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I bought the plugin for about 24 hours and I still can not solve the problem. you are too slow

How do I write a private message?

My answer is up to 72h (not 24h).

The form is on the right at the bottom:

Hi, I purchased your app from Envato and installed it on Wordpress. Each time I attempt to upload the turn.js I get the following message: Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons. Please advise me on what to do.



Upload the file using ftp. Then, paste the path to the file.
If you still have the problem – send me a private message.

I installed the plugin on the website, I added a pdf and the plugin created all the images needed. I placed the code and it doesn’t work.

If I used the code: [newspaper cat=’brochure’] and it shows the preview doc but if I use [newspaper cat=’Brochure’].. nothing shows?

Any ideas? – Thank you

never mind, I figured it out.

Send me a private message and give me the data for WordPress (host, user, password).The form is on the right at the bottom:

oh I’m good. I found the spot where I can change the height and weight in the settings.

Hi is it possible to swipe through posts or woocommerce products?


No, list of pages for flipbook as a custom post.

Presale question: I’m using another flipbook with PDF import wizard right now. I’ve just built a new website and I had to convert more than 10 editions of a German magazine – each one 40+ pages. I found out, that even with embedded fonts I have big problems with “ä, ö, ü”. I could solve the issue by using text as paths, but I’d be depending on the distributor. I guess, that the PDF wizard send the PDF to a server that creates jpg files. Although the conversion should work with embedded fonts it actually doesn’t. So how does the PDF render work? Would I have to expect problems with German ä, ö, ü or not? Thanks!

Cheers, Tom

Oh, and can the render method be used within a lightbox?


Send me a private message. The form is on the right at the bottom:

I installed your wp plugin Newspaper Flipbook, uploaded the pages using 76 page magazine from PDF file. but still can’t get anything to show. also I tried testing with smaller number of pages ie .. 4 with no luck

Can you help ASAP please


I sent you an answer by email.

is there a way to show all pages seperat on page by shortcode!


You can write something more? You can show flipbook using a shortcode. FlipBook has the features “show all pages”.

Pre-purchase question. Is it possible to hide the controls with this plugin? For example, If you only want the book to show and not the controls at the very top?


Yes, of course it is possible.


J’ai acheté ce plug in et j’ai les demandes suivantes:

  • Impossible de masquer les images page suivante et page précédente dans l’affichage. même en allant dans book/on-off….
  • Je souhaiterai pouvoir télécharger les images (jpeg) du book mais c’est impossible (fichiers html + un répertoire se télécharge). Uniquement possible en “list page”. Quelle modification dois-je faire pour pouvoir offrir cette possibilité.

Merci Cordialement, Daniel


Can you write in English ? Thanks.


I bought this plug in and I have the following requests:

You can not hide the images on the next page and on the previous page in the display. Even going into book / on-off …. I would like to be able to download the images (jpeg) from the book but it is impossible (html files + a directory is downloaded). Only possible in “list page”. What changes do I need to make to make this possible? Thank you Cordialement, Daniel


FlipBook has the download function (second icon from the left). You can put up to download any content, pdf or jpg files. You can do this in the tab “Files” title “Pdf file or zip”. Create a zip archive with photos and add it in the admin panel.

Hello, I have a product catalog in pdf format. Would it be possible to have specific urls for each product category in the flipbook? Thank you.


Can you give an example of such addresses? Thanks.

Hi will the plugin still work If i have a pdf on one server and the plugin installed on another?


Yes, of course it will work. But remember that the pdf file will be converted to jpg files.

Hi, is there a way to show the first page of the flipbook as a double page and not only a single page?


Sorry but this is not possible.

Dear Team,

We have successfully installed your plugin. But plugin icon is not appearing in the wordpress dashboard. so we are unable to use it and proceed further.

Looking forward for your help.

Thanking you.


Send me a private message and give me the data for WordPress (host, user, password)


When attempting to generate from source PDF under the “Add pages quickly” tab, I’m getting the following errors:

send_pdf = 200 send_pdf = SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0

Please advise. Thank you.


Send me a private message and give me the data for WordPress (host, user, password)

I have some pre-sale question,

1. its possible to use direct shortcode like [your-shortcode]http://pdfurl.com/mypdf.pdf[your-shortcode] without adding file one by one from setting.

2 its possible to embed pdf from amazon s3, not in some server?

3. is there shortcut feature in the post area to insert flipbox?


Sorry this is not possible.

Hi! I bought “Flipbook Newspaper WordPress Plugins”, as it says in the bill, but the plug-in is downloaded: “Downloads – FlipBook Responsive WordPress Plugin v2.1.1”. How do I get my plug-ins purchased? Thank you


Please contact envato support.

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