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Hi. This is a presale question. I am trying to find a RELATED PRODUCTS slider to work with Woocommerce. Can your slider achieve this. Thank you

Dear friend,

Unfortunately Master Slider does not have this feature. But the default slider in product page can be replaced with Master Slider with one simple click.


I have a license for Clever Course from Goodlayers, a Theme that use MAster Slider, but I can’t activate it with the Clever Course purchase code.

Dear friend,

For activating the Master Slider you need a direct license of Master Slider. As you received Master Slider as a bundled plugin in your theme, you cannot activate it using the license of your theme.

Having any further questions, please let me know. Regards

Is it possible to display the first slide only in the introduction?

Do not display the first slide in the loop.


I am afraid but I did not get your meaning about “introduction”, can you explain more precisely?

Excuse, I would like the first slide to be displayed only the first time in the loop

Unfortunately this feature is not available at the moment. I will pass this as feature request to our dev team, it might be available in future releases of Master Slider.

Thanks for your feedback.

Hello There,

I have just gotten switched to this slider add-on from another one. Everything is going very well except for a minor problem. Please help me.

I was watching an element animation in my old slider by this script;

document.querySelector(’.SLIDERELEMENT’).addEventListener(‘transitionend’, function() { MYFUNCTION ; });

But this script not working with this slider. Master Slider is not allowing me to watch any transitions.

Is there a way to make this run? or I can run my function by slide shows up, for example; run script when slide 4 shows up.

Thank you,

You are welcome my friend :)

Slider callbacks with “On slide change end” works OK, but my functions runs at every slide changes. Can I run a function for custom class name or ID for slide element?



Could you kindly ask your support related questions in our help center?
Our support staff will investigate your problem as soon as possible.

Hi Guys,

Great Plugin. One of the best in my opinion. There is an issue with the import of Sliders. After we import a slider, the styles do not get set immediately. You will have to save the slider once in order for the styles to take effect. This is because you compute the css only upon the Save operation ( during update_slider() ). Calling your css generation functions after a slider import will resolve this issue. Could you kindly resolve this in an update ?

Secondly any idea of introducing responsive layer controls live revslider ? Autoresizing layers shrinks the text significantly and makes them unreadable or the arrangement of the layers also gets messed up. Adding responsive controls will make master slider truly the best slider plugin. You have loads of slider options and one can create infinite combinations, auto resizing is not the right way for achieving responsiveness of layers and custom css is too cumbersome.

Thanks, Swami

Dear Swami,

Thanks for your worthwhile feedback.

1 – We will check and improve the CSS part in next upcoming update.

2 – We are working on a major update that responsive control for layers and slides is a part of this update. I cannot tell your the exact schedule for releasing this update, but trust us, awesome features are coming !

Again thanks for your feedback and patience :)


Tzeny Purchased

Hello i want to ask where can i find the 33 samples which are ready?How can i find it?


After activating the plugin, please click on “Create New Slider” button, the list of 70 sample sliders will appear and you can choose your desired slider from the list.

Having any further questions, please let me know.

I am confused as to how your licenses work. If I purchase the Regular License will I only receive 6 months of software updates, or will I receive lifetime software updates? Thanks.


By purchasing a license (regular or extended) you receive lifetime software updates, however, you are entitled to received direct customer support (asking support related questions) only for 6 months.

Having any further questions, please let me know :)


Can you please help me get my ticket resolved for the connection error with activating the license key? I’ve had it open since May 1st and its been 10 days. I have to have this up before the weekend any help you can give would be appreciated. Thanks, http://support.averta.net/en/ticket/master-slider-activation-connection-error/#post-40205

Dear friend,

Our support staff are working to solve the problem. they have already replied your topic. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Pre-sale question: I have installed the free version of this slider but it fetches some default images from the server which I need to delete every time I have to upload images from my computer. Would I be able to disable the automatic fetching of images if I buy the pro version?

Dear friend,

Unfortunately this feature is not available at the moment, I will pass your feedback as a feature request to our dev team. We will add it in future releases of Master Slider.



tlemmy Purchased

This is nice and easy to use. The text is not showing up on ipads only the image thats showing up. This should work on ipads right?

Yes, It should.

If you have any support related questions, please ask them in our help forum.
Our support staff will investigate your problem as soon as possible.

I purchased another licence and activated the plugin, imported sliders but cannot EDIT TEXT. Tried Microsoft Edge, Chrome and the EDIT TEXT options don’t work.


Thanks for using Master Slider.

Please ask your support related questions in our help forum.
Our support staff will investigate your problem as soon as possible.


faurod Purchased

Demo page not working!!

Can you please send me the page URL that does not work on your side?

Hi, I have purchased a theme named Danlet and it has your Master Slider built-in, does it mean I have support from your side or not? Averta forum says you don’t recognize me as a client of yours. What do I do? I have a few issues with adaptability of the slides.

Hi, I have a pre-sale question: how can I customize to open bigger image for each slide, like prettyPhoto http://www.no-margin-for-errors.com/projects/prettyphoto-jquery-lightbox-clone/#prettyPhoto? Thank you

hello, i bought the jqery version, great product, but now im looking for this one i just want to know if i can use 2 different sliders in the same page, thank you and best regards