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Does your extension support Magento 2.1 ?

Yes, this extension support both magento 2.0.x and 2.1. Our demo website updated to 2.1 yesterday and our extensions work well.

Does it supports dependable attributes ? Like checkboxes for Business or Personal, then show fields depends by selection?

Hello, this extension has not yet supported dependable attributes. Some new features will be updated in next version, Core of Magento has changed, we will research to implement your recommended feature. Thank you.

Does your extension support the most recent 2.1.1

Yes, this extension works well with 2.1.1.

Does your extension make a split on the order? Example:I buy 2 products in the same order, none is for myself. One is for my mother and the other is for my brother – different pearsons, different e-mails… And i have to input their information in the order, but i pay.

Hello, This extension supports store owner to manage customer & address attributes. It doesn’t include business logic for order and payment. To split order, we need to develop a new extension. Thank for your ideas.

Can you develop?

I think that our developers can do, however, i’m not sure about when they do, because we made a plan to implement a lot of extensions in september and october.

Will the newly-defined customer attributes show up in the “manage customers” grid by default? Want check before buying it. Thanks!

Hello, this is demo account: admin url: http://demo.x-mage2.com/xmage2admin , username: cademouser, password: xmage2demouser. This user don’t has permission to manage cache and indexer. “Facebook” attribute show up in the grid because this attribute was enabled by “Add to Column Options” and “Use in Filter Options” (need to reindex and refresh cache). For more information, you can read http://blog.x-mage2.com/magento-2-customer-attribute-system/ . If this extension is useful for you, you can buy it on our official website:.http://x-mage2.com/customer-attribute-system.html . Thank you.

Thank you for your quick response, will test now! Regards.

I would like to see dependent attribute be used by multiple relations. Right now, only latest relation added to the system is using dependent attribute, but other relations don’t if they use the same attribute.

Another thing to consider, is nested child attributes, that can be created in Relations. At the moment it does not seem to work.

Also, please consider disabling editing system attributes, because as soon as you edit the attribute, the attribute connections are broken and Magento behaves very weird. Attributes I do have issue with are the dob, country_id, region, region_id, to name a few.

Found one bug in admin side in customer edit section. If one of address attributes is a required field, and it is a child of a relation, it does not disappear from the edit page when another relation is chosen, it just stays there no matter to what relation I switch, and I am required to make a selection, otherwise an address is not being saved.

As to the storefront, the relations do work as intended. Hope you understand what I am addressing.

Just checked customer attributes relations in account edit section of admin side – same issue.

Thank you. We will forward your comments to our developer.

Just updated to M 2.1.3 and on checkout pages the extension is broken. Instead of texts for the fields it shows ID’s like:
John Doe
790 Sackville Dr
Lower Sackville, NS B4E 1R7
313 316 321
Nothing there. Try this email:
goldhub dot ca at gmail dot com

I applied your latest update, but the issue is not resolved. Please check yourself.

We sent a updated version via Zenddesk. Please check your email. Thank you.

hello, can i create a relation for show information specifically? for example if the person select in province Colorado, can in Colorado show only in the shipping method cost for 5 dollars and in payment method only cash on delivery? if i select another province example Florida, well show me other parameters. It is possible? It is compatible with one checkout view?

Hi, Attribute Relation applies for custom attributes only, this extension has not yet supported a relation related to system attributes. Magento 2 has fixed code for some forms in the checkout process, so if you want to change behavior of fields, you need to customize the system. This extension works well with default Magento 2 OPC (One Page Checkout) and swissup FireCheckout.

Hello, from technical point of view, do you use the core eav structure to add customer attributes like the hwg module for Magento 1 or do you add custom tables?

Hi, the best way is reuse EAV system, we used EAV to manage attributes and custom table to manage relation. Best Regards,

Hi! This extension is supported by Magento 2.1.5? Thank You!

Hi, this extension works on all Magento 2.1.x. Regards.

would be nice if worked with Magento 1.9

Unfortunately, this extension works with Magento 2 only.