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I do not know phone gap, is this project can be modified in Android Studio, i have started learning that, now to change again to another platform will be difficult, pho admin server side i can do work. If we buy the script will you do changes free of cost to work.

We await your news

Hi, with this product you don’t need any knowledge about phonegap because everything is done and all the rest when you want modify something is HTML, Java Script, PHP and MySQL. For any edit work you can use any HTMl editor like Eclipse from Android Studio or Dreamweaver or basic Notepad. We have free support but any extra modification are always paid only. If you only want change design you don’t have to modify code.

On phonegap build page you only upload your zip project file to generate apk file :)

hi, requested you to check your mail and please replay

Hi yes we know but we don’t work on Sundays and we live in a different time zone. Mail was send to you :)


iiooss Purchased

Hello How do we replace the front page tiles of fashion design with our own pictures. I have replaced tiles and articles pictures with my own with same file name. But still showing the old tiles that of fashions

In your administration panel :) Please all support questions only on mail from PDF.


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Artices – we are not able to save any articles after preparing the same, no contents are saved. Is there any file permission to be given and which file or folder, why it is not saving

You have problem with database config and you have to update all inster SQL queries in code because your server don’t support default settings :) Contact with us by mail from PDF.


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i got your email giving two options to make changes to file, the script is too big and fonts are so small i can not read that, can you please make corrections as suggested and send me the two files for me to upload and try. Iam 63 years, pls consider

Hi we send you 3 answers about it :) one in Monday 3.04.2017 on cop* * * * oss.com and today 2 on tba * * * * ean.com :) Just check mail becuase you write to us from two different mails.


iiooss Purchased

we received alert that some changes made to software, no explanation what changes made to the latest one. also how do we upgrade, do we follow same as new install, can you kindly update how to go about it

Hi, everything you have in Update History file :) if you need more help then contact with our support by mail from PDF.

im very interest for this app, if i purchase this app , can i delete maps fitur ?

Hi :) you can add, edit, delete anything in article – we only add everything to show application capabilities :) if you will have more questions feel free to ask :)

There’s a search fitur in category article ?

No problem always feel free to contact with our support if you have any questions :)

I’ll wait search fitur update like magazine app ….

Contact us by private message or mail.

Does this app support multiple feeds?

Hi, this is not RSS, you create article in administration area & there is no limit. You can create unlimited categories and articles.

Hi there. Does this app support imports from RSS for different categories, instead of creating articles which you have already created somewhere else? Thanks

This is not RSS reader but if if know PHP then you can modify code delete MySQL queries and put RSS :)

I’d rather have the option for specific categories to use the naive content or have it linked to an RSS feed that it can parse. I’m not really looking to make code modifications, but thanks for the suggestion.

Contact us by private message or mail & send us more information what RSS data you need and maybe we create this type of solution.

hi. i got this error in phonegap: Error – The following plugin, plugin version or a dependancy of this plugin is not on npm: org.apache.cordova.inappbrowser

Hi :) contact with our support by mail from PDF. You only have to change one thing in your config.xml file.

i have already do that.

Full answer you have on your mail – you don’t have to write here each time you write to our support because we always answer on each mail :)

Reply my email sir …

Mail was send to you :) You don’t have to write here if you send us message on our support mail.

Hi, can i combine this app with jquery plugin like flipbook jquery view ? .

Hi in all phonegap app you can use jquery :) but we don’t know this plugin so it’s hard to say if everything will be mobile compatible.

can you build flipbook app for me ? like comic with phonegap? and cms admin panel;?

Contact us by private message and describe your vision – then we will be able answer if we can help.

hello, I wanna know if it’s possible to get membership area to receive news in pdf that can be read only via the application with no way to download or share to another person?

This app has membership – we think that it should fit your need:

Android don’t support in default PDF this is why better is use database. PDF can’t also have lock screen – you have to zoom to read. In professional solution nobody use PDF in app – it is always 100% database data.