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Hello! I’ve purchased and installed your news ticker. It’s working well, but I have a few questions. It’s not processing any of the html inside of the a tags. For example, I have the structure like this
  • News Source: This is the news title Wrapping than wrapping that text in a span, it’s outputting the “ ” as text. Also, if the news title has quotation marks, it shows the html entity for it rather than the quotation marks.

    Secondly, is there a way to randomize the items rather than appearing in the same order each time?


  • Hi. Sorry for the bug with the HTML content in the anchor tags. This is an error that I already fixed and will be included in the next update that I make. Until then, please use the form on my profile page to send me an email and I will reply with the new JavaScript file that has this fixed.

    Regarding randomization, unfortunately there is no option to display the news items randomly. The ticker simply displays the news in the order that they are written in and then loops from the start.

    A new update was implemented:

    • Improved the typing effect functionality. HTML tags inside the typed text are now supported so that the typed text can have different styles.
    • Fixed an error that was causing the typing effect not to display properly when switching back and forth fast between news items.

    I would like to use this News Ticker to span the entire width of the screen with a screen resolution of 1920 or higher. Will this Ticker work with the “scroll” effect with monitor resolutions 1920 or higher so the first list item is automatically appended to the end of the last list item for one continuous slide with no gap in between?

    Yes, that is how it works, when the first item goes off the screen, it is appended at the end, so the scrolling looks continuous. This is the ‘scrollType: “continuous”’ setting (you will need to have enough news items to cover the available space).

    Additionally, you can use the ‘scrollType: “discontinuous”’ setting to make the news one long line and when the line finishes completely on the left, it restarts from the right again.


    yahj2d2 Purchased


    When I select the scroll effect and set the width in the style sheet to “width: 100%” and I shorten the “li” items to the sample below, the scroll does not immediately append the next list item to the last. Instead of a seamless scroll effect, there is a gap between the next items. This also happens if I set the width to “width: 1280px”. Can you give this a try and let me know if it is a bug or if I am doing something wrong. Your screen resolution needs to be 1280 or higher.


  • News 1 news 1 news 1 news 1 news 1
  • News 2 news 2 news 2 news 2 news 2
  • News 3 news 3 news 3 news 3 news 3
  • News 4 news 4 news 4 news 4 news 4
  • News 5 news 5 news 5 news 5 news 5
  • I made a test and I understand what you mean. This happens because there is a lot of space available and not enough text content. The first li is appended at the end once it completely goes offscreen on the left side. And that is why empty space can be seen at the end, because there is not enough text there until the first li is appended at the end of the list. There is not much that the ticker can do when there is more space than text, other than duplicating news items but this isn’t currently built into the functionality of the scroll.

    You can try making the ticker narrower or adding more news items, if possible. Or you can use the ‘scrollType: “discontinuous”’ setting in a case like this, where the items will repeat after all have been shown.

    It hasn’t been requested yet, but if this would be something needed, I can try and add this functionality to the scroll effect in a future update, of duplicating news items in cases where there is too much space and not enough text.


    Kurtmurt Purchased

    Hi – can you have multiple feeds in the ticker? We want to display latest post titles as well as twitter feeds.


    Unfortunately, it cannot load both RSS and Twitter feeds at the same time. If this is a requested feature, I can develop it for a future update but this is the first time that somebody mentions it. I’ll keep it in mind though.

    Hi..just brought the plugins.. how to install it on osclass website???

    I haven’t worked with Osclass and am not familiar with how their system functions. The ticker is a standalone HTML, CSS and JavaScript project and what is needed is to simply follow the guide and add the ticker code and files to your page.You can either contact them and ask for more information or search online about how this can be done on the Osclass website.