Lets Involve Real Time Chat Session

Lets Involve Real Time Chat Session

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You can view or download the manual in the following link Manual


It’s real time chat session titled as “L-Involve”. It’s like to other social network chat interface. It allows a distributed users to involve from anywhere and anytime.

Who can use L-Involve Chat

Any users who need to real time communicate and collaborate (i.e. sending: text message , video, image,files and emotions) in order to achieve some goals

L-Involve Chat Features

L-Involve Chat has a set of features, that can help users to communicate and collaborate, when they are in the distributed environment or not. These features described as following:

  1. User Profile : It a personal information associated with a specific user, which includes: User Image, Background Profile Image, User name, email, title, and contact information.
  2. Chatting: It is a real-time chat that allows users to send and receive text, photos andvideos as well.
  3. Export Chat Session: It allow admin of group export all chat session disscussion as excel file.
  4. Groups: A set of users to share information. There are two types of groups:
    • Public: Anyone can view the group, its members, and their posts.
    • Private: Only members can see group members and their posts.
  5. Email Notifications: Notify users by email when somebody invited into a chat group session, or forgot the password.
  6. Emotions: L-Inolve allows users to write emotion faces to describe their feeling(s) for example: happy, sad.
  7. Reset Password: When a user needs to change his/her password to a new one.
  8. Manage Group: it allows the administrator group to add/remove and make another user(s) as administrator. In specific group.
  9. Forget Password: When a user forgets his/her password he/she can rest it, where L-Inolve will send the new password using user email.
  10. Registration: Allows a user to create a new user profile, in order to join the L-Inolve.
  11. Request to join Group: It allows users to request another member to join specific group.