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Is this not the same plugin that’s on your website? I was looking for attachment support

It looks like the plugin creates a sidebar/widget called “Knowledge Base Main” – how do I include this in my template file?

I am disappointed with the support for this plugin!

There’s no reply to the submitted tickets! very disappointing!

No support at all!


I have tested your app, and my manager is willing to buy it only if you can help us on an essential problem. The “archive” and “article” pages must have the same Template as the “Main Page”. The template of the main page is automatic in my theme. Is it possible to configure archive-page and category-page so that they fit on this page model? If so, I now pay the application with the support. Thank you very much !

Look the main page: and article page:

I have a feature request. On the side bar, when the title of the article is long, the next line is not indented properly like it should be on a bullet. If would be great to fix this as it will look more polished and professional.

if it’s possible to customize different user roles to manage who can access and edit the content. Do you think this is possible with this platform?

So far, not good. The plugin allows for category nesting, however when you nest a post at different category levels, only the most nested posts appear. I contacted support January 13th and have yet to receive a reply.

2 feature requests: #1. Expand the Categories box on the right-hand side. It is very hard to navigate when you have a large set of categories and nestled sub-categories. #2. Make Tags searchable. This would be a huge help! Thanks!

Version 2.3.0 has broken the Visual Composer / Ultimate Add Ons integration. We use advanced tabs to separate content. Those tabs work fine on every page on the site except the knowledge base plug in now. They worked fine before the update.

Hi, I want to purchase this plugin for one of my website can you please confirm whether it will support my website or not. Please find the link for my website below:

hi, not bad plugin but … single category -> broken permalinks even when unique slugs, not showing all the content in it.

ps category permalink is redirecting to the home page instead of articles in that category. Is this plugin still supported ??

update- plugin working 100%. my bad, rated 5*.

I have two tickets submitted to support with nos answers… Will ask for a refund if there is no support for this plugin.

How can I change the slug of categories and of the single posts? Whenever I change them the plugin doesn’t function anymore?!

Yes you can change it providing they are unique (not used by other pages) but flush permalinks after the change by going to Settings > Permalinks and saving settings.

Currently I use a knowledge base theme which has posts as the knowledge base posts. I’d like to keep it this way because I already have the post views, categories, etc. all set up. Would this be possible to do with this plugin?

Hello, no this plugin uses custom post type / taxonomies.


pi7er0s Purchased

Hi Guys, Really quick question. Is there any compatible/supported markdown plugin I can use to mark my kb articles? KB articles you keep losing the format if I swap from TEXT to HTML mode. Thanks for any idea.

Hello, I tested Jetpack plugin and it seam to work fine.


pi7er0s Purchased

Jetpack plugin ? are you sure? Not sure which part if this plugin can fix my issue. Thanks

Is there no demo download? My manager refuses to purchase yet another plugin without live testing with OUR website (sorry, the demo just doesn’t cut it, we need to be able to experience the functionality first hand). Too many bad experiences with buying plugins and finding out they just aren’t what they are cut out to be.

Does this support front-end editing?

Hello, no there are no trial versions for our WP products.


justinere Purchased

I would like the urls of the articles that are added to a category to contain the category.

Example: Now it is

Please let me know if this is possible ( and how )