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can I implement, multiple user and password?

Hello and thank you for getting in touch, If we will receive more similar requests we will consider them for one of the next releases. Thank you so much!

Hi, is it possible to add a “Save All Changes” button instead of the row by row save buttons?

Hello and thank you for getting in touch, If we will receive more similar requests we will consider them for one of the next releases. Thank you so much!

Is it possible for the text file output to be pipe delimited? Such as: id|name|qty|color|size

Dit you mean the TXT Export?

Yes, the TXT export.

If you buy the extendet licence i will implemet it for you ;) Cheers

I just purchased CSV CRUD and I am already very frustrated with it.

[1] It says that my CSV file is “too BIG” to edit. WTF? My file is only 8kb with only 149 lines.

[2] The script is forcing me to use an “enclosure character” around each field. If I leave the enclosure character blank in the config.php file then it throws all kinds of PHP errors.

[3] When you search for a keyword, in your CSV file, it does not allow you to edit any of items included in the search results.

[4] When “Single-Edit-Mode” is enabled, you cannot sort the columns.

I have been working with this script for about 2-3 hours and it’s simply one frustration after another.

Please help me fix these issues (especially #1 and 2). Otherwise, I’d like to have a refund. Thank you.

Hello and thank you for buying our script. We ensure you that the product is fully functional and we will be very happy to help you if you will be so kind to use the codecanyon PM system to ask for support. It is available from our profile page. Thank you so much! We’re waiting for your email. Cheers!

Email sent. Looking forward to getting this fixed. Thanks for your help.

Hello, i have received your email and replied to it.


I have setup the login was working fine, however NO data show even with your include csv files like demo.csv (2 Lines), example.csv (34 Lines)... it’s only show the word: Action. Can you please tell me what i’m missing???

Thank you.

Fixed your Problem, sorry for the Delay – don’t ask – it was a silly Problem with you PHP Version an a Codepart of mine that was a little bit dirty – Now it will work, i hope!!!

Thank you it’s working now :)

Your Welcome

Any plan for an update soon?

Dear sammy787, you are looking for an update? What do you miss? Cheers

Hi, when “Single-Edit-Mode” is enabled, you cannot sort the columns, is there any configuration we can do to make it working?

The only way is to set $deleteDirect = TRUE; in the config.php file!

A few Questions:

1) Does this work with php7?

2) Can I create a user that can only edit a specific table or would this require customization?

Thanks for getting in touch:

1. Should work fine (if not i will help till it works!)

2. You can setup the script that only a special CSV can be edited!


Hello! this looks great, I have a pre-sales question. I need to give a front end to my wordpress registered users so they can upload a xls or cvs file into a table in my mysql db. Will I be able to give that capability to my users with this system? thanks!

Thanks for getting in touch, but sorry no, my CSV Editor dont work wit mySQL. Also you must login to upload a file and so every logged-in upload have admin-rights and can edit all CSV files. Cheers

Hi, I need a phone book to put on the site … everyone can see but only administrator can delete .. is it possible?


You can change the character of the frame

the look of the table is hardcodet in the script – there is no template, so it is not so easy to change the look – the only way is a custom programming – Cheers

Hello, Can this add rows to the CSV as well? So far it looks like it can only edit current fields. Thanks!

Thanks for getting in touch, sure you can add new rows (it’s only off in demo mode) – Cheers

Thank you!

Your are welcome :-D


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Hello,   but is the csv file possible to upload? and how does the software name the columns? From the first line?

Thank you

will take a look tomorrow, OK?


War10k Purchased

Ok thank you !

Please send me an eMail at: internmail (at) google mail ;-)