Lets Involve Real Time Chat Session

Lets Involve Real Time Chat Session


You can view or download the manual in the following link Manual


It’s real time chat session titled as “L-Involve”. It’s like to other social network chat interface. It allows a distributed users to involve from anywhere and anytime.

Who can use L-Involve Chat

Any users who need to real time communicate and collaborate (i.e. sending: text message , video, image,files and emotions) in order to achieve some goals

L-Involve Chat Features

L-Involve Chat has a set of features, that can help users to communicate and collaborate, when they are in the distributed environment or not. These features described as following:

  1. User Profile : It a personal information associated with a specific user, which includes: User Image, Background Profile Image, User name, email, title, and contact information.
  2. Chatting: It is a real-time chat that allows users to send and receive text, photos andvideos as well.
  3. Export Chat Session: It allow admin of group export all chat session disscussion as excel file.
  4. Groups: A set of users to share information. There are two types of groups:
    • Public: Anyone can view the group, its members, and their posts.
    • Private: Only members can see group members and their posts.
  5. Email Notifications: Notify users by email when somebody invited into a chat group session, or forgot the password.
  6. Emotions: L-Inolve allows users to write emotion faces to describe their feeling(s) for example: happy, sad.
  7. Reset Password: When a user needs to change his/her password to a new one.
  8. Manage Group: it allows the administrator group to add/remove and make another user(s) as administrator. In specific group.
  9. Forget Password: When a user forgets his/her password he/she can rest it, where L-Inolve will send the new password using user email.
  10. Registration: Allows a user to create a new user profile, in order to join the L-Inolve.
  11. Request to join Group: It allows users to request another member to join specific group.