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missing watermark :(

would it be nice to have watermark for both thumbnails and large image or just large image? also what kind of watermark, image based or text based?

preferably all these options

you should think about doing something to your code so the pages do not have all that empty white space under their content. Looking good though. Love the description where you say “the non-wordpress way” lol. Love it!

all right, i wasn’t decided if to add a footer or not. yeah its meant to be clear that this is not a plugin for wordpress. thanks for the insights

i want to buy it, but i’m missing some things like a direct button to download image, possible watermark in thumbs, images data like height and width, size in kbs or mbs, possibility of removing the lightbox effect and let users make download through a download button, like a said before, unregisters users can view all site but not allow to download anything unless admin give a pass (login and pass) with this features this will be awersome.

Yeah I see, but this is too tied for your own needs so you will need someone to customize it for you.

Hi, I made a template (Palas) a static page in PHP format that lacks dynamism for loading slide by surgeries, could you make a customization of your LaraGallery to give you the functionality of this web page?: regards German Pace

hi, you can already get that functionality, just the text is below instead of right hand side.

Hello, thanks for creating this cool script!

Installation is ok, but i get an internal server error when i try to upload photos in a gallery ( by the admin page )

Any idea?

Also, i’d like to remove the huge blank space under each page and set a footer. Can i make a footer in PHP and set it on every page?

Thanks a lot Vfero

Hi Vfero,

Just contact me with hosting login via my profile form here at codecanyon and we’ll take it from there.

Thanks, Alex

Can I drag/drop reorder images to sort them? The demo does not seem to be working, I am using chrome.

Yes there’s a drag/drop feature to reorder images. It’s disabled for the demo.

Is there any way to restrict access only on certain pages?

Restrictions apply sitewide not individually.

Hello before to buy i have some questions,

1/2 ) THE PRIVATE SITE OPTION : instead of lock our site, can we just lock a page with a specific gallery only viewable by only registered users ?

2/2 ) ADD SHOP SECTION : Can we have a shop section in Admin Panel, with the possibility to create similar galleries as today and add a description and PayPal buy button to lightbox images ?

thank you

3/3 ) ADD VIDEO TO GALLERIES : can we add videos betweens images in galleries


1) No sorry, it’s either full lock or none.

2) This isn’t an ecommerce app, we can discuss that for a fee in private if you want

3) No, images only.

ok thanks a lot for all your answers, just contact me at crocodeal06(a)gmail(.)com and let’s discuss of possibilities ;D

can i upload photo by ftp ? if i want to add 1000 photo by normal way it will take many time but if i compress it and use ftp to upload it will be best ,,,,can i do that ???

can i add it by html cods to any page ????

2-i didit see Category on home page ??? can add it ?? thank you for help

No HTML is allowed on pages, there’s also no categories system.