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Hello we were supposed to get admob and push notification update on new year…When we will get it Its been a year since last update

AdMob solution is ready, pn not jet. There will be information when this option will be available. We also create better solution for social media – soon we publish more information about it.

Hi Just thinking aloud, I am thinking of your three versions of this app template in this sense, that I injects articles through an RSS or something, you know about AppyGeek, something like that sir

Contact us by private message or mail( you will find it on main page of this product), we send you example about you ask.This will help you with decision.

Hello We want to purchase your product but we are concerned about your customer support we see that customers have been promised updates from past a year but haven’t updated it yet Even from last few comments and months you saying push is ready and all So if it is ready then you should not wait for releasing it right Professionally you are bound to take responsibility of your products and release regular updates since you are promising from months And Admob ,push etc are not big updated we wish to purchase the product but are concerned about the customer support by you as waiting for updated for a Year is a big gap in cyber world Thank you Legit Apps

Hi :), ads are ready not push – please read carefully, we never write information that push is ready(this is a option to update). Our support is very, very good we answer on all question that we got on support conact mail. If client need something he contact us.

Last update was 5th march 2015 so its been more then a year it becomes moral responsibility for company to give updates to clients as they have invested in your product if its ready then release it,we are also keen to buy it

Hello ya right @legitapps they should care for buyers Customer centre is prompt but we are tired waiting for updates..what more we can do then writing a lot to them

@digvjysingh I have sympathy with you that you have given money but getting no updates. I also love there UI but without updated I am not thinking to go ahead and purchase iOS and Android Versions. Thanks

Thank you for all your words but describe what updates ? This app for work as is don’t need any updates :) the only updates that we add soon will be new options such as pn or ads, new share in social options but this type of update is only our good will (not something that affect the operation of applications). If you need any other help with app please contact with our support.

@digvjysingh and @legitapps Thanks you saved my Money. I was thinking to buy this app but after reading your comments I changed My mind. Sympathy for you.

Thanks Tushar

Phonegap support plugins if you need any you just install it. Client can add as many plugins he want – this is the true power of phonegap build platform that everything you setup by yourself in config.xml and phonegap build install it for you. So you don’t saved money you just don’t understand phonegap platform for example not everyone want ads or pn or flashlight or gps location or external storage or…..this is why phonegap give you a option to install it if you want when you create your installation app file and here you buy app engine and plugins you add in config.xml file.

Hello, I’m using your code, it work well. but last month, google send me an email. it said, “Please migrate your app(s) to Apache Cordova v.4.1.1 or higher as soon as possible and increment the version number of the upgraded APK”

I try to change the config.xml to phonegap 5-cli but it not working, after change to phonegap >4, the app file generate well by phonegap, but app can’t run, it said ” error connection”

Mail was send to you with how to use cli :)

Thank for your instantly help, one more question,where shoud i put this image to, and how shoud i name it, Thank agian

Splash screen 960×1600 xxhdpi Splash screen 1280×1920 xxxhdpi

Name you have in config.xml also where to put it :) – look at the link you start from res catalog.

Hello, is it support push notifications?

Hi, contact us by private message or mail (you will find it on main page of this product).

Wazzup, friends! Already finished my app on your engine, That’s awesome as usual. But few months ago You told me via e-mail that very soon You will finish complete solution\manual to attach NewsTimeApp to wordpress database. Have You finished it? Reaaaaally need it guys. Already waiting for this stuff for 3 months and really want to buy iOS and Windows versions, but I can’t do that until I have manual\solution for connection of WP and NewsTime. Really hope on your answer as fast and good for me as possible =_= my e-mails: contact (dog) ipodderzhka.com or idshipaev (dog) ipodderzhka.org

also send this letter on your mail from pdf :)

With love, Igor Shipaev

Hi im new to Native Web. (1) if i buy your both ios and android version do i need two server side cms or just one enough to show same news for both at the same time? or do i need to provide separate cms. (2) also can upload final apk to google play and iTunes market ?

Hi, you can use single or multiple for both platform :) Yes you can upload to Google and Apple store. Before you buy contact with us (you can for example write now) by private message or mail (there is on main page of this product on photo).

Hi, we have BIG DROP in all our offer if you are still interested :) https://codecanyon.net/user/invedion/portfolio?ref=INVEDION

Hello, i’m having an issue on the articles view. It’s like you can’t move on the article. Screen looks to be static and it’s impossible to scroll up or down to read the complete article. Maybe i’m doing something wrong, but all looks to work fine.

Regards and nice job

Hi, contact with our support by mail from PDF. Scroll always works ok that you can see here: https://youtu.be/Bx686_PtxY4?t=3m27s

Good Day, I’m interested in purchasing this App. However I would like to know if RSS Feed Subscription is capable with this platform.

Hi, yes but you have to modify by yourself code to dipslay it. You need basic php knowledge. If you need more information then contact with our support by mail or private message.

Is there any update for Android 6? The App cannot connect to the Internet on Android 6. Please Advise what we have to change to get the permissions on Android 6.

Contact with our support by mail from PDF. Everything you setup in your config.xml file :)


This is phonegap so you can use any html editor. This is not java this is java script.

Good news for you :) check offer and have a nice day :)

Hi, we have BIG DROP in all our offer if you are still interested :) https://codecanyon.net/user/invedion/portfolio?ref=INVEDION

The push notification feature is available or still under development ?

Hi :) no PN but there will be big update for this product in coming days (should be available in next week on codecanyon) with a lot of new functions and options like AdMob and more.

Good news for you :) check offer and have a nice day :)

Hi, is it possible to update the news on both iOS and Android version if I were to purchase both of them from the very same CMS? Thank you!

:) ok so we are waiting to hear from you

Good news for you :) check offer and have a nice day :)

Hello. I tried to build my app on phonegap, they notice me about this,

Access to public plugins from this repository will be removed on November 15th, 2016. Please use Cordova plugins from npm. This app uses plugins from the PhoneGap Build repository. These plugins won’t be accessible after Nov 15th, 2016 x This app isn’t using the latest version of PhoneGap. We recommend upgrading to cli-6.3.0.

Would you please update new config.xml for me. Thank alot

We made update 10.09.2016 so just download your app from your download area :) if you will have more questions contact with our support by mail from PDF.

hello , i custom some css and add some php code in my app. may i change only config.xml

yes :) remember to add new icons and splash screens. We also rebuild whole admin are so you can also check it :) for more information contact us only by mail from PDF.


mbuotim Purchased

good morning, how can i get the android, ios, and windows with one backend, pls reply

Our solution support it :) you just then upload only one administration area and code detect all 3 platforms and you use one panel for all platforms :)

Hi This App Support RTL

Yes all our apps support any language :) in desciption you have information about it in bold style: “Support any language”


mbuotim Purchased

the app file generate well by phonegap, but app can’t run, it said ” error connection.

All support only by mail from PDF. You have to add correct links in your app to your server files.