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Where can I find the installation instructions? The user guide does not contain any documentation. Thanks

Please send me your purchase code. Because this account (hansle6720) never bought anything.

Here is my order number 56968220

Mr. Picasso?

Magento Email Templates > MET 2017 > User’s Guide > index.html or Magento Email Templates > MET 2016 > User’s Guide > index.html

Open the User’s Guide. Then you will see : How do I install email templates? etc.

are you planning on adding the email schema markup ?

I’ll thinking about.

Hi there, is this compatible with Magento 2.1.7

yes, it is compatible with M 2.1.7

Nevermind, need to read better ;)

yes, it is compatible with 2.1.5

I am not finding the items.phtml in the MET 2017 Folder for those themes. Specifically “Brooke”.

Nevermind! I found out why I cant find it!!

The reason is because the file items.phtml is not a part of email templates. It was a part of old version.


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Does this work with magneto 2 ?


danzara Purchased

Ignore my question above. Answer found!


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Hi , Is the Magento 2 templates mobile-optimised?

Hello, yes, it is.

hi, Those themes you have which are 600px wide are not responsive. and those who you have max-width 480px are too narrow when looking from screens that are larger than ipad. Do you have responsive themes too or plan to make them? When I say responsive I mean the real responsive, not just 480px for all screens.

I dont understand, how? because the ones you have in your live preview are not. Do you mean that the real ones are but the ones in live preview are not?

take a look here:

then click at the preview.

Thanks! Works much better! If it’s possible then you should use that in the live preview here.


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Does It also work with 2.1.8 CE?

Not tested yet. But it should work with 2.1.8.

Hi, How can we change the subject of the e-mail that are sent? Regards,

Yes, I did load the content of the original mail template when making a new one.

Okay… Stupid on my side. I didn’t choose the right template at the new template for order email section… It’s working :)

Glad to hear.

Check even if here is everything okay: Stores – Configuration – Sales – Sales Emails

Template for magento 2 looks different then the one for Magento 1. I am looking at This is not what I bought!!

I have explained you already. Go and ask for the refund.

For every potential buyer who uses Magento 2. All examples that are shown are for Magento 1. When you use Magento 2 you will get another design for inner content. Only the header and footer are the same. This will give the email a whole other look and feel then you would expect. Would be nice if they would show both examples of Magento 1 and 2 so you can see what you buy.

Go here: – there you will see more examples. The end from my side.

Thank you for your answer. I was not really talking about differences in language. I am going to copy some styles from your magento 1 template because I like the presentation of the greeting box beneath the header and the order number that is centered better then the one in magento 2. Do you maybe have an example of template Cube for magento 2?

Go here: – there you will see more examples. The end from my side.

Which templates are responsive? When I check in the browser, nothing resizes…

Hello ShiloRune, they all are responsive. Go here:

there are examples. Thanks for the question.

Hi, when I check the responsiveness in a browser, it does NOT resize. I see lots of other customers are also confused. I suspect this is why. It seems like you’re lying to us, and we can’t TRULY find out until we purchase. I reccomend you update the demos.

as I already wrote. Take a look here: – It resizes.

where does the asset folder go? I only saw instructions to move the email folder and the css files. Thanks

Hi. Do these templates work across responsive layouts? The desktop version looks fine, by when i view the same templater on my iphone 6plus, the layout is not attractive and it squished. Is there a setting that i need to activate to enable this? Thanks a lot

Hi, there is nothing like that. Send me an image at email (info at I want to see what are you talking about.

sure. email has been sent


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it supports magento 2.2.0?


jopin Author

Hello, yes, it suports M 2.2.0.

Very interested. Beside invoice, orders and registration, may I know what others does it come with? I see that the ‘new generation email builder’ offers a lot more? Is this the same? Thanks.


jopin Author

Hello, The main difference is that the online builder is easier to use. It is not the same. It is different product. There are also different templates. Both of them offer all email templates for magento.