406 not 90008406

Also, does this add the barcode on the order notification that is sent to the admin(basically the same as the customer one, just for admin)? I need that too.

Replied to your email – thanks!

Hi, I am getting the Order was not found error.

Do you have items on the order?

Yes please provide your mail id so i give you a detail and when i install first time it works but right now not works.

Send me PM via profile page

Hi, I’m using your plugin well. But i have problem. If someone other than the order owner logs in after scanning the barcode, the error message should be output, but “500 error” output in wp4.8 version and wc 4.3.1 version. Can you check and fix it?


wwesoly Purchased

Hello Dan,

I bought your plugin and testing and I have a first confusion. Now a barcodes are insterted for every e-mail messege to the client, even cancelled order. I would like to disable inserting a barcode in the emails at all and insert a barcode to the pdf with WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips. Could you please share me in what way can I disable inserting barcode in e-mails and in what way can I insert a function or a shortcode for Packing slips template. Thanks

I need to print barcodes like Vend. Barcode, product name and price. On a zebra label printer. 20×30mm labels. If this information on barcode possible. Watch youtube video but doesn;t look like it can.


I sell e-tickets. The society give me codes in excel file. Is it possible to enter these codes in your plugin ?

Or, the code are generated automaticly only ?

Thank you

That’s possible with a small modification that I can help with, via our ticketing plugin. Please visit


LLGURU Purchased

Hi Dan

We purchased the Woocommerce Order Barcode generator plugin on WPSpring (order number 126556) but there is no way to contact you on their site so contacting via our envato account. should have in fact bought here as the price is the same, guess the developer didn’t know!

The domain it is installed on is

We are having issues generating a GS1-128 barcode, the code value is being generated but it is only displaying an image placeholder as the image of th4e actual scannable barcode is missing / not being generated from the code..

Any ideas please?


LLGURU Purchased

Hmm..Sorry for you that there seems to be a lot of other sites selling your plugin if you only sell here, very frustrating as as user to find that this is the case and not be able to get support. I will repurchase here and then contact you again. It is strange though that you don’t appear to be enforcing your IP rights against the following: -

To name just 3 on a 5 mins search via google.


LLGURU Purchased

Hi Dan,

OK we have repurchased on envato under order number 64185509.

Can you please now help?



LLGURU Purchased

Di Dan,

The barcode is now working for QR codes and 128 codes, thank you. Not sure what the issue was but all good now. FYI WP-Spring have also stated that under GPU licensing they are free to redistribute your plugin. Hmmm.

On a separate note, we purchased the order barcode to allow us to print a unique barcode to each order, but ideally we want to add a suffix for each vendor that has products within the shopping cart (our site is a third party marketplace, so we can have multiple vendors in a single customer order). So, if 4 vendors in a cart we want to add (as an example) -1 -2 -3 -4 at end of each barcode (could equally be a b c d).

Reason for this is we work with third party shippers that need to lookup the customer order info and consolidate the orders coming from each vendor into a single customer order for onward shipment to the customer. The shipper needs to scan each package to establish who it has come from, who it is going to and what other vendors orders need to be added to complete the order. We will build the database to handle this information lookup etc, but need to create the barcode in the first place….

Any idea if this can be done / has already been done please?

Hi, I just bought the Order Barcode plugin for Woocommerce and I got this messages in the thank you page and not show the barcode:

Depuración en WordPress para más información / on line 4139 c128c/9000000363.png?IsTextDrawn=1&value=9000000363” />

Its working well in the confirmation email.

Thank you

Hi Had a Question before Purchase. All Our Products we have tracking numbers, which we need to convert into a Code 39 barcode. Would This Plugin be able to do this for me? Thanks.

No, this creates barcode based on order id

i See, so if I need to enter a Tracking Code used from another plugin manually before I generate the barcode. I cant achieve that?

You can with some customization. Please PM me with more details for a quote.

Hi the plugin is not working anymore. Please refund my purchase. Purchase code: 44f08548-acdc-4229-93f1-9522465071dd

Plugin works just fine and is fully supported. What issue are you having? Please PM me with details and I will help…

My pre sales question is:
What included the orders QR code?
The orders QR code included the details of order as well?
Where can i read to try a demo orders QR code?

Thanks, Attila

The QR code contains a secured link to the website it was generated from, and once scanned it will direct it to there where the order can be shown and/or checked in. Any QR code reader should work. You can go to the demo on the main page and there’s an example there.

Thanks! Dan

Hy I’ve noticed that the page of your plug in that is shown by the QRcode (qrlookup.php?orderid=) has some problem with italian translation. Could you gently help me? Do you need temporary wp-admin credentials? The site is not pubblic in this moment. thanks Mattia

any news? thanks Mattia

Hi there! Thank for the awesome plugin, it works perfectly. There is only one thing I would like to change and I hope you can help me out.

I’m developing a directory portal with elements of coupon sales and marketplace. I’m using the plugin WooCommerce Product Vendors to allow my partners have products assigned to them. I.e. massage parlor has a listing and they would like to sell a product ‘50% discount for foot massage’. The product is listed for a public, visitors purchase it and get a receipt with QR code. Ideally, it should be like when the buyer pops up in the shop I need the guys from this massage shop to login to their account and mark the order as completed by scanning it. And then I send them their commission.

the PROBLEM is that the plugin WooCommerce Product Vendors creates custom user roles in WP, such as ‘Pending Vendor’, ‘Vendor Manager’, ‘Vendor Admin’ and it seems like your plugin doesn’t support or can’t recognize them. I’ve tried many times with roles ‘Customer’ and ‘Admin’, both work perfectly. But when I try to scan a QR logged in as a ‘Vendor Manager’ I get the mistake something like ‘Order #xxxxx is not found’.

Please give me a hint how can I teach your guy to work with the role ‘vendors’ smoothly?

Big thanks in advance.


I am interested in your plugin, but I have a question. Someone before me had the same question but you did not post your reply.

I will be using the WooCommerce Order Status Manager plugin which allows me to have custom WooCommerce statuses. Will your plugin allow me to generate an order (in reality it will be a work order with multiple phases), print a barcode for that order then allow each department that handles a phase to scan the barcode and change the status until it reaches the final phase where it can be marked complete?


cre8a Purchased

hy plugindistrict Where can I find the entry which I have already scanned?

Scanning pulls up the details and you can mark the order completed. Not sure I understand your question…


I’m using WP 4.8.2 and WC 3.1.2.

Is it possible to add the barcode to packingslips?

I’m using WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips.


Hi Dan,

Great plugin. So I have a quick question, tried searching for it in the existing comments but didn’t see it.

What snippet of code needs to be used to so “QR Auto Check-In” can happen without a user being logged into the site? I’d like to have an option to skip log in all together.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks, Brian