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Hello, i want to create a dynamic redirect to selected page in my flipbook with ligthbox method, is this possible? Client click on button and open for example page 7 in my flipbook. It’s very important for me, i have got catalog with many products and i want to create function like this, redirect to current product in flipbook on my page product. It’s very important for me, please an answer. Cheers from Poland.


I responded to you by email.

Can I upload the PDFs to an external server?


If you are reading an online pdf file I recommend the same server.
If you convert pdf to image you can use another server with pdf file

You don’t have any demo video on youtube lately. Is it still the same admin? I tested your diamonds flipbook long time before, is it stlll 1 post per image? it’s kind of handy. Did you turn it into a gallery like management? Also, for the direct PDF to flipbook, can we use some plugin like Download Monitor with your plugin, if we want to insure the pdf are not accessible to public and search engines?


So this is the same admin as Diamond FlipBook (post as page). But you can add multiple pages with one mouse click.

As for the “Download Monitor” plugin.Do you mean the second icon from the left? (download pdf) ?? This is a normal file link, so it should work with the “Download Monitor” plugin.

How do I insert the newspaper flipbook into the bookshelf ? I don’t see any function to add it simply. There is no explainations in your documentation. Tried your shortcodes in html format, not working.

Why isn’t it a new dropdown to add your flipbooks in the bookshelf? I bought both plugin with the idea it would be simple.

I’m in hurry to deliver. I hope you answer support asap.


In the “Newspaper FlipBook” in the documentation is described how to do Lightbox.
In Bookshelf you just call the lightbox function.See screenshot:


My site was working fine with the same plugin for last 1 year. But now its showing a error “error load book” on the flipbook page. Could you please please let me know what is the reason behind this error. Here is the link of my page http://arcati.net/online-catalogue/


Hi, Noticed that by deactivating jetpack pugin flipbook working fine. So why its not working with jetpack plugin? Any solution for the same? Thanks


Send me a private message


I uploaded a multiple pages PDF containing hyperlinks, set up as “Live reading PDF”. The book shows up correctly, but the hyperlinks do not work.

Is it possible to maintain PDF hyperlinks? Or is it possible to manually add hyperlinks to an existing book?

Thanks in advance!


There is no such function now. I will add it to the next update.


estint Purchased

Hello, I bought it but the plugin does not work.

Please help me.

demo: http://www.estetikinternational.com.tr/test/

Send me a private message and give the data to the wordpress (host, user, password). The form is at the bottom right:

Can it be a little easier when the page is opened? can not open medium


What do you mean ?

Hello :) is possible to disable download?

Thank you ❤