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can i use minervas as main blog? so the main is minerva KB and can i update the blogpost usualy ?


I dont understand your question or what minervas is. This is a plugin that can be used with any theme on single or multi-site installs and it uses custom post types for articles.


plbrand Purchased

“There are problems with search results. The futurio theme and a lot of already working plugins are used. “Live search” displays the search results but after searching the phrase only “Sorry, no results were found” is displayed. Can the plug conflict with other plugins? Are there known cases that can cause this problem?”

Hi, support is provided only through the support tab and please clarify the question with details to replicate as currently I am not sure what you are experiencing.


plbrand Purchased

Please replay to my email. I did by support page,.

Hello, wondering before committing to a license whether or not this plug in is compatible with ?

We haven’t tested it with that


does this plugin has alphabet index in order to see the articles?


No, it does not.


biju420 Purchased

is it possible to show particular category faq only ?

Not on the main page, but there is a shortcode that can be added to posts/pages to list articles from a single category.

Pre sale question – The article sections are at the top and for a long user guide you need to keep going back up for other sections. Is it possible to place the article sections sticky on the side? Thanks

There is no option for sticky table of contents.

Am I correct in understanding that images and media can’t be embedded in Knowledge Base posts?

Adding media to KB article content works exactly the same way as adding media to a default WP post.

Hi, i like to buy this plugins but i need need know is it possible to add custom category icons?

Hi yes you can add (optimized for web) SVG icons to /includes/acf-icon-picker/assets/img/acf/ folder

Pre-purchase question: Is it possible to define content for user roles? Like some categories can only be seen by logged in users, or admin users, or password etc?

HI, no there are no use access features, you would need other plugin for that.

How do I install the helpdesk theme?

I looked up instructions on this website: and the contents of the zip file do not match the contents listed on the website—for instance, I did not find a themes zip. The unzipped file I downloaded only contains the pressapps-knowledge-base folder.

Please can you give the steps to get the same look at the Green theme in the preview? Thank you.

I figured out part of the problem: when I downloaded the zip file again from codecanyon, it had contents that matched your website.

The problem seems to be that the file that downloads by default on completing purchase was the plugin-only zip file. I’m not sure why it’s set up that way.

So, the zip file contents issue is resolved. I installed the theme and it does not look like the preview nor does it have options to configure it to look like the demo. How do I get the theme to look like the demo?

Hi, the theme comes with options setting where you can set the styling, if you have a specific question please use the support tab.

Thanks for the reply. I managed to figure out how to get the styling right, for the most part.

Hi Does it have FAQ ?

Not seeing it in the demos, can you control where to article TOC goes? You seem to have it above the article, and a right sidebar. We’d likely not have a sidebar, and want the TOC to the left on ONLY the pages that need a TOC.

HI, we dont control theme sidebars so no there is no option for sidebar TOC