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demo not working


I believe I updated the demo without updating this theme. I will be updating it tomorrow.

Before Buying : it is possible remove slider from video pages ?


Yes. You can apply a simple javascript code to hide that.


I have another problem after update to the lastest version.

I’m using you mediaplex theme (the red one), and when i try to fetch a video it doesn’t nothing just the url changes to “website.com/upload#fetch-data” but if i just press enter it send automatically.

When i try in the default theme or via admin panel it works flawless. It seems to be about the mediaplex theme since i reuploaded it entire again and still doesn’t work.

Yet the seller not solved my problem. If it continues i will recommend not to buy this customized theme.


I understand your frustration and I apologize. I was quite busy. I will get back to you asap.

I can´t see the playlist option in this theme.



I have check this and let you know. Can you open a ticket meanwhile?

Ticket Received – [#1427]

Okay. I will check it.

I need remove slider from video pages.


Work fine. Thanks.

It works fine. Thanks.


When I try to add a video from youtube url nothing happens. And in the lower left corner of the window appears the following address: “website.com/upload#fetch-data”



I am going to answer your ticket.

I’m not getting access administrative panel. What is the difference this script for Media Award Script

This is just a template of the main script. You need to run the main script to have this working

i don’t see any support on my email..?? non.. even a reply..


I will check them soon. I have to move between tickets, comments and email so it takes a bit of time.

is this script same like ? Simple Media Script


No this is a different script. The actual script is at http://gempixel.com/buy/media

that how look this theme on “Rows” Media Display Mode


I have updated the theme.

Hi Is there any upcoming themes ? Can i add image slider other than video slider on this theme ?

Thank you


There is one theme under dev but I am working on another script right now. By image slider you mean only the picture category?

I mean, some designed images i like to use so its better if i can upload full width images



Yes you can. If you use the type pictures then you can modify a single line of code to use that.

Hey KBRmedia,

I just bought your MediaPlex Theme but I don’t know how to activate it as per your instruction via documentation. I am using xampp, I uploaded upload.zip on my localhost server but I don’t know where to find admin panel so that I can activate it. Please help to activate it. Thanks


I answered your ticket regarding this question.


when will you fix this theme? I already reported a problem before. seem that nothing has been done. I don’t even use this theme because of the problem.


It has been fixed a couple of weeks ago. What issues are you having?

Yeah, you were right. See it here http://www.trolz.com/


I don’t see what is wrong. Can you point that out?

There is some issue with loading image. When i fetch video, loading image not show on page middle like in default theme, but on left corner, directlyon the logo


I have submitted a small update for premium media script and I will fix this today as-well.

So, where is update?

I don’t know I submitted the update – not sure why it didn’t go through

Hello KBRmedia team I just bought the theme and already got some problems. Why the slider doesnt work, there is no video.


That is because CSS are cached. You will have to reload a couple of times to see the page.

Ok, i understand that now, but if im changing the gb for ex, will be change on both? mobile and web?

Got it

awesome work! :)

That would be a bit hard because that is in the Bootstrap CSS. You would need to override it by adding !important to your new CSS.

i need change only the width of the container with the content. :)


You can override that by adding the code below with you width in style.css
     width: YOURWIDTH !important;


it can be use it for streaming channel like Twitch ?



Currently, no. However you can embed streaming players from twitch or other sites.

Tell me how to change the background color of the main page.Saw you in the code assigned to the variables. Now they are hard to find.


Did you purchase the theme?

how can i active slider ??? on this theme ??

How ? Its appear automatic?

Yes. You just need to a new media as featured in the admin panel or when adding a new media.

Yes now work thxxx

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Did you install mediaplex using the package from here or the one you download from the internet? That is what happens you download premium stuff for free from the internet.