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Hello, I purchased the Nova Gallery for HTML5 (81c6fec7-30e5-4b0c-abe2-1f7967d6fe59 – 20 Jun 2015 ), but am thinking I should have bought the wordpress version.

I’m pulling images from Flickr, but instead of linking to a lightbox, I would like to be able to set a custom link. Would I be able to do that if I were building my galleries in Wordpress instead of Flickr?

If so, could I refund the HMTL5 Version and get the Wordpress?

Thanks, Brian

The Wordpress plugin version also allows you to pull images from Flickr. When you build a gallery from Flickr photos then there is no option to make the image thumbnails act as links.

Thanks. If I use native Wordpress galleries instead of flickr, could the thumbnails acts as links?

If you use your own uploaded files (stored in WP Media library) then you can make the thumbnails act as links. This feature of course also works in the standalone version.


Nice Gallery!

I would like to buy it but I have a question. Will the gallery automatically show new pictures I will add to Flickr (for exemple like this does: by using the feed) or do I have to add/link them each time I want to show a new picture?

Thank you for your next reply and best regards.

The gallery will automatically pull pictures from Flickr, using the source that you have mentioned.

I own this plugin, but after downloading the current zip file online, Wordpress says, it fails. What do I need to do. Thank you.

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

That is because this is the standalone version. You need to purchase the WordPress plugin version (see my portfolio page).

In “Thumbnails” mode, videos play via a modal, so their dimensions are much smaller than when played in “Full Width” mode. Is there a setting that allows me to make the videos play bigger automatically, so that they are selected via Thumbnails, but take up more screen when played? Or is this something that can only be achieved with CSS? Thank you!

The dimensions of the video in the popup is set in the gallery js file, s you need to edit that if you want to change the size. But you have the fullscreen button on the video controls, so you could always use that.

Hello, where shoul I set position of full size immage. In my webpage is too big and it’s too down. I can see only half of immage. Thank You for reply


The gallery scales the images in the lightbox for Thumbnails mode, and also in the Fullwidth mode so that it should be visible in any browser width. Give me the link to your page so that I can inspect the problem.

Hi 1. Just checking that this is a standalone script that will work on a basic html site? 2. Can I show my own hosted photos? 3.Can the description take HTML ( formatted text and links etc)? Tnx

Thanks for your interest!

The answer is “yes” to all your queries :)

hi guys, i am looking for a plugin to show the albums (and thier content) on picassa, and your’s looks perfect but i am using it for a mobile website, any idea if swipe navigation support is to be added anytime soon ?

Swipe actions do work on the gallery. Please try the live demos in your mobile device. If it is not working as you expect it to then please report it to me.

Hi, I would like to use your Nova Gallery on my website. As my galleries are sequential on one page and with a personalized order, I want to know if I could do this also with your plugin?

Thanks a lot in advance, Daniela

Thanks for your interest!

Do you mean to say that you want multiple gallery instances in a single page? If so then please note that there can only be single instance of Nova Gallery in page, but you can have as many albums as you want in a gallery (check the live demos).

Let me know if you have any more queries.

Is there a way to keep full screen mode on? When I put it in full screen mode and click the close X it closes out of full screen?

The updated version is now available for download.

One more question, is there a way to have an image come up with the audio?

No, that is not currently supported.


I just get Nova Gallery. there is no index file. how can I create it? Also, how can I add new images and categories?

Thanks for purchasing!

Please go over the provided documentation where detailed instructions are given. Also go over the source code of the provided demos to see how things work.

I just purchased this software (nice!) but would like to configure it so that when someone clicks on one of the thumbnails in the grid, it will open the fullscreen to that particular enlarged version. Can I do this? Also, is there a way to customize the forward and reverse buttons so that they overlay the large slideshow? Thanks much.

Thanks for purchasing!

The features that you are asking for can only be done if you edit the core gallery js code to suit your needs.

I would like to buy your video gallery, but will I be able to incorporate it into a Wix site? And I’m not a coder, so is it difficult? thank you

You need to have a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript in order to embed the gallery into any site. I don’t have any experience with WIx so I can’t comment on how difficult it will be to embed the gallery there.

If your site was based on WordPress then you could have used the WP plugin version of the gallery that would have automated the entire process of creating and embedding a gallery instance.

Hi. I purchased this with the intention of setting it up for a client to pull photos from their flickr account. Do they need to request an API key from Flickr in order for this to work?

Yes, a API key is mandatory to pull any type of data from the Flickr API.

Okay that might be a problem. Since Google so thoughtfully did away with Picasa and have no API for Google Photos yet I have been searching for an alternative. There’s not much out there. I need something that I can re-use for multiple clients. It is not a problem for me to pay a fee every time I need to install on a new domain but it is a problem if I need to request an API key from Flickr every time. Can I use the API key from my Flickr account but have it so my client pulls photos from their respective photostream/set. In other words one API key (mine) multiple Flickr feeds on multiple websites.

I think you can use your API key for your client sites, but it is best to refer to the Flickr API docs (or contact their Support) to be sure about this.

The gallery seems to have a bug on Microsoft Edge 13 browser. When there is a long page of thumbnails, it won’t load past a certain point and the spinner wheel stays. This is a new browser that will be adapted by more and more users in the near future. Here is the page having issues: Click on the thumbnails view to see issue. Please advise.

I see that there is a javascript error in your page stating that “swfobject is not defined”. Maybe that is causing issues. Check if your browser reports any other errors in the console.

I did find an error in my xml file that fixed the problem. Thanks for your reply.

Good to know that you got it working.

thank you for this great plugin! i added another gallery to my site, but for some reason it’s not loading the pictures. (other galleries I created a year ago on the site are working) does this have something to do with the new picasa to google pics change? can you tell me why it’s not working? here is the gallery: thank you!

This is the comments section for the standalone gallery. Please post your comment in the comments section for the WP plugin version of the gallery.


Excellent add-on you’ve created! I’m just curious if there’s a way to display videos when pulling from Flickr. I know it works when creating your own xml, but it doesn’t seem to be able to play videos that are in my ‘set’ on Flickr.


Thanks for purchasing!

Only showing pictures from Flickr is supported.

I cannot get the tour to go load if there is more then 25 images in the tour: How do I fix this? Need it to work with up to 99 images.

I need a link to your page to inspect the problem.

Hi there, excellent plugin. Quick question – is there a way to social share on individual pictures?

Thanks in advance. M.

Thanks for purchasing!

The social sharing of pictures is not supported.