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HI I LOVE LOVE LOVE this feature rich gallery.

I am having a tiny problem with ie 11 – works fine on chrome. Slide show loads the first slide and wont load the rest all the thumbnails are present and the thumbnail view looks and works wonderfully. Tried messing with the browser security settings and internet options, clearing history etc…

Here is the test link:

Thanks for purchasing! I am glad to know that you like the gallery :)

I don’t have access to IE 11 right now, so can you tell me if you see any errors reported in the browser console? Also what happens if you disable autoplay in the Fullwidth mode?

No Errors… Same problem, I see all the thumbnails but the only one slide will display.

I tried the gallery in IE11 and this seems like a weird browser bug. The gallery works fine in Edge. Unfortunately I don’t have a solution for this at the moment.

Hello, nice gallery :-) Is it possible to add subtitles to movies?

Thanks for your interest!

Adding subtitles is not supported, but if you can code then maybe you can take a shot at it ;)

I was wondering if you had had time ti look at the ie11 compatibility issue. I don’t see any fixes for it and it’s a big concern for me as ie 11 compatibility is identified on the item description.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

I don’t have any solution about the IE11 situation unfortunately, as this is a weird bug with the browser itself.

Hi, I’m trying to track down which gallery is being used by this site: for a client. The page source refers to: novabox, mynovamontage, novaimg etc. Is this it? Many thanks.

It isn’t, but looks like a great gallery anyway!

I bought the HTML version by accident instead of the Wordpress plugin version. I’m going to buy the Wordpress version right now; can you issue me a refund on the HTML version?

Please submit a refund request from your account and I will approve it.

I tried to use Flickr and Youtube both, but I am getting only Flickr Photos.

Is there any way to use Flickr photos and Youtube videos together?

It is not possible to show other items when you show Flickr photos in the gallery.

All I see is a loading icon Please Help im running it offline

Your browser needs to support local ajax requests in order for the gallery to work offline. Please see the first section of the provided documentation about this.