Link .NET Core Social Network System (v4.4)

Link .NET Core Social Network System (v4.4)

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Today we have moved towards a more socially connected society. The usage of Social Media today is growing faster than any before. It’s spanning from socializing with friends to an involvement between the persons inside the companies and institutions. Social Media is a powerful tool for user engagement. Social Media has been used for service evaluation and understanding of the user’s needs. In addition, it is used by many companies to get their customer feedback and suggestions to build a better product or service, or for improving on some product and services. Furthermore, many companies today use Social Media to enhance the communication and collaboration between their employees are who geographically distributed.

Public Social Media such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter become the primary way to user involvement. However, there is still a privacy concern with these public Social Media services. Public Social Networks today have more power than any government. They can know everything about us, what we liand ke, dislike, our secret conversation, how we feel, what we, and who we talk.

Link is a social network used to improve collaboration and communication between groups of people. It allows them to interact, socialize, share and consume information, thoughts, and ideas. In addition, it combines individuals into specific groups like a neighborhood subdivision. Link provides an opportunity for the community such as high school, universities, institutions, governments, non-government institution and others to engage. It also contains many features used to facilitate user interaction and collaboration. Some of these features include posting, comment on the post, real-time chat session, voting, user profile, and focusing groups.

Link has developed with Microsoft modern technology stack, using core. The ASP.NET Core is a free, open-source and cloud-optimized web framework that can run on Windows, Linux, or Mac. Link comes with full source code, so you can customize the source code and use it as a starter project.


You can view or download the manual in the following links:
  1. Business Guideline
  2. User Guideline
  3. Link Technical Guide

What you will get is

  1. Full Source code, including everything
  2. Full Database
  3. Documentation guide including Business, User and Technical.
  4. Screenshots, and all images

Development Requirements

  1. PC/Laptop
  2. Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition (FREE)
  3. MS SQL Express Edition (FREE)
  4. .NET Core 6.0
  5. MS IIS 7/8 or above
  6. ASP.NET Core
  7. Cup of coffee☕


We aim to help our clients if they need additional information about the Link Social Network features or have any unresolved difficulties with it. So if you have any questions, suggestions or problems do not hesitate to contact us on, and we would be happy to listen to you.

Release Notes


  1. Upgrading Framework to 6.0..
  2. Fix Admin Gridview sorting issue (when the user sorts a specific column a popup appears).
  3. Fix User Group Issue: when users unfollow a specific group the group will still appear on the user group list.
  4. Fix mention user autocomplete: when the user wants to mention some friend in a comment or reply sometime the mention autocomplete does not work well.

Before buying the product, first of all, read the manual section above. If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

About the Use License

There are two licenses that are sold at CodeCanyon the Regular License and Extended License.

✔ Regular License The regular license is for personal use only, you cannot resell or distribute.

✔ Extended License The extended license allows you to customize, edit and resell the compiled version of the application to your customers.

Both licenses above come with the complete project, source code, compiled version, license generators and documentation. No license above allows you to sell, share or make the source code available to third parties.

Last Word

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