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Hello everything has been working for us with the template, but we do have a small issue. The transactional emails for new orders and invoices do not show, sub total, taxes, shipping and totals, as is shown in the web demo. How can we have this show?

Hello, probably it is not an issue. What version of Magento do you use? Send me an image:

Did you receive my email?

Hello, where can we delete the social shares icons? – They are being caught in spam folders. Regards

You should use your own url for images. Not mine. It means. They should be placed on your server. Because everybody uses these links. Where to remove images? in the source code of cource.

Great – found it, how do you add links to the image?

you have to change a url link in href tag

Is the email builder preview working correctly? It doesn’t show any content, clicking on the different email types down the left does nothing?

Here you are at wrong place. The product is not the same. Anyways. Yes, it is working properly. It is because the content is loaded from your magento DB – real data. That’s the reason.

But I do not see anything on the right hand side of the builder. Is this the correct link? Thanks,

yes, – is the url for online builder. It is a new version. Much easier to use it. Because for these templates, you should have some skills with html.

The second part of your question. I don’t understand. Please send me an image. Thanks. (

Are these templates compatible with Magento 2?

No, they are not.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

I sent you at least 20 emails. You are like a child. You have to learn how to talk with people.

WHERE YOU SEND 20 MAILS?? WHY YOU LYING IN PUBLIC?you are acting like a child…you KID…why you respond me now…becoz I ask codecanyon for a refund.??..why there was no reply for my previous comment before 6 days??....your template is not working even after updating the magento ver…then you said I need to pay for custom work…wht custom work I asked for?? I asked you to make ur template work same as demo…if you cant do it REFUND…OK..REFUNNNNDDDD

This comment is currently being reviewed.

It is working and you know that very well. Send me an access to ftp. Ill install it for you :)

Two comments regarding those templates: 1. the email templates for guests contain a link to the customer account – which does not make sense for guests so this should be removed from those templates. 2. Some of the templates are using background-images (for example “fiorly”) for defined areas of the email. “Microsoft Outlook 2007” and later (incl. 2016) does not support those background-images (like some other css-formating) so they are not shown. If you want to use a background for the entire email you could use for example. I reported this to the developer who answered: “[...]what is your point?[...] who is using Outlook 2007? Today is 11. october 2016 – end of the year 2016. If so… There is no chance that the email will look the same in all email clients. Nobody can do this. It works for all mayor clients. It is enought.[...] Even though he is right that it is very hard to make a template look the same on all clients – it should be worth mentioning this here for future customers. So be aware of this when purchasing the template.

As I explained to you earlier. The emails comes from magento. They are standard magento emails – no changes. If in the email for guests is something what you think it should not be there. Please send a message direct to magento developers. The second point. The email templates are working for all major email clients. They were tested in litmus.


danzara Purchased

Is there going to be any update with new layout avaialable soon?

Yes, the package will be updated. Right now i don’t know when. I am going to add new layouts.

Is there any way to preview an email with some dummy content? Like is there an easy way to generate an order email and view the full preview?

Hi you can preview of email in transactional emails

navigate to the Transactional Emails page in your Magento backend via the path SYSTEM > TRANSACTIONAL EMAILS.

Yes, I can see a preview of it but it does not contain any order info to show me what that looks like. e.g. Product Name, Sku, QTY info… etc.. is there a way to preview this with all the info in?

You can send a test email direct to your inbox. There is no other way in standard magento installation.

Hi ! Are you planing to release a version for Magento 2 ?

Hello, yes, it will be available next week.

Are these templates compatible with Magento

They were not tested yet in Magento They should be.

Next week I am going to release a big update.

Is there a save-function in the new online editor so there is a possibility to continue work later? It’s a load of work and would be nice to be able to save my work.


Right now there is no such a function. Yes, you have to finish editing in one time. It was not designed to spend more days with editing :)

Thanks for suggestion what to do in next version.


pcplod Purchased

We have have recently upgraded our meganto instal to veriosn, is it compatible. I ahev sent you a support request.

email sent

Hi ! When are you going to release the big update ?

I am busy with other things right now. Dunno when. Soon. Thats what I can say right now.

would this work with magento 1.7.x ?

Important: Emal templates only works for Magento version and above.

Hi, I have a question: if I buy this template – will I get access to this builder: Or this is something else? Please let me know. Thanks :)

Hello amzuzam, it is something different. Not the same product.

Thank you for your reply. There is a cost: $49. Where can I buy full access to this builder? If I buy it there – I will get all the email templates? Please let me know. Thank you :)

You can buy it here: – click at “register”.

You will get full access to the builder.

Just wondering if this will work for EE 1.14?

Hello tugboat,

not tested for EE. It works for CE. Honestly, i have no experiences with EE. I don’t know what is the difference.

This is my email: – I can send you a template to test it for EE.

You need to communicate much more clear that your email builder is not part of the product. I bought the template package just because I liked your drag and drop builder.

Now we have to pay more than double the price of the template package in order to be able to use it. First, don’t put it on the product page for another product and second if feel that you absolutely have to promote another product on your package than making a big red bold sign that says this is not part of the product.

This is confusing and frustrating since my client doesn’t want to pay extra and for this reason, I have built the emails manually. On top of that, I thought that after the installation of the email themes the emails are looking like the demo but this is not the case. It’s just the styling and I have to put all the variables in myself. This is time-consuming and annoying.

Hello Sergej,

it is not a part of the product. It is a different product. It is a promotion for another product.

Do you want to pay the online builder? If so, you can get the refund for the first product you paid.


I am looking to buy email templates for magento for a while, but your description is very brief. Could you answer me few questions. Is this an extension for magento with backend for configuration or just the code that we are buying? Does this package include all email templates (like new account, order shipped…) or just the new order template? and for the pictures to appear in emails, how does this work, do i need to modify code for this to work?

Thank you!


It includes all emails (new order, invoice, new account etc.). The second part, this is not a module. I am selling email templates – email templates for magento. It is like a template for your web.