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Yoast SEO automatically adds the knowledge base to the sitemap, for anyone wondering :)

Could you provide some more information about your latest update “Category with child subcategory now display articles assigned to parent category” please? I’m hoping this will solve a request from one of my users – but it’s doesn’t seem to be an obvious change from what I can see.

Hello, until the recent update if a parent category had child subcategories, article assigned only to the parent category didnt display up on the parent category page… now it does.


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One week ago I wrote a support ticket and until now, no answer.

That’s what I wrote along with screenshots.



I tested the plugin and I have found small problems.

I setup a template for the main page, with a left sidebar. I have chosen the same template in KB. I also left as default but the behaviour is the same.

On the main page and on the category pages that have subcategories, the template works just fine. The page has a red header, the standard website header.


But, on a category page that doesn’t have subcategories and also on the article page, the template is gone. The plugin is using another template. I’m not sure which one since in the theme options panel, I have setup the red header that shows up on all pages.



Also, on the article page, in the breadcrumbs, is missing the whole path. If I have 3 level categories, the beradcrumbs is perfect until the last level category. If I go to one article, the breadcrumbs show only the main page, last level category and article. Basically, you cannot go back to a previous level, since the sidebar shows only the main categories. The only option is the breadcrumbs to show where you are and go back.


Also, on the category page, the category description doesn’t show up. It should apepar below the breadcrumbs and above the articles. What’s the point of writing a description if it’s not visible.


I hope you can help.

Thank you.”


I hope you can reply soon.

Thank you.


Is it still not possible for users to edit articles from the front-end?

your website is horrific. there is no way to find information, it all goes to the same page

Is it compatible with wpml?

can users add content and it be placed into drafts for approval?

Any progress on having a table of contents?


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The lack of responses here by the author doesnt give a good feeling…


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Whats plain stupid is that the author doesnt even run his site on SSL. Elite ?? Jeez…if you were”elite” you would have known that from the backend the product page wouldnt be visible. Its mixed content …HTTP vs HTTP , and that means…blank page….mister elite.

I’m really interested in buying this site. I’ve seen mixed comments about the response time, so hopefully I can get an update on this soon!

I’m looking at creating a knowledge base for a customer’s site, and zeroing in on my options. this plugin appears to work pretty well—but one huge thing that we need is the ability to assign knowledge article NUMBERS. Identifying numbers so that we can simply tell someone the ID, they search it, and immediately locate the SINGLE article. Is this an option provided here?