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Error:android-apt plugin is incompatible with the Android Gradle plugin. Please use ‘annotationProcessor’ configuration instead.

Help me!

can you capture your screen, I need to see how you open the project

Hi, are you update android studio?

If yes please don’t edit file build.gradle and app/build.gradle except applicationId. then please edit build.gradle file, please change gradle tools version to 2.3.3 com.android.tools.build:gradle:2.3.3 And when android studio offer to update your tools version please select this

Hi, just edited gradle to 2.3.3 version, but now this error come out “Malformed root json”

Gan ini log hasil dari USB debugging https://pastebin.com/Yawadhm6

gan log nya kepanjangan agak susah nyarinya, coba clear dulu logs nya kemudian jalankan aplikasinya sampai crash baru copy logsnya

maaf gan kalo merepotkan

gan bisa di tambahin register pake google atau facebook gak? sama di tambahin related post di artikel ? thanks.

Wah maaf sis saya gak nerima custom.


disappointed due not new updates…..

Hi, if you have any problem you can tell me here.


this is error plz “android-apt plugin is incompatible with the Android Gradle plugin. Please use ‘annotationProcessor’ configuration instead.”

Hi. Is this app compatible with Android studio 3.0 or not? And is it compatible with blogger rss feeds or only wordpress rss feeds?

Hi, yes this app compatible with AS 3.0, but usually when first opening the project its offer you to upgrade the gradle tools, please do not accept it https://prnt.sc/hrn34r

this item only support for wordpress


Ini notifikasi nya akan muncul setiap kita bikin posting baru, atau kita bisa atur sendiri notification nya?

Bisa diatur gan, nanti ada settingannya

hi how to change the menu color and menu text color ?

but the title “other” it still showing in white color? how to change the menu group title color ?

Hi, you can try this solution https://stackoverflow.com/a/32994669

thank you so much..


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saya mendapatkan error ketika mengaktifkan wp-fcm plugin, seperti ini :

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Kira-kira dimana masalahnya? mohon bantuannya


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Versi 4.9.2

Kayaknya enakan diskusi via hangout aja gan, saya mau minta akses ke wordpressnya juga soalnya. Alamat hangout ada di profile saya


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Oke, saya hubungi via hangout gan, terima kasih

This error when i build the app.

“android-apt plugin is incompatible with the Android Gradle plugin. Please use ‘annotationProcessor’ configuration instead.”

You can change star from this https://codecanyon.net/downloads

Try to clear data your koran app, then open and close for several times until your device registered on your wordpress

Review is UPDATED,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Many Times i clear Data but Device is not registered plz help

You can check how device registering by doing this

when you get response like number 3 that mean your device success registered into server

Koran 3.3 update is out. So can I only replace updated files e.g

- build.gradle
- app/build.gradle
- ActivityMain.java
- ThisApplication.java
- gradle/wrapper/gradle-wrapper.properties

Can I update these files only ?

Please suggest Devloper

Yes you only need to update mentioned files, if your previous version is Koran 3.2

Thanks Team DS That was really helpful :)

Thanks :)

Downloaded the 3.3 version today but getting errors, the compiled sdk is still below the recommend one, even if we upgrade it, the error remains look at the screenshot

fixed the one reported above by.. only changing the 5 files as given in the new documentation, thanks for the update… but there is one bug which still persist, that is, when anyone by mistake click on the feature image of the article, the app crashes, irrespective of android version, this behavior is the same on all devices, please guide us how to fix this crash error..

Hi, when app crash its should be produce error logs at menu Log Cat android studio, please share that error logs using this https://pastebin.com/


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congratulations on recent android studio gradle update. How can i filter page? because only category filter works and there is no option for page filter.

Hi, yes JSON-API plugin not support for filtering page


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Update the admob native ads in this template..

Hi, I will consider about it