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app stop working after hosting server migration. please help me

server settings are same since both were vps i restored all settings by myself since it is an unmanaged VPS . i’m using wp security plugin that is All in one WordPress security i checked even after deactivating the plugin but it’s same

Hi, If server setting are same why at your previous server the app working, and now in your new hosting app not working. I think the problem not come from the android code, because there’e no change at android code. One thing that change is your hosting server that should be the problem come from.

Thanks ! i fixed the issue :) do you have any plan for iOS version of same app ?


joserick Purchased

The script isnt working, kindly send me the updated one am having problems with realm

RealmConfiguration realmConfiguration = new RealmConfiguration.Builder(this)

is underlined inthe android studion and i cant build or run the app for tests

Hi, are you using android studio 3.0?

If yes please don’t edit file build.gradle and app/build.gradle except applicationId.
then please edit build.gradle file, please change gradle tools version to 2.3.3

And when android studio offer to update your tools version please select this

Just purchased the App, and while importing got some erros, just peeped into comment section and found that you have directed not to upgrade the gradle to latest version… I just ant to know…why r u not upgrading the Gradle plugin & Gradle version to latest ones? kindly do that so the app remains compatible with the latest version of android studio.. expecting to see an updated version of this app soon with the requested changes

Hi, Thanks for your suggestion, yes we have plan to upgrade the Gradle plugin & Gradle version to latest ones on next version, but its takes time, FYI my item not Koran only, I have 19 item need to upgrade, its not easy to improve and upgrade at the short time. So just waiting the turn of Koran next update.


I have just purchased your App Template and when I open the project in Android Studio it shows the following error-

Gradle sync failed: Cause: error in opening zip file

Please reply soon with proper solution.


you must extract koran_main_file_3.2.zip, and read README.TXT

Thanks for reply,

Actually the issue was in gradle file downloaded in my system. I deleted it and again synced the project. Now it’s working fine.

Hi, I have successfully integrated my app with firebase and added the api key in fcm plugin but when app trying to send a test push from wordpress it shows the following line.

You have no fcm user.

Could you please solve this issue, I don’t have any registered user in my website and I had purchased this template due to its FCM feature only but I am very disappointed that I am unable to use it. :cry:

Hi, please check your wordpress at menu FCM > users

do you have any user over there. If no please run you android app because, when app starting its submit data into that page, if still not working clear data your android app

nothing changed, still facing the same issue