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I bought and looks cool.

But I can not answer several inqueritores the same computer. Its change it?

By default you only answer one time per survey so that the results are more accurate, for testing purpose, on admin panel you have a reset took survey button.


The live preview is not work, can u give us another link to try it.


Hello, currently the server is reaching its limits!

This is one of the best Survey scripts I have found around here so far, but it is kind of tiring with the lack of features in the user interface :(

While testing the demo, I had the following concerns:

1. When filling out answers, you have to comma and space separate them. Example: ”, ”. Not just a comma. Consider exploding on NEW LINE, or COMMA, and then trim()-ing the whitespaces on either end.

2. Once you modify a question, there is no back button on the interface to get back to where you were working. The script relies on the browsers back button. Please add the appropriate navigation buttons where needed. It is nice to not have to go back into Managing Surveys to search for the survey you were working on after modifying each question.

3. The demo is broken and the “Next” and “Submit” buttons are not working. Upon trying to navigate or send in a survey, it goes to a broken page. Can you please repair this?

4. Can you add a new section where you can give specific users the ability to view stats for specific surveys? How about giving the ability for the public to view them via a togglable option?

5. There hasn’t been many new updates on this script recently. Will you continue improving it?

I can’t think of anything further to include in this message. The biggest concern was the user interface, and next the picky comma separating thing. Other than that, releasing it with both a white and black/dark theme would be nice!

Thank you :)

1.2 – Noted;
3 – Sometimes the server goes down!
4. I can’t promise this;
5. Yes, but will take some time;

dear firiends we have some questions 1

1. we want to manage thesurvey by group 2. we wan to use multi admin every admin manage their survey

Hi the demo seems to be down..

can you please check?

It was down for some time due server issues, I wasnt nearby to fix it.

Can the user create questions with images next to them?

I try the demo version. I can’t submit the question using multiple choice method. I chose 2 answers from 4 answers but an error was appeared with message “Sorry, this form needs corrections.” When I chose 4 from 4 answers then I can submit the survey.

You can only publish a survey when all questions have all answers options, in your case, 4 – 4.

Hi once I finished the answer options and published the survey, but once I try to enter the survey after preview and I enter the password it says no survey found.

The last update fix created an error on the password validation, if you need I can give you the older version, just contact support. The current version will be reviewed.

Hi.When i Launch the created survey it shows blank page with the send button.Why is that.please help me

Hello. Check your email