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I have WPML implemented in my website. The post are shown in three languages. Notifications are also working. But when we click on notification other than english its giving error and not leading to the post details page. Can you please guide me how to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance

Hi, can you give to me your error logs from android studio. We must see the error logs to find the problem.


support youtube vimeo ?

Yes this is support video, you can check this post http://demo.dream-space.web.id/koran/?p=64

from android app

i’ve just purchased the app but i cant find this file app/google-services.json and it keeps show the error Error:Execution failed for task ’:app:processDebugGoogleServices’. > Malformed root json

You run on emulator or real device?

i tried both

I need to see error logs from android studio to identify the problem, can you provide it here http://pastebin.com/

Which software is required to prepare android, I would like to suggest you to please make a documentation for beginners also. Thank You

Hi, sorry about it.

You only need android studio to open koran project.

Hi, Actually I don’t know anything about android development that’s why small small tasks are big for me, I tried to edit the files using android studio but when I build apk I am getting different different errors everytime. I would like to ask you do you provide installation support/ service for the people like me? Paid or free? :)

Hi, better we continue this support using chat on google hangout, please contact me dev.dream.space@gmail.com

Hi, i used Koran to load my wordpress. Some articles work fine, but a few more, when i click the news list, it load and then showing failed. Can you check why?

Hi Dream_Space! Can I ask you something? Does this app support any wordpress theme and plugins like audio player plugin or it will show codes of plugin and supports only standard theme? Thanks …

Hi, yes this app support for any theme, about plugin audio player we don’t know its works or not. We only get data from generated by JSON API https://wordpress.org/plugins/json-api/ and display it to android view.

Here example data come from my wordpress site http://demo.dream-space.web.id/koran/?json=1

So support or not its depend on JSON API plugin

Thanks :)

gan ini bisa di buka pakai eclipse ngak…??

Udah nggak bisa gan, sekarang google udah nggak support eclipse

I got error like this Error:(41, 30) error: cannot access AbstractSafeParcelable class file for com.google.android.gms.common.internal.safeparcel.AbstractSafeParcelable not found

Hi, sorry for my late reply, we are on vacation now.

are you edit file build.gradel ?

When the new update. It would be nice if there were notifications in comments

When click enlarge to the image in the content?

I will try for next update

We await the new update

We await the new update

Hey if I buy your app can u help me to change the splash screen and the logo and also connect to my website and also why does the app have one advert at the bottom could u make 2 one between and one bottom

Hi, yes I will guide you to change splash logo and configure the website. About ads we cannot insert ads inside post view, but you can insert int the top


Is it possible to display admob Interstitial every time the user clicks back?

Back from which page?

Kategori yg di masukkan app bisa di pilih? jadi tidak semua kategori yg di wp masuk kategori yg di app.

Semua yang ada di wp bakal masuk di app gan

Hi, I have following queries : 1 ) Is it support youtube videos? 2) Do you provide whole source code. 3) It works with any wordpress theme or do I need to use any specific wordpress theme on my website.

1. Yes you can include youtube video inside post content.
2. Yes you will get full source code.
3. This app not related with any wordpress theme, so you can use any theme for your wordpress

Thanks :)


Tachdurdy Purchased

update please

update about what?


Tachdurdy Purchased

Hi. I changed my hosting wordpress. New domain no work FCM push nothifaction. please help

make sure your device listed at FCM user