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I purchased the plugin but it lacks very useful features.

I want an option to start with 2 text boxes from the start (not to add the second manually).

It would be nice also to upload a font and not to choose only from the google web fonts.

After trying to translate the plugin suddenly the language changed to spanish and I cannot restore the english interface of the plugin.

Hi, thanks for your suggestions.
-maybe I will add the option “start with ‘n’ textboxes”
-I don’t think the custom font will be added, it would be less easy to manage
-I don’t know how did you tried to translate, but you should use the file mememe.pot provided inside the folder /languages/, and something like PoEdit, or possibly the plugin wpml-string-translation

Is there a way to show the whole meme in the thumbnail without anything of it cut off?

I tried all sizes. Long memes still get cut off. Is there a way to just show the images instead of the thumbnails? Its not like clicking on it does much more than show the full resolution version.

Yay! I found out that the Jetpack plugin has image settings that for some reason mess up the meme layout. I disabled both the options to use Jetpacks servers for faster image loading and the “lazy loading” setting. Now all memes look great and ttheir layout isn’t randomly messy anymore!

I recommend noting this in the docs because those settings never suggest messing up stuff like this. And jetpack is often very strongly recommended at install by default so many users will encounter this. It just took this image heavy plugin to encounter this for my case.

Thanks for the report! I’ve just tried JetPack and Lazyloader, and I only see a weird disposition of the items, but the thumbnails’ sizes are ok (here using a medium size, 300×5000 max):
You can check it resizing the browser’s window. If is this the issue, and not the wrong dimensions of the image served to the page, I think it could be fixed via javascript.

I’m interested in this script. I have to pre-purchase questions:

1 – Are animated gif backgrounds possible? 2 – Can users upload their own background, and if so, how is it managed? Can I assign tags / categories to new user-submitted backgrounds?

Also, what about composite memes, using several backgrounds side by side or vertically stacked?

1- Animated backgrouns are not supported.
2- The background images uploaded by users are not saved inside WP, only the final generated meme is, so you can’t assign tags or categories to user’s backgrounds.
3- Sorry, only one image at time, the background is not editable.


So I’m looking for something that will give me nice stylish backgrounds that aren’t very busy so I can write quotes, sayings, etc. & type them in.

I want it to be easy since I do a lot of them.

Something similar (maybe nicer) like this.

I thought these were memes, but when I another plugin developer’s description, it said a meme is a funny image which is not what I am using these for.

Are your images only funny ones?

And how many background images do you have in total to choose from?


Hi, you can provide any kind of image you want, not only funny images. you could also upload (for example) some images which are simply a full background color. There’s no limit for the number.

No, I wanted something that would provide ME with the background images.

Who wants to search all over the net for quality free royalty free images?

NO one LOL

So you are telling me your plugin just lets you type on top of the image, but you have to find all the images yourself?

I guess I’m not buying it then : (


If you are looking for the images you should probably search somewhere else. The item is a plugin, and WorPress plugins usually don’t include any media resource

Hi! Thanks for the update to display by Author. Appreciate it!

So funny! Added to favorites… :)

Great meme generator, i am liking it alot after messing with it some to get it how i want it (still working on it). Would be awesome if the user uploaded images could be uploaded to the wp so they could be re-captioned by other users

Thank you, and thanks for your suggestion. I understand your point, but I think there are more cons that pros for that option:
1- Slower process: if the script uploads the user’s image instead of just placing it inside the html canvas, they would be 2 uploads at the end: the original image and the final meme
2- Tons of images inside your archive: WordPress creates all the thumbnails for each upload, suppose that a user uploads 2 or 3 times a wrong picture before creating his meme, the whole archive would be hard to manage for the site administrator…
3- More spam: let users directly upload files inside your website is never a good idea.

Instead, i’m going to publish the next version which will place the images of the generated memes inside a custom /mememe/ directory under /uploads/, to keep clean the default wordpress media archive

Pre-Sale Question – When I test the demo generator (both on desktop and mobile) and type, the “I” cursor stays on the left side of the text but types normally. However, when I put punctuation it automatically adds it to the beginning of the phrase.

Is this a glitch? For instance, it will look like this with the exclamation point preceding the word:


instead of


Hi! Sorry, my fault, I had left the option “Right to Left” inside the plugin settings, you can test it again. Thanks for the note.

Awesome, thank you! Also, a suggestion: I’d make the tools more apparent. Possibly making them all stand out without having to click on Tools to make them easier to find/use right off. Though I am aware not, it wasn’t apparent to me right off that Tools is for colors and fonts.

Thanks for the suggestion, I wanted to keep the layout quite minimal to give the most space to the canvas, but I can’t exclude a future option to set the tools always visible (outside of the stage)

The latest update says you can now set custom “mememe” directory in /uploads/ .. sorry i am kind of a noob, how does one take care of doing that? And will it break existing urls doing so?

Hi, you actually shouldn’t do anything, the script will place by default the generated images inside the folder /uploads/mememe/mm/ , this is just to keep clean your main uploads directory, and to separate memes and images uploaded by the site administrators.

ah ok, gotcha. Thank you for the quick support

Pre-sale question, could you add the ability to do line breaks in a text box?

No, it would break the ability to resize the text and keep it always fully visible. But you can add as many text boxes as you want, place them everywhere, and also start with 2 text boxes available instead of one by default.

Having a bit of an issue on mobile. Not sure why. I have the meme templates as the homepage, and as you scroll down, and click teh “load more” link, it doesnt work. And same with the carosel under the meme generator. You can have a look for yourself if you like. It works awesome on desktop.

Ok man, and seem the carosel still isnt working on mobile (under the meme generator)

it appears, but ‘clicking’ on the photo to change the template nothing happens

Hi, if you are seeing this issue on the online demo, please tell me what device/os are you using. If the issue is only on your website, please send me the link of your page using the support form, it could be just a conflict with some plugin, or your theme.

I am really liking this script, was wondering if it would be possible to add something like stickers that you can add to the memes, Or if not “stickers” even maybe simple shapes you could resize as you do the text boxes?

Is it possible to deactivate the carosel below the meme generator? It works for me on desktop but not mobile for some reason, well on my Android anyway (it does work on the demo page you have though, weird :/) .. can see what i mean at my site @ .. could be the template i am using maybe? I dunno. But its not that big of a deal to me. If i could deactivate it (the carosel) that would work just fine for me

Well, that’s quite easy, there’s the option “Hide templates carousel”, the first checkbox of the popup when you insert a new shortcode. or you can edit the shortcode in page adding nocarousel="1" inside of [mememe].
e.g: [mememe nocarousel="1"]

thanks man


lady1178 Purchased

Thanks so much for the updates! Especially the display by author. I appreciate it!

Hi, i have gone ahead and bought your plugin, but now have a few questions/suggestions if you don’t mind. 1. The text generated on the final Meme seems pixelated, any way to fix this? 2. Is there a way to automatically generate the Alt tag for the final Meme image? This way gets SEO going. 3. Could you possibly look into a Sharing option for the final meme, so that users can share their memes to social networks? 4. Maybe also an option at a stage to open the images thats on the gallery in a lightbox instead of a new page? Thanks so much!

Hi, and thanks for your purchase.
1- It mainly depends on the screen resolution, (retina or not), the size of the displayed generator, and on the final meme size you set, if you look at the online demo the text is not pixelated, please send me the url of your WP trough the support form, so I can do a quick check.
2- Nice suggestion, the next version will set the meme’s title as Alt attribute.
3- I can suggest you the plugin Social Pug, which also detects custom posts types (like mememe), and do attach the social buttons also there, OR you can create the file single-mememe.php, ad set there your favourite sharing plugin shortcode:
4- The link is to the generated post, not to the image, so it would involve a complex js modal plugin with ajax loaded content, and you would lose the possiblity to attach sharing buttons.

Hey, thanks for getting back to me. On Answer 2. Would it be possible to have the meme’s title and maybe a custom text as the Alt? As my site will rely on a specific word that i need to go viral, so if people search for that in google, it pops up all my images created by this plugin. Then on Answer 1, my site is not 100% complete yet, but will send you the link as soon as its up. Thanks alot!

Send me a private message if you want to set an arbitrary Alt attribute (the same for all), I can tell you what part of the code should be edited.