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Just bought the editor, great work!

But it’s not working in Safari or Chrome…

Any troubleshooting suggestions?

I’m not able to save this file with php.

I’m using your example:

$data = file_get_contents($_REQUEST['imgData']);
file_put_contents('image.jpg', $data);

I can get the php to execute with the ajax call, and i get a response. But the file does not save server side.

Any suggestions for troubleshooting?

I there another php function that can use your js data object?

Just in case anybody is running into the same problem mentioned above, the following is what i used. You should change your documentation…your welcome.

//Base64 object

$baseFromJavascript = $_POST[‘data’];

//remove ‘data:image/jpeg;base64,’ from the string

$base_to_php = substr($baseFromJavascript, 23);


$data = base64_decode($base_to_php);



Thanks for your contribution ! :)


mrich88 Purchased

Any option for share to Facebook after they are done editing?


numosh Purchased

Hi, is can I change the alpha so it’s not overlay mode ?

HI there… can this be branded with our website brand? and can this be embedded into a mobile app as one of the features? Thanks…

Looking forward to this… seems an exciting script… Thanks!


Stev6 Purchased

Dear sir,

Is there any chance that text options (so that you can add text to an image) will be added on short term?

Thanks in advance,


Can this allow my website visitors to click on an image edit and save/download?

yes, you can verify this from the demo :)

Sorry I wasn’t so precise. I want to add the lollipop script to my website (wordpress).. and want visitors (not logged in) to be able to click on the image attached to a post and start editing it and then download (even better possibility to choose 2-3 different dimensions, full, medium, small).


Any news about share button? I´m waiting to buy this script :)

image url must be local, it’s a kind of protection by the browser. Thanks for your comment !

So, if the images exist on the server how to make a link to edit the image without reuploading the image cause i have my own image hosting website and i would like to create a button to edit the image uploaded by using your script, is it possible? And how to do that?

Prebuy question: Hi bro, I intent to buy this script as an extra feature for my public image hosting, is it possible to use it as a standalone page going with other pages on my website? And how to make the images editable after uploaded on my website? For example https://imgni.com/i/4SLu (I would like to have a link on this page that users can click on to edit with your script?

Just upload the script in your server and indicate the path in lollipop-integrate.js. Here yo can have more details and a demo to do that https://0.s3.envato.com/files/219560585/index.html#integration. Include lollipop-integrate.js in the page where you want to edit the image. Thanks for your comment !

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Crodev Purchased

What are you use to build this, Angular, Jquery, ReactJs ?

75% Native Javascript, 25%(Jquery+Angular)


Nino2212 Purchased

Hey Guys!

Unfortunately I am not a professional programmer. I need your help. I want the image not to be saved on the user’s computer, but to a folder on my server. I have the following PHP file, but it does not work. Can someone help me?

js: var imageEditor = Lollipop.setOptions({

upload_icon: true,
   onSave: function(data) {
         type: 'POST',
         url: 'saveImage.php',
         data: { imgData: data },
      }).success(function(response) {
         alert('image saved successfully!');


// requires php5
define('UPLOAD_DIR', '../Gallery/');
$baseFromJavascript = $_POST['data'];
$base_to_php = substr($baseFromJavascript, 23);
$data = base64_decode($base_to_php);
$file = UPLOAD_DIR . uniqid() . '.jpg';
$success = file_put_contents($file, $data);
print $success ? $file : 'Unable to save the file.';


the docs project can be a good example, if it works fine for you, it can be a starting point. (the docs/js/demo.js is the app.js in your case)


Nino2212 Purchased

Thanks! Which function has the upload_icon?

save function


Crodev Purchased

The Editor is very nice, but i have a problem with my solution. I have a Button on the Page that opens the Editor:


            var imageEditor = Lollipop.setOptions({
                path: "../../lib/lolipop", //specify the path to lollipop folder
                appendTo: "body" 

            $('.add_new').on('click', function(){
                    image_url: '*',
                    gallery_icon: true

But when I select a Image from the Gallery Icon i get following error:

app.js:10 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'clearRect' of undefined
    at restore (app.js:10)
    at HTMLImageElement.image.onload (api.js:13)

What i want is to init a Empty Editor and let the User to select a Image from his PC and after editing, to upload it to the server.

the app suppose that an image variable is defined. It should have at least a default image.

Hi, Can you open for customization! I required some customization, let me know if it possible!