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I just got a report that the user was unable to move the text boxes around in Chrome. I was unable to recreate the problem in Chrome myself. But I can however when using Firefox and MS Edge. Cannot move the text boxes around at all. Can type in them and save etc

Hi, I’ve just done another check to the online demo with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Brave, and I can’t see the issue, the text boxes are always draggable. Now I will test again with Edge on my VM, but it sounds quite strange to me, the plugin uses the latest 'jquery-ui-draggable', 'jquery-ui-resizable', 'jquery-ui-widget' included with WordPress. You can check your browser console to see if there’s any Javascript alert. For support requests please use the suppport form, and possibly send me the url of the page where you have the generator.

I was able to resolve it. Sorry. Turned out it was another plugin that was conflicting. I just got off work now, i had disabled a couple diffrent ones. I will post back when i discover which one was the issue

Ok, thanks for you report.

Wow so far am impressed by the results, the only challenge which i would want you to address quickly is the “download image”, when clicked it instead opens the image link! can you make it to start the image download?

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Hi, for support requests please use the support form. If you mean a “force download” on the Download Image button is not possible though.

well can it be added in the next update?

I can’t find any reliable way to force image dowloads via WP, and it would lead some problems with mobile devices.

Would rotating the text as well as the resizing be something that could be included in a future update? I love this plugin.

At the moment I don’t think it would be possible, because during the image creation the plugin redraws the text taking font, color and position, doesn’t actually do a “screenshot”, so the rotation in the same position is hard to reproduce.

dear support i have got this error when trying to save meme Error: timeout please need your support to solve this problem

dear is there any code to add one post with selected photo like write name on cake ? and select the code with needed photo?

Hi, I’ve replied to your e-mail

is this built on html5 canvas?

Yes, we use the canvas to create the final memes


dnsg Purchased

Do you have a deal on multiple licenses, like maybe 5?

Hi, I’m sorry, I can’t do custom offers, you should take a single license for each “end product”:

Hi, just giving a suggestion or idea, sometimes that sparks new ideas. A shortcode to display all the recaptioned memes posts. Ty!

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately at the moment there’s no way to recognize a recaptioned post. But we could know if a post is recaptionable

Great plugin! Is there an easy way to make the mememe posts a regular post for the site and have all the options for a regular post?

Hi, and thank you.
The memes are custom posts to facilitate their management (image preview, custom categories..), but you can have all the same options of regular posts, please let me know what do you need using the contact form

Hi, Can you customize this script? I need a simple meme generator, my website will have a png frame, my users will upload an image and picture will have the frame

I’m sorry but I don’t provide customizations, anyway the plugin already offers a simple meme generator, with the possibility for users to upload their images.

Hi Nicola, I love your plugin… However, the created and approved memes that display in the Gallery, do not show for the general public.

How can I show the approved meme gallery to the general public that has not created an account?

Right now, only the admin sees them.



If the memes are approved they are public, so viewable by anyone, also unlogged users, as you can see also inside the onlie demo:

Hello, I installed the plug-in on my website on the test server and it was fine. When we moved it to the main website it was no longer saving the memes. I re-uploaded all the templates, deactivated and reactivated the plug in. Any suggestions.

Hi, for support requests please use the support form and send me the url of the generator, thanks.

dear thank you for the update version put there is issues with the generator as there is no icon on the interface please find my website link to see with your self

Ciao, immagino siate italiani ;)
Scusa ma non ho capito quale icona manchi

I was ready 2 buy but 2 things:

- most of the meme generators that I have seen, the developer quits on them, are you planing to keep developing? updating?

- I used the demo, and not instant share to my facebook or twitter since is the natural way of things these days… so are you planning to add instant sharing after creating?

Hi, I add new features when I find something interesting, and I keep my plugins up to date with the latest versions of WP.
Inside the demo there’s no instant share after creation just because the new memes do need to be approved by an administrator, but you can also set them automatically approved, so as published posts they can have the sharing buttons: