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Hi, looks good, just 3 questions:

1) So i just upload the script to my webserver and then i acess the url and it just runns including uploading pictures? (with right chmod of course) or have i to do additional steps?

2) is there a way to place a watermark into the picture (different for each edited picture)

3) can i add text to pictures?

thanks Patrick

1) you can use lollipop as a third-party app so you just need to follow some steps included in the documentation. Or you can use it as standalone software so you just need to import photos from gallery (drag and drop support) and also from camera.

2) you can add logos

3) not yet implemented (future updates).

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sclabo Purchased

Pre-purchase question. Apparently, Lollipop does not do layers; however, I may be able to do what I need. I want to place a png file over the main picture. Both will be the same L and W size. The png will have a transparent background. There will be some text on the png. Can I substitute my png files for either the “Frames”, “Textures”, “Special”, or “Logos” files? I do not need all of those features.

Also, users can load pictures from the same server that houses the script, correct?

yes you can just replace png files in the source for your own needs.

lollipop can load images from client, the same server that houses the script and also from external servers.

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iOS Safari support is due in the next update. Can you tell me if next update is imminent? I’m wondering if we’re looking at days or months?

Actually the product was built at first to support IE11, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Edge like it’s mentioned below in the description, it will need much more work to make it compatible with safari. We do our best !

Hello SpecialApp, I was bought this cool stuff..thx before for your good idea.

where is documentation or manual guide that i found ?

sorry for my bad english

how to rebuild gulp dev-app ?

there will be an update in few hours that let you choose the file formats

how to rebuild gulp dev-app ? => after installing gulp globally, just open cmd (terminal) in the root directory of the project and execute gulp dev-app

Hi, I want to use a photo editor in my online store. Because of that, I want to know if is possible connect your photo editor with the cart.

I intend to make an online store where the user can use an image editor and then order the printing of that image. That is, the user must upload the image, edit it and in the end send the image to the shopping cart to place the order. Something that would also be wanted but not required would be to have predefined image sizes (15cm x 15cm).

lollipop app is flexible in terms of integration (you can follow the documentation), but of course what you intend to do needs some customizations.

And is possible do this customizations?