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Hi, i want to do webview mobile app, please advise ,


Yes its possible. Do you want an IOS or Andriod App done or both?

Hi! Looks like a great solution this! I have some pre-sale questions:

1. Does it work with a marketplace solution, like the one from wcvendors? Would need to have some additional information on the product pages, like the vendors name and a link to their store, additional tabs and such?

2. Does it support all payment gateways?

3. Can I show all pages as usual, and have buddy press groups and so on?

4. Can I edit the buttons in the footer to other pages, and change them if it’s for example a user, vendor or admin?

BR Linus

1) Should work 2) No. Which gateway are you using 3) Yes, the standard pages. Not sure about buddy press groups 4) Not sure what you mean

hi, i purchased this plugin install it already.. but i got problem when click on the product.. it does not show any button buy or add to cart. just picture.. nothing more…

why no reply?...

please send to this email xeemx5000@gmail.com

currently my plugin version is 1.5.1 how do i upgrade it to the latest? please help…

please send to this email xeemx5000@gmail.com

Havent received any email yet…how to upgrade to latest one?

I sent it again

we use the plugin WooCommerce Extra Product Options – Is this compatible with this plugin?

It shouldn’t have a problem

Hi, I’ve sent a support query. Waiting for answer.

I remove the last plugin and install a new one… but there is no buy button or add to cart when product is selected…

okay i will try out. thx so much taking time helping me out…

hi william, i already set the theme to default theme and deactivated all the plugin above. but still the result still the same. Still no buy/add to cart button when click on the product.

I think the best thing to do is deactivate all plugins except for woomobify and woocommerce, and set the default theme like in the troubleshooting guide.


1) First set theme. If it is OK then proceed to test plugins

What I am worried about is it could be something to do with advanced elements in visual composer

Hi. Does this plugin support all payment gateways of woocommerce? Cause in our country we have our own payment gateways for woocommerce and we dont use international gateways such as paypal. And if the answer is no can we set the plugin so that checkout page opens in desktop template so we can use our special payment gateways?

No it does support all gateways. As for redirecting to your desktop page it might be possible, but I suggest modify the existing code on woomobigy to work for your gateway

Thanks for your immediate reply. After purchase can you make the redirecting to desktop checkout page for me?

We can but it will be extra charge.

I want to show the category of recipe but it does not work. Can not we show the standard post category?

Does he work with multisite?

Not at the present moment without some modification


chefambo Purchased

It allows users to continue through checkout even when they haven’t completed necessary fields – and they doesn’t give any warnings. Plus, it doesn’t allow to the user to choose login via the Proceed to checkout first part, just goes to billing details. So you have to go back to login – also when using stripe – it doesn’t allow to save cards – the text is there but no option button.

Hello nice plugin…. it works if i have 2checkout payment getways or other it will know my payment gateway on the web or only what you have in your demo?

There is no guarantee it will work with 2checkout, but you can try, if it doesn’t work you can always ask for a refund.

Does this plugin work with woocommerce addons like product add-on, geolocation product,whishlist, extra product variation. Does it work with all woocommerce payment plugins?

Hello Woomobify!

I didn’t get any response from you by mail! Can you please check my mails, it is about the one page checkout!

Thanks a lot!


foxplx Purchased

I have just purchased this plugin by yesterday, and try to add this in my store but it is showing me that it is already used. how it happen I haven’t used this any where why it is showing me this. I have sent a mail regarding this please check and resolve this.

Can you please communicate with me… i send you a lot of mails both didn’t get response… :-(


We replied to your email about a week ago, didn’t you receive the email. We can start the project

i have a doubt, what all payment gateways are applicable to this plugin?? i am using an instamojo payment gateway that integrates with woocommerce will it work with your plugin?

Yes. We just tested instamojo today using an instamojo test account, and the transaction was successful (we can only use a test account since we aren’t based in India).

Here is a screenshot of the transaction https://ibb.co/g4JTEQ. Note its payment pending because we are using a test account, with live mode the transaction would be completed.

thanks one more doubt does it function with WC vendors will they be abled to upload products using this?

Unfortunately it doesn’t function with WC vendors. We check it today. There needs to be modifications to the code to get it to work for WC Vendors. I don’t know how extensive the modifications will be

+ and – amount buttons on product page is very little on ios devices, css is not effective on ios for those inputs. do you have any fix for that? thanks.

I assume they are using a font. You can adjust the size of the font in the relevant style sheet.

Hi, may i know this theme got latest update?

Next 2-3 weeks