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hello, I wanted to know if it was possible not to show (grid | popup) = gallery / web4.jpg; in the url for security reasons.

Yes you can, just pass these JS options:

deepLinkingOnFilter: false,
deepLinkingOnPopup: false,
Best, David

excellent work with this plugin I love it. I want to ask you, if it is possible to do something so that when you click on the button “no more entries” go to some url, for example to the page of the blog ?? Thank you so much for that dedicated and creative work !!

YES!!!, that would be perfect !! ohh had not noticed that the license was outdated, I will renew it. Thanks for your uninteresting help, you’re a good-hearted developer.

YES, that would be perfect !! ohh had not noticed that the license was outdated, I will renew it. Thanks for your uninteresting help, you’re a good-hearted developer.

awesome ;) then it would be something like this:

jQuery('body').on('click', '.media-boxes-no-more-entries', function(){
I hope it makes sense, don’t forget about your support renewal

Best ;)

Hi David, Thanks a lot for your great program, which I like a lot. I’ve got the same question as jose_san and susanmoultan about a month ago: I’d like to open a whole photo-portfolio in fanybox whenever I click on a photo thumbnail in the grid. Each photo shown in the grid should open fanybox with a specifically defined gallery for this photo. As suggested to jose_san, I’ve changed the HTML for each box, but I struggled to implement the changes to the mediaBoxes.js file. I was not able to find startFancybox($(this), selector);and replace it accordingly to your answer. I only found startFancybox like this: if(settings.popup == ‘fancybox’){ startFancybox($container, selector) } or like this function startFancybox(container, selector){ Can you assist me please as I’m not very clever with these things. Thanks a lot Thomas

container.on('click', '.mb-open-popup', function(){
    var visibleLinks = $container.find(selector);

Hi David, Yes, I’ve cleared the cache. Still shows all the photos. Will contact you via email. Thanks a lot. Your support is fantastic! Best regards Thomas

Hi David. Thanks for the files. All works nicely now. Fantastic support!

glad to hear that :D

Hi David – amazing plugin! please can you tell me how I add caption text that will appear in the lightbox popup? thanks

thank you ;)
yes, in the mb-open-popup element just add the data-title attribute, something like this:

<i class="fa fa-plus mb-open-popup" data-src="gallery/img-14.jpg" data-title="Dolor sit amet"></i>
this example is using some caption text in fancybox:

I hope it makes sense ;)

Brilliant – thank you!

I think i have found a bug in your jquery grid plugin. You can see it here, . Basically anything that renders above the fold should render three columns, but currently only starts out as two columns. If I scroll down then three columns render appropriately. I am not sure if this is a compatibility problem. I have followed the examples and they all seem to work. Suggestions would be helpful.



Hi Randall,
Try adding this peace of CSS to your page:

      overflow-y: scroll; 
let me know how it goes ;)

Best, David

Worked like a charm! Thanks! Best support I have ever had. Definitely will keep up with the subscription.

very happy to hear that :D

Hello lovely castlecode team,

i am working on my website with bootstrap studio .. i put all the files what we needed in the project via DragnDrop and use custom code for the html … and use the example code whats in the documentation are…

i can’t see the contents .. only the filter bar…

Best regards Niro

Hi Niro,
I haven’t use bootstrap studio, but can you show me a living example online? so I can see what’s going on

Best, David

Hi there.

I’m interested in your plugin, but I’m not sure if it allows to do what I need.

So, I want to use this style:

But instead of zooming into the picture I need it to link into custom urls.

Is this possible?


Yes, its totally possible, this is the HTML when you put your mouse over an image in that example:

<div class="thumbnail-overlay mb-open-popup orange" data-src="gallery/img-4.jpg">
    <div class="media-box-title">Dolor sit amet</div>
    <div class="media-box-date">December 10, 2013</div>
so you can just wrap this HTML in an anchor tag to link to another page, like this:
<a href="">
    <div class="thumbnail-overlay orange">
        <div class="media-box-title">Dolor sit amet</div>
        <div class="media-box-date">December 10, 2013</div>
I hope it makes sense ;)

Quick question: what is the jquery.visible.min js file for, and do I need to include it?

Hi there,
That file is not required or necessary, you can erase it if you want.

I was doing some alternative behavior to the “Lazy Load” feature, so instead of load more boxes when you reach the bottom of the grid it would load more boxes when the “Load More” button is visible on screen (when you scroll), that’s why the “jQuery visible” plugin

But this behavior still in beta so don’t worry :)

Also, don’t forget to renew your support period (as it has expired) :D

Best, David

I’m having issues with the filter. I have two grids on the page and the first grid is filtered. However, I can’t stop the first grid’s filter from affecting the second grid. Also running into an issue where if “boxesToLoad:” isn’t set to more than a number of photos in the grid then it doesn’t load any photos.

there’s an option for that named “minBoxesPerFilter” you can pass it along the other options like this:

minBoxesPerFilter: 20,
This is the minimum of media boxes per filter. If the number of boxes in a filter is less than the number specified here it will try to load more boxes from that filter category

I added that it’s not working. Try to filter it my ada signs and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

for the first grid you have that setting twice, first with 20 and then couple of settings below you have it again with 0
erase the one with 0, and leave only the one with 20

Best, David

Hi David

I am loving this plugin! I wonder if you could explain how to do something which is not in your examples please. Lets say we have a grid of images with overlays (like your gallery example) – when a thumbnail is clicked, that image opens in the lightbox – all good so far… But now when I click next I want a sequence of images to load in the lightbox which are not the images in the other thumbnails. In other words, each thumbnail image is acting as a “feature” image for its own set of images which will open in the lightbox when thumbnail is clicked – does that make sense?

To add to that I would like each image from the sets that open in the lightbox to actually be part of an html popup (a variation on your popup content example) – so I can add some other elements and a button under it… Please let me if my requirements are clear and whether you can advise?

Many thanks.

thank you :D

yes, it is possible, but you would need to do the following modifications:
open the mediaBoxes.js file and find this:

startFancybox($container, selector)
then replace it for this:
$container.find('.media-box, .media-box-hidden').each(function(){
     selector = ".mb-open-popup[data-src]";
     startFancybox($(this), selector);    
finally in order to specify more images per box add these divs on each box
<div class="mb-open-popup" data-src="gallery/img-37.jpg"></div>
<div class="mb-open-popup" data-src="gallery/img-38.jpg"></div>
I hope it makes sense ;)

Thanks for your swift reply David – looks clear, but haven’t had a chance to try it yet. Will keep you posted.

Could I run this customised version and the regular version of mediaBoxes.js side by side?

you would need to use either the modified version or the original version in the same html page. So you can’t use both mediaBoxes.js files in the same page

Best :)

pre-purchase query

very nice design and code – very much interested, only want to know if on clicking image, can i get a detail page with image and description instead of pop-up image

you can link to any page or site by clicking on an image, so if you create a separate page with an image and some text then yes you can link to it by clicking on a thumbnail in the grid

Best ;)


righton69 Purchased

ello – just bought this and it wont upload onto my wordpress site, I keep getting this message: Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Please help?

This is not a WP plugin, is a stand alone plugin (pure HTML), the WP version of this plugin is not ready yet.

You can contact me via email here:

Best, David


Zaphodz Purchased

Hi, I have two instances of the same Vimeo video on a page, the one that plays in the page works without a problem, but the version that is in the popup-content version is displaying the message “Firefox can’t find the file at…”, the popup works but it can’t get the file for some reason. Do you have any suggestions as to why this is and how to fix it? This is a great plugin btw, this is my second purchase of it, thank you for this :) Many thanks – Mark.

Hi Mark,
thank you for your using the Media Boxes :D

About your issue, any chance you could show me a living example online? so I can take a look and see what’s going on

Best, David


Zaphodz Purchased

Hi David,

(sorry, should have been a reply to the above message)

Thanks for taking a look at this. Here is a link to a work in progress page with the problem on it:

About two-thirds of the way down the page you will see two Sanex thumbnails. The top one is just embedded in the page and the bottom one should open using the popup-content method.

Thanks – Mark

Hi Mark,
I tried your page and I see the vimeo video working in both (embedded in the page and the next one in the popup).

I tried using chrome and firefox and it worked great in both, can you try in chrome?

Also you can contact me via email here:
I can send you a screen shot of the vimeo video working in the popup

Best :)