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I like your theme, I was wondering if it will work with woocommerce booking and stripe payment gateway. Also if I can create an android app without any coding.

Hey there,

Thanks for getting in touch, unfortunately it does not support these plugin at the moment.

Are you referring to creating an android app with mCommerce plugin? If so this is not what the plugin does.



liquida Purchased

hello is this plugin compatible with w3 total cache ?

Please send a support ticket using http://support.danthecoder.com


liquida Purchased

i cant login, there is no register form in your support

You don’t need to login you just need to submit a ticket, use this link http://support.danthecoder.com/submit_ticket


Ticket ID: 0A2-916-CFFD9

Hi. When i try to access Products category it says: “Something went wrong Sorry, We’ve encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request. Pulling to refresh usually helps :)”

And When try to access product details it says: “Something went wrong, we are unable to fulfill your request at the moment.” ... Please help?

Hey Tariq,

I replied to your ticket 2 days ago on Jan 30… Can you place please check you email SPAM folder if possible for the response?


Yea.. got it… Sorry it’s my fault.. a new Ticket [ ID: D83-9D6-C021F ] created. Thanks DanTheCoder.

Hi Dan, did you have a chance to fix the issue when embed in iframe? really want to buy that code. thx

Can you remind me of those issues? was it to be able to login and checkout in iframe? if so, login issue has been fixed as for checkout there is nothing I can do for that as PayPal doesn’t allow you to checkout in an iframe.

You can test in using the demo URL, its in an iframe: http://mcommerce.danthecoder.com/preview/

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.


Hi Dan, I mean the account section doesn’t work when i try to embed it in wrapper code like ionic. everything else is working. i would buy it if this could be fixed? thanks

Are you trying to make a webview app or something?

Can you send me a support ticket at http://support.danthecoder.com so we can discuss this further as I need more information/example from you regarding what exactly you are trying to do.

Hi Beautifule themes,but you have one error on your themes. So if i share a link of my product on social network ,after clik on my product i can see it,your themes go in home.

Hey there,

Thanks for getting in touch, this is due to deep-linking which will be implemented in the next update.

Hello. Please I’m interested in this script but i wants to be sure if this would work according to my plans.

Firstly is this a theme plugin or a mobile apps script. I would like to know if i install this plugin, i don’t need anymore theme to power it I’d like to know if i can make it generate sub-doamin or link like facebook. m.facebook..com (eg m.mysite.com) if this have to be installed on my current domain where my website is present, can it works with my website features (mostly plugins i used) and most importantly the payment method i use on my site as i don’t use paypal and stripe. i use other payment method that works in my country and also with woocomence

please can u please make this more clear to me please. Thanks

Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out, No you will not need anything else to power it.

You will not be able to generate sub-domains, what mCommerce will only be shown to your mobile users, leaving your current theme as is for desktop users.

Unfortunately, at the moment mCommerce only supports WooCOmmerce default payment gateways


i don’t understand what u mean by woocommerce default payment gateways. my payment gateway works with my woocommerce and since this have to be theme then it should have nothing to do with woocommence functions. my woocommerce payment gateway should work with it.

Hey there thanks for getting in touch again,

What I meant by WooCommerce default gateways, are the options that comes with WooCommerce such as Direct bank transfer, cash on delivery, paypal etc

is this plugin show us a ‘pages’ menu ? like blog and other page ? can visitors still access it while i activated this plugin ?

and i’m using shipping plugin that add a costume field on checkout like state and city. is this plugin support it ?

Hey there,

At the moment no it does not support these options at the moment, however, this will be possible in upcoming updates.


Hey Dan, does it support digital product… like pay for download or stream? thanks

I am using payUmoney payment gateway will this work on your theme? it should work as its not related to theme based i suppose?

Unfortunately, these will not work. More third partly plugin capabilities will be added in upcoming updates and I will add these to the list if possible.


selkwil Purchased

Please sir add Dokan plugin and SUMO Reward Points – WooCommerce Reward System plugin add to Support i am extra fee pay

I have already replied to your early messages regarding this.


I have some question before i purchase :)

1. Is there an option to also use it for desktop views? 2. Is it possible to have your demos “home” page as our “Shop” page? We would like to remain with our current homepage.

thanks in advance, hoping for a fast answer as i need asap asolution

Hey there,

Thanks for getting in touch, to answer your questions.

1) Yes and No, to be more clear on this. mCommerce is only for WooCommerce pages, however once activated viewing your other pages on mobile wont be possible as it was design for sites that are based around stores only. What you need done can be accomplish with a few customization, however, I’m working on an update that will make this possible easily.

2) While mCommerce, can be use for desktop or tablets devices the User Interface was not design for these type of devices only for mobile so you might have some issues with this and need to tweak a few things, but full tablet capabilities are coming soon.


what is soon? its not that im stressing, just to no when to comeback to your plugin.

Within a month time… :-)

please add the menu managing features

Will do in upcoming updates.

i dont have word to say its really amazing and look like apps ,,and its price is also affordable , but i cant use this because me and almost 90% shop owner use facebook or google to promote their product by product link but it dont work by product link so when someone click on product link they redirect to home page and google or Facebook charge for that click ,,

kindly give solution as soon as possible

there is also no sub-categories option there is no any products filter

there are basic option for any site

Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out.

Sub-categories option is there already. as for product filter and also deep linking as you mention with facebook etc this will be implemented in the next update.


Hello, just bought this item. Amazing!

Is there any po folder to edit the language?

Hey there,

Thanks for your purchase. Not at the moment, however, I’m working on releasing a multi-language version soon.


is this compatible with paypal pro payments?

i am waiting for new update when you new update will release ,, ??

New updates are coming within a month time.