Discussion on Obit WebView Android App

Discussion on Obit WebView Android App

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Hi, background playing audio is stop playing after few seconds Hi, is it support background playing for audio player or files, please check the screenshot

Hello Mkkhan, Please create a support ticket with more details, it helps us to give you solution. at or just send us email at We will check and give you support.

Hello AlidIshad, This error might arise when you tried to change the package name of app. Let us resolve the error for you, please create a support ticket at

or you can directly reach us at thanks

Hello. Is there a way to translate the app to Turkish language? My app is for Turkey. Thus, I need it in Turkish.

yup. It is easy to translate the app into any language. All the text coming from string file follows the standard Android structure.

If you need we will translate the app text for you.

Hello. I am interested in this app. Please, give me a link to see the documentation. I am currently traveling and need to get Android app for my client. We have a website already. I know only WordPress and have no knowledge of any programming languages.

Can I see how the app will look before buying the app?

currently, we did not updated the document online. you can see the android app by downloading the app from Google play store.

App can be control from the Admin panel hosted on your server. Push message can be send from admin panel using Google FCM or OneSIsgnal services. And many options are available.

You can check the admin panel of app here.

just go through and let us know your reviews.

does the purchase of this application include an admin panel application that can be installed on my server?

Yes, the admin panel files is also included in the package. It can install on the server easily.

I need to disable this in the code help please, Java code Method for onReceivedError Begins from here

How do I deactivate this part?

Hello Frualapps, Just comment the “onReceivedError” method, it will stop receiving error. ShimmerFrameLayout is part of Shimmer Facebook library.

If you are looking for help. Please create a ticket our team will help on support ticket. This is not the place to write the android code. :)

and that support android 12 below or android 13 if possible?

we will update the app to support android 13 in this month.

We checked the app, And it is compatible with Android 13 version.


Presale question:

1. Do we have JS Bridge and can we send notifications using onesignal ad JS bridge? We want to use JS or PHP code to send notifications is this possible?

2. Image upload work when taking photo from camera?

3. Is this latest code and support Target SDK up to Android 12?


OneSignal and Firebase is already integrated in the app. Admin has send notification setting where admin cans send notification. It uses the api of OneSignal and php library of Firebase. Notification directly goes to Android app. Not the website.

2. Yup, Upload the image from device or take the photo from camera and upload it. 3. Yup, it supports the latest version Android 12.

Hello,you said it will be done by Monday but did not hear anything from you…...Please whats up.Am still waiting

Support has been given. Thanks

Hello, Thanks for your powerful app,but please i had a virus attack on my hosting account and so after fixing the issue my admin panel files were corrupted and oes not exist in hosting …...So now, i can not control my app admin panel and ads are not showing anymore…Can you help me to fix this on foreseen problem

Please when will it be done, have message you but no response yet

Support team already replied. we will help you to solve it as soon as possible.

Thanks too and be safe,will be waiting sincere as promised

Does this project of yours support Chromecast? I ask this because the chromecast button only works in the Google Chrome browser, I was never able to make it work in webview, but I have been told that there is a way to make it work in webview

Hello how are you? Your app is not based on flutter is it? Is editing and complicating the APK quite simple? Can I edit the app’s menus and links through the web admin without having to compile the app again?

Hello Anderson, App is created in Java and compiling the easy. Just follow the steps in documentation. App menus is not editable from admin till now. But we are working on this feature and updated release will have the this menu editable from admin feature available. probably release will be in next two week.

Is it possible to customise the view so the UI is stripped to a pure portal? I’m looking for something that enables the web-app to appear unimpeded to the user.

Hello gr8ly, We would happy to assist you. Please send your requirement on, our team will reply you accordingly.

Does NOT work for android 12 and android tiramisu most cell phones work with those android now

on android 11 and android 10 it works

because I already sent an email and they haven’t answered me yet, I want to know if it doesn’t work for android 12 and android tiramisu because on my cell phone s21fe with android 12 it doesn’t work

on a cell phone with android 11 it works

On ticket and email they reply you already , also you already put rating and asking for support refund and support as well as , so final what you need thank you

Our development is working to make the app compatible with android 12 and tiramisu. As android 12 devices are less in the market. App will be ready within week or less. we will update the code and you will able to use it on android 12.

Request refund on envato, documentation is not clear, thanks anyway

Please do not add fake rating , even you did not take support and just post comment , request refund delete all comments we will approve refund thank you

Hello, can you tell me where I put my URL of my website?

I already made that change the application does not open in the emulator and in the cell phone with debugging

App is now Android 12 and Android API 33 compatible.

thanks congratulations

I would like to know if the menu is removed and only the website that is needed is left?

yup. A menu can be removed easily just comment out the two-lined code. please send a email to, our support team will help you,

You handle reskin price

Color theme can be changed from the color file. Please share the requirement on this email id, our support team will contact you as soon as possible.

I couldn’t compile the app. I need a video explanation.

I’ve been supported, no help, no video explanation.

Request refund on envato, documentation is not clear, thanks anyway

we already approve your refund request thank you

contact detail

You can contact at Thank you

please want to buy seriously but my pc does not support android studio,can you help me compile my apk after purchase for free. if yes send me support email or number ,will buy with my last budget

Hey Agodaniel, Support team is replying on ticket. Now they will reply on your email id.

okay ,i visited support but your messages don’t appear anymore . Will be waiting

The support team gave a reply to your email id.


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