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AWESOME JOB!!!! Much better

Great to hear it has helped you out, Peter! :)

Hi there, Nice product. Just installed it on 4.3.1 and it has been working great. All of the sudden, now that I am trying to add more categories then products and save, not only it doesn’t save the menu items, it also delocated menus from “Manage Location” option! Any clues? Many thanks for help. Cheers!

Hi razzc,

Glad you’re enjoying the plugin! The issue you’re describing doesn’t have anything to do with the Menu Management Enhancer, what you’re seeing is the WordPress Menu Item Limit, which is an issue caused by your server configuration. For more information, please see:

Menu Item Limit

Hope that helps! If you have any further questions, please be sure to Submit a Ticket – thanks!

Presuming WP 4.3.1 is not supported yet?

Hi UltraPress,

I’m running the MME on a 4.3.1 site and it is working great for me there :)

great, I must have misread your software version spec

If this plugin is still working great on current versions of WP I highly suggest you update it with a simple Compatible with WP 4.3.1 etc… I’m one of your first customers here on Envato and was pleased to see that even though there has not been an update in two years that you’re still supporting!

Thanks sdinvestor2k, I’ve updated the compatibility notes. I use the plugin on my sites for menu management, and it’s working great in 4.4 :)

Hi, will it work with Nielsen woo commerce theme left side menu?

Hi baloo13,

This is not a menu, it’s a plugin that improves the UI of the Appearance > Menus panel. It does not affect the front end.

Hi Sevenspark – just wondering if this is current and up to date? No update in a few years makes me nervous – I guess it would be good to know if everything is still okay with it? Perhaps push an update for us worriers – even if just to update the update date ha ha ha

Hi websitedude1985,

Yup, still working great with the latest version of WordPress :) If you have any questions, please Submit a Ticket – thanks!

hi sevenspark! i have tiny issue with menu enhancer… the icons (plus/ minus) child number are hovering the down arrow of my menu items… so i cannot open the menu item options anymore (like adding a class, changing the name, etc).

one way could be to desactivate the plugin to work and re activate it after… but not fun… any advise on this please ? (could be a CSS conflict with other plugins… maybe… not necessary your plugin issue ?)

Hi ejapan,

Yup, looks like it’s very likely interference from some other CSS on your site. Please Submit a Ticket and I’ll take a look and help you sort it out :)

Have a good one!

5 STARS Support & 5 stars Plugin :) The uber menu companion rocks and his author too. Thank you very much for your help on the CSS conflicts made by another plugin (admin panel theme).

Thanks, ejapan! Great to hear you’re enjoying the plugins, glad I could help! :)

This is a really good plugin that will save you a lot of grief when working with large custom menus. Being able to open and close all the menu trees makes it so much easier to work with the menu.

Thanks, Alice! Great to hear that the plugin has helped you out! :)

As i see this plugin is mot been updated for the last three years. Is it still compatible with current WP? And are you planning to develop it? For example: quick remove items would be a nice feature.

Hi soldier99,

The plugin is still compatible, I use it weekly. It serves a specific purpose, and there aren’t currently any immediate plans to expand it further – the goal of the plugin is to enhance the interface, rather than change the functionality of the menu system.

hi there, is this plugin compatible with Jupiter theme ( )? their Menus have a few other custom fields in addition to standard Wordpress, eg. Menu Item Icon, Make this Item Mega Menu?, Set Background Image, Mega Menu Container Styles.

just checking it won’t conflict with accessing any of those?

many thanks

Hi soumali,

Unfortunately I don’t have any firsthand knowledge of that theme, but you ask a good question. If they have just added extra settings in the menu item settings, then that won’t be an issue. However, if they have modified the core container of the menu items substantially (which is unlikely, but possible), then it is possible that the MME would not be able to function properly as the item markup had changed.

Do me a favor and shoot me a message here and let’s see if we can figure it out ahead of time :)

Hi sevenspark,

Just wanted to say thanks for this amazing plugin, you have saved me a lot of headaches and time and it works a treat!

Thanks, cazzlo! Great to hear it has helped you out! :)

Hi there,

Great plugin!

Can i remove, somehow, a menu (with many submenus/subitems) and its submenus?

For example i have this :

Menu 1 —-Menu 1a —-Menu 1b

i want to remove with a click, Menu 1 and the two submenus.. I try to select all the Menu 1 with the select button (that make selection red) and remove despite that it delete menu+submenus, when i click save, submenus are back.

Thank you

Hi glouk7,

Glad to hear you’re enjoying the plugin :)

Sorry, multiple item deletion is not a feature of the plugin – it just enhances the interface, it doesn’t change the functionality of the WordPress menu system itself.

If you have any further questions, please Submit a Ticket – thanks!

Really amazing! I need same solution for Product Categories (Woocommerce) and also Post and Projects… Any suggestion?


Glad you’re enjoying the plugin! Replied to your ticket with some suggestions :)

Any update planned? Thanks..

Hi kaneguy,

There isn’t any immediate update planned, but the plugin remains completely functional with the latest version of WordPress.

why you are not updating this plugin, for example when users see last update was made on 2013 and we are almost in 2017 they will never buy the plugin, this plugin is unique really if you give it some time

Hi besfe70,

The plugin has not been updated because it is still 100% functional. I use it regularly myself. Thanks for your feedback, I understand what you’re saying. I’ll look into releasing an update, though I don’t believe in updating just for the sake of updating. Customers do still purchase the plugin regularly :)

If you have any further pre-purchase questions, you can submit them here:

ok great, I suggest at least to do light update so users see it is up to date

Thanks, besfe70 :)

Hello, would you please upload an “Installable WordPress File Only” zip file, please? Thanks

Hi mkb1967,

The available download zip is an installable WordPress file.

If you have any further questions, please be sure to Submit a Ticket – thanks.

Hi, thanks for the response. The Envato Market plugin is supposed find all my purchased products that have an “Installable Wordpress File Only” file uploaded and make them available for updating from within WordPress instead of having to install them manually. Bt it doesn’t find your plugin. Thanks.

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind for future updates. Again, if you have further questions, you need to Submit a Ticket – thanks

Hello, I am using a plugin to manage responsive menu. I try to add some Ubermenu items (dividers) to the menu but it does not work. I see in the documentation which plugins are compatible with Ubermenu. Would you consider to add Responsive Menu plugin in the list? Best regards.

Hi groupeUTD,

UberMenu advanced items can only be used within UberMenu, as we can’t control how other plugins would process those menu items. Normally you’d have a separate menu assigned to your responsive menu if you’re not using UberMenu for it.

If you have any further questions, please be sure to Submit a Ticket – thanks

hi ! I am interested in this plugin but I see it was last updated 12 July 13 … is it still being maintained ?

Hi wioledling,

The plugin still works with current versions of WordPress, we use it on a daily basis – there just hasn’t been a need for an update since 2013 :)

awesome, thank you (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it ;-)

You’re welcome! :)

No movement in 5 years – is this still being maintained ?

The plugin still works with the latest version of WordPress, there has been no need for an update – please see the comment immediately above yours. If you have any further questions, please Submit a Ticket or a pre-purchase question: – thanks