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Can it be a little easier when the page is opened? can not open medium


What do you mean ?

Hello :) is possible to disable download?

Thank you ❤


We just purchased the Flipbook for Wordpress (Newspaper) and we have installed it. We like the look of the flipbook, but we have a few questions for you…

1) The time it takes to be displayed. We have it set to view live PDF files. Doing this though we notice that it takes 10-15 seconds after the full page has loaded before the spinner (loading) GIF comes up and then a few seconds more for the book to be displayed. I am pretty sure by this point that most people would have moved on without even realizing that they are missing something. So question is, is there anyway to bring up the thumbnail and spinner faster so that people can see that we have something on the page?

We prefer using the PDF vs converting to JPGs as some of the items we want displayed are up to 167 pages. The particular one we are using at this point is 18 pages.

We did try other flipbooks before purchasing yours as we preferred your demo and the way it looked. With those other ones though the book was displayed very quickly…so it doesn’t seem to be an issue with our server.

If you need any other info, please let me know.

Graham Norton


Send me a private message and provide a link to your site.

i don’t see pdf view just background showing


Send me a private message and give me data for WordPress (host, user, password)


Can I have the trial for this plugin before buying?

any assistance would be appreciated.



Sorry…I do not have a trial version.

hello there, I bought this plugin last week and having problems when using Chrome for Mac. The page is not turning when clicking over the page corners

uncompressed, actually I’m opening the demos added in the folder “turn.js-master” and they are presenting the same issue, the demos are: bible, magazine and magazine_single


Demo in “turn.js-master” uses compressed turn.min.js therefore it does not work under Chrome. Send me a private message and give me data for WordPress (host, user, password). I will improve it for you.

Great, I just send you a message