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I created a function that uses the part of your code that closes the overlay effect. The code is shown below.

function closeOverlay() { var thumbnailDiv = boxImage.find(’.media-box-thumbnail-container’); thumbnailDiv.stop()animation;


I have an img in the code that I want to act as a button to use the closing aspect of your jquery so that after clicking to activate the hover effect, it will revert it back to its first instance.

Here is where I am calling it in my code. The closeOverlay is defined in your jquery.mediaboxes.js file. But it seems it is not finding it to actually do the close. Is there something I’m missing?


I think I just need to add a function on the top button as well. Going to publish and test on a mobile device now. Thanks!

ok, it’s working perfectly now! I don’t know where my other 2 responses are, but I created a method to add to the top button for mobile: function openOverlay() {


I”m glad you figured out ;)

the latest update doesn’t allow pop up to work. and I’ve added the popup option to the homepage and still no luck. Thanks.

The latest update is using Fancybox, make sure to include the CSS and JS file from Fancybox in your page, you can see all the necessary files in the docs here:

Also don’t forget to renew your support period ;)

Best, David


lamtd Purchased

Hi, thank for excellent product. The social share it not work, I hope and update to add function social share with popup url and current image is very useful. Regards

the social share functionality is only enable for Magnific Popup (not for Fancybox) so you need to enable Magnific Poup like this:

popup: 'magnificpopup',
maybe in the future I’ll add it for Fancybox ;)

Also don’t forget to renew your support period if you need some support help in a near future :D

Best, David

Before purchasing – I think I can do this easily enough, but I don’t see usage example. I would like to have multiple galleries in a responsive grid. Am I able to create a gallery with one image showing for that gallery, but cycle through images for that gallery in the (lightbox) popup? I have not worked with galleries very much. Thanks in advance! —Susan

Hi Susan,
Yes its possible with some very small JS change (which I can provide you).

You can provide extra popup URLS for a single image in the grid so it opens the popup with multiple images per item in the grid

I hope it makes sense ;)

I asked a couple days ago if I would be able to use this as a single gallery multiple times in a grid. I have only done a couple galleries, so I don’t have too much experience. This pop up seems to be what I need, but not sure.

I would really like to buy this, but I just want confirmation it will work for me.

I answered your comment back then, did you see my reply? you can check it out here:

I’m not able to contact you via email in order to make sure you are receiving my reply notification, but you can contact me via email here:

Best :)

Oh, so sorry! I did not receive the first notification. Thank you so much for the reply and the offer of JavaScript. I am very excited to use this!

Glad to hear that :D contact me once you purchase the plugin so I can send you the little modifications ;)


jose_san Purchased


I need to add some images for each entry and when you click show only the images of that post in pop-up mode (product or pinterest) like a data-gallery., not all others posts.

How is it done?



Hi Jose,
you would need to do some customizations, first in order to add extra images for the popup per box add these HTML on each box (those links would be hidden):

<div class="mb-open-popup" data-src="gallery/img-37.jpg"></div>
<div class="mb-open-popup" data-src="gallery/img-38.jpg"></div>

then open the mediaBoxes.js file and find this:
startFancybox($(this), selector);
and replace it for this:
$container.find('.media-box, .media-box-hidden').each(function(){
    selector = ".mb-open-popup[data-src]";
    startFancybox($(this), selector);    
Best, David