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I bought your amazing script and find no information about licensing. Can I redistribute the media box script in a cms extension?

Kind regards Torben

Hi Torben,
You can find information about license here: maybe the extended license is the one you are looking for.

This license is when you are going to use the plugin as part of a bigger commercial product (like a theme or template sold in themeforest)
But you are not allowed to create a product directly competing with media boxes. For example, you are not allowed to create a commercial plugin whose main purpose is to be a grid gallery.

I hope it makes sense, if you need further information you can contact me via email through here: and tell me more about the CMS extension you have in mind in order to see if the extended license is valid for it

Best :)


I recently purchased your plugin Media Boxes Portfolio – Responsive jQuery Grid Plugin

I was in trouble installing, I tried in the normal way through wordpress control panel, but it did not work. Then I tried to unzip the plugin folder and upload it through ftp, but that did not work. Just the plugin does not go to the plugins list in the Extensions section. Where can be the problem with version WP4.8 I am.

Hi there,
this is not a WP plugin, is just an HTML plugin (stand alone), I’m currently working in the WP version but is not read yet.

You can contact me privately here:

Best, David

Pre sales question – GPU acceleration is burning my iPad. It’s a way to disable this and rely on a simple css3 transition? Thank.

Yes you can turn off GPU acceleration, its just matter of commenting the “translate3d” CSS property in the CSS file ;)
Best, David

Is this easily integrated with Wordpress?

I just searched, you said: “hopefully soon (no more than couple months)” multiple times – ‘almost 2 years ago’. Abandoned?

The wp version is not ready yet, I got caught into big projects so I couldn’t finished it :s, but I recently got back to it, I actually just updated the Auto Grid to be based on the Media Boxes: (the update its waiting to be approved by CodeCanyon)

Now I will update the WP version of the Auto Grid (shouldn’t take long) and then I will get back to finish the WP version of the Media Boxes

I’m really looking forward for WP version as well :D

Best, David

Hi, I have trouble setting up the gallery to load pages. Currently i have the gallery load 100 items and from that show 10 items at a time, after that i have no way of loading more items. I tried the following :

<button>LOAD MORE MEDIA BOXES!</button>



    $('button').on('click', function(){
        var box =   '<div class="media-box Category1">'+
                        'THE CONTENT'+

        $('#grid').mediaBoxes( 'insert', $(box), function(){
            alert('Boxes Added!');


and get the following error message: cannot call methods on isotope prior to initialization; attempted to call method ‘insert’.

In the end what i need is to constantly load more and more items to the list.

Please Help!

Do you have the latest version of the plugin? here’s a working example: also that example is included in the latest files available for Download in CodeCanyon ;)

Best, David

It worked! Thank you David!

awesome :D

Hello, I am very interested but I have a question, would it be possible to add an upload function so that visitors can add photos?

This plugin doesn’t come with an “Uploader”, is an static pure HTML plugin, if you have the knowledge you could implement your own PHP to print the boxes/items, but the plugin doesn’t come with these features

Best, David

Hey I am making a portfolio that includes motion graphics. Instead of loading low quality and bulking gifs into my masonry gallery, I want to have short auto playing, looping mp4s that play inside of the gallery and lightbox.

Is that possible with this plugin?

Currently th plugin doesn’t support native MP4, but it does support I frame based videos, like YouTube/Vimeo videos, if you have a custom MP4 player that you can embed into an iframe then it’s supported ;)
Best, David

Hi, is it possible to add 100 boxes to an already loaded grid, but instead of showing them all at once, just load a certain amount with lazyload just like it did with the first batch? URL : I followed the previous link to add boxes and it worked without problems showing all boxes at once. I just want to continue with the lazy loading effect.

Thank you in advanced.

I created a new method for this (instead of loading all boxes continue with the current flow of loadmore/lazyload)

Please contact me via email so I can send you the new JS file, you can do so here:

Also don’t forget to renew your support period ;)

Best, David

Great! I will renew support! Thank you :)

thank you :)

Is it possible, to have more than four colums? I need 15. Thanks

You can set 15 columns for any of the examples pages, including the “Masonry Gallery” page ;)

Yeah! I’ll buy your plugin!