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golab02 Purchased

Hello…quick question – why Master Slider is showing only 11 slides on website and in preview while I have total 13 sliders? Did I miss something in a settings? Thanks :)


Maybe you have hide some slides in admin panel. There is an option in admin panel for each slider that let you hide those slides in preview mode.

If it was not the case, please post a topic in our support forum, our support staff will investigate it as soon as possible.



Jungles Purchased

Hi guys! Why you are ignoring my question,please?:

Let me be more clear of the way how I would need this to set it up:

1th slide:

Button Nr One – links out to – url XXX , Button Nr Two – links out to – url YYY

2nd slide:

Button Nr Three – links out to – url ZZZ , Button Nr Four – links out to – url CCC

etc. till 10th slide. I hope it’s much clearer now!?

Please, let me know how to achieve that Regards, Jungle

Dear friend,

Sorry for the delay on responding.

As you know, the post sliders are dynamic sliders and they fetch slides content from post types (your posts or pages). As a result, while you add a button layer to the main slide template, the slider will repeat the template for all other slides, consequently, you cannot define custom url for a dynamic slider manually.

A simple alternative approach is using a custom slider. Just create a slider other than post sliders, then you can define buttons and aor any kind of layers for each of your slides.

Having any further questions, please let me know.

Hi, i bought the teme Limoking with master slider pro inside. How can i update your product, if is it possible ?


Please check the following page: http://docs.averta.net/display/mswpdoc/Master+Slider+Bundled+in+a+Theme

Good luck

Hi ! I love the plugin but am having problems with Elementor… When in preview, the layers transition perfectly, but when I import the slider in elementor and view in my browser, instead of ‘Right-long’ transition I get a fade in.

any known problems with Elementor ?


No one reported this issue so far. If we receive more feedbacks and requests regarding this issue, we will check and provide a solution for making two plugins compatible.


I talked to Averta support and the problem resides in a conflict between NavMenu Addon For Elementor and Master-slider… Its a major bug for me and would be delighted if somebody would make the plugins compatible.


Thanks for providing more detail for this issue. I passed this issue to our dev team, after investigation a fix might be available in future updates of Master Slider.


I need an info where to get help. The plugin is far from working properly, the text layer is not reacting to any changes, the support forum is inaccessible, help not existing… I’ve paid for the PRO version. Is this thing abandoned by the creators? Then why you are accepting money?

Dear friend,

Why the support center is unaccessible? Can you provide more information regarding this issue?

Our support staff are always available to investigate your problem as soon as possible.