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HI I LOVE LOVE LOVE this feature rich gallery.

I am having a tiny problem with ie 11 – works fine on chrome. Slide show loads the first slide and wont load the rest all the thumbnails are present and the thumbnail view looks and works wonderfully. Tried messing with the browser security settings and internet options, clearing history etc…

Here is the test link:

Thanks for purchasing! I am glad to know that you like the gallery :)

I don’t have access to IE 11 right now, so can you tell me if you see any errors reported in the browser console? Also what happens if you disable autoplay in the Fullwidth mode?

No Errors… Same problem, I see all the thumbnails but the only one slide will display.

I tried the gallery in IE11 and this seems like a weird browser bug. The gallery works fine in Edge. Unfortunately I don’t have a solution for this at the moment.

Hello, nice gallery :-) Is it possible to add subtitles to movies?

Thanks for your interest!

Adding subtitles is not supported, but if you can code then maybe you can take a shot at it ;)

I was wondering if you had had time ti look at the ie11 compatibility issue. I don’t see any fixes for it and it’s a big concern for me as ie 11 compatibility is identified on the item description.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

I don’t have any solution about the IE11 situation unfortunately, as this is a weird bug with the browser itself.

Hi, I’m trying to track down which gallery is being used by this site: for a client. The page source refers to: novabox, mynovamontage, novaimg etc. Is this it? Many thanks.

It isn’t, but looks like a great gallery anyway!

I bought the HTML version by accident instead of the Wordpress plugin version. I’m going to buy the Wordpress version right now; can you issue me a refund on the HTML version?

Please submit a refund request from your account and I will approve it.

I tried to use Flickr and Youtube both, but I am getting only Flickr Photos.

Is there any way to use Flickr photos and Youtube videos together?

It is not possible to show other items when you show Flickr photos in the gallery.

All I see is a loading icon Please Help im running it offline

Your browser needs to support local ajax requests in order for the gallery to work offline. Please see the first section of the provided documentation about this.

Absolutely beautiful! :-) Do you have plans to include social sharing in this gallery?

Thanks for your interest!

I don’t have plans for including social sharing in this gallery. You can also check out my Flow Gallery item which has social sharing.

Thank you for your prompt and helpful feedback. :-)

HI, I am using your product as a video gallery, I modified the XML for HTML5 video as described in Documentation, uploaded your files to my server. I just get a spinning blue circle. This is a link Any thoughts? please let know what else I can do to assist. Thanks Roz

Thanks for purchasing!

I checked your page and saw that the browser is reporting an error with the XML syntax, something to do with the title tag. You can check the error in the browser console.

I found the issue with the XML, thanks for pointing it out to me. Roz

Hi, I’m testing on an iPhone 6 plus in landscape mode, When you select a video and press play, it goes into full screen mode using the phones media player, to leave the video, you tap the screen and press the X in the upper left hand corner…which leaves me back with your program but it’s not reset and I can’t X out of the video…because it’s not visible. Not sure what mobile device you are testing but would be curious of the results. When I tested on a iPad, I can tap the screen and select done and then X out of the video and resets the page by closing video player. If you were to look at my original gallery, when I X out of the video on my iPhone the page is reset, where I could select another video or go to another web page. Please let me know what I could do to assist. it almost like the video frame should be smaller when you X out of the video, maybe a css rule? Thanks Roz

This is my current Gallery that I am using in production…it doesn’t have same issue on a mobile iphone

I am able to close the video when I use your default html code. My other link is using bootstrap and I have a div surrounding your code to center the videos. Any thoughts? ShouldI be going through the comments page or replying to your emails?

You need to apply box-sizing: content-box to the #thumbOverlay container. As an additional css style you can also try applying max-height: 90vh to it.

Unable to integrate Picasa/Google+ Photos with album.

Is this functionality still working or is it broken now?

As with many other purchases on Envato, I made the mistake of buying first before checking the age of the item.

Considering I bought this solely for the purpose of Picasa/G+ Albums integration, I would like to know if it is still possible to do this with Nova Gallery in 2018?

Request refund if not.

Picasa will work but most probably Google+ albums won’t.

Hi, I have no clue, how to install it. Is there an easy way?

Please go through the provided documentation on how to setup the gallery in your page.

Hi, I’m trying to get things setup to pull images from Picasa. I’ve reviewed the help document, selected the various options for a full width slideshow, but it’s still not coming up correct. Do you have an example html document showing a basic working example for a full width, dark skin, picasa gallery slideshow that I could follow? (I probably have some silly little formatting error, such as the picasa ID = “1234” or ”/album/” or “album” ? ) Thanks!

Is the gallery not loading or are you having a styling issue? I will also need a link to your page where the gallery is embedded,

It’s not loading (white space where the images should be). The slideshow is actually being loaded into an online server that does digital signage; so it’s not a typical website scenario. Do you have some example code for a picasa setup that I can look at?

The provided documentation mentions all the necessary details. I don’t have any other sample code. You can write down the Picasa settings you are using in the comment.