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RIP to the plugin

Hello, looks great :) One question: Is there a frontend editor that users can add & edit wiki posts from the frontend? Thanks & Greetings!

I have made several attempts to contact the author with the email contact form. They have not responded. This plugin doesn’t seem to work with the last few Wordpress updates. We checked against theme and other plugins to rule out any conflicts. Any help would be appreciated.

This plugin is dead. It has not been updated in 2 years and the author will not respond to (paid) extended support requests unless you ask Envato to intervene on your behalf and then the author claims they cannot replicate the issues reported (the issues are easily replicated). The author still does not communicate with you directly even though you have paid for support. The plugin will not work on a clean install of Wordpress 5.9.3 (without any other plugins installed) using the default Wordpress theme (2021 or 2022). Envato’s solution is to request a refund on the support fees. We’re not sure why Envato continues to allow this plugin to be sold when it’s clearly not working and no longer supported.

Could you please post Screenshots or a link to the Demo thanks

is this plugin dead? 2 years no update.

Hi support, Is it possible to integrate it in multivendor site and people can submit support to a specific shop/product owner?

for example if person purchased a mobile phone the ticket should only go to mobile seller not to a random support manager?

Or can we do it person by person? for example if a user id send a message it should go to A support manager not visible to anyone else

I hope you will understand my request

Hi, we found a problem with your plugin and bp-better-messages Plugin. You are both using taggle for the autocomplete function (you are using it in the search, bp-better-messages is using it to find a user when sending a message).

I added: if ( !bp_is_blog_page() ) { wp_dequeue_script( 'pressapps-knowledge-base' ); } to my child theme, and this helps. Perhaps you should only load your scripts on knowledgebase sites or pages with the search input? Would help with pagespeed as well! Thank you Lenny

Hi Kipperlenny and thank you for reporting

Hi there, can you please tell me if your system uses cron jobs to send emails?

No, it doesn’t send any emails

Hi! I would like to know if you have plans on adding WCAG support.

From what I’ve seen at the ‘knowledgebase-2’ demo, it is actually really near from achieving that. There’s only a few problems to solve, like: empty links and buttons; search form controls without labels; search modal that doesn’t stop user from navigating out of the modal via tabbing.

Thanks in advance!

KB search does not work on my site – the results are always empty. I have paid for support and sent several emails but not had any response in 2 weeks

Is this pugin still supported? I have had no reply to this comment or any of the several emails I have sent

Hi, I am from PreMadeKB.

We need Developer or Free license to integrate our Articles with your Software.

It will be helpful for your customers. Let me know if you are interested.

No thank you

Do you have any issue if we will purchase it and provide articles for your software?

We do not provide software, Only articles in SQL mode or supported mode such as If your software support to import HTML articles then we will provide HTML to our customer.

(We need permission before doing anything)

Hi, you can purchase and provide documentation for the product.

can customers open a ticket ?

Hi team, in wp-content/plugins/pressapps-knowledge-base/includes/acf-post-type-selector/js/input.js you are using the jQuery function live() which has been deprecated for a very long time. It’s no longer present on jQuery 3 so when WordPress release version 5.6 you’re going to be throwing a JS error on the dashboard on every page.

Would be great if you could change that to on() function instead. It’s a one word change :)

Thank you for reporting, will get it updated.

Are planning to make it WPML compatible?

Not at the moment.

Loading style and js files on all pages reduces the performance of the site. These files should only be uploaded on knowledge base pages. It can be loaded with Body class or post type. It would be nice to have an update on this.

It would be nice if this plugin was integrated nicely with all the top themes on themeforest like X, Salient and co. I use one and it throws lots of design errors.

Hi, yes it would be nice. There only way the theme and plugin ecosystem works is that all developers adhere to WP standards, unfortunately that is often not the case (including the top selling themes). Some of the issues in third party items could be fixed for excessive cost (purchasing all the products, implementing and constant updates to them), other issues just can’t be solved on our end, they have to be fixed in the theme. I agree it would be nice for us and our customers.

Thanks for the info!

Pre-Sale Question – Can it be setup to just click on the Title and launch the attachment instead of going to another page before you can launch the attachment.

No, you would have to customize it.

Not seeing it in the demos, can you control where to article TOC goes? You seem to have it above the article, and a right sidebar. We’d likely not have a sidebar, and want the TOC to the left on ONLY the pages that need a TOC.

HI, we dont control theme sidebars so no there is no option for sidebar TOC

Hi Does it have FAQ ?

How do I install the helpdesk theme?

I looked up instructions on this website: and the contents of the zip file do not match the contents listed on the website—for instance, I did not find a themes zip. The unzipped file I downloaded only contains the pressapps-knowledge-base folder.

Please can you give the steps to get the same look at the Green theme in the preview? Thank you.

I figured out part of the problem: when I downloaded the zip file again from codecanyon, it had contents that matched your website.

The problem seems to be that the file that downloads by default on completing purchase was the plugin-only zip file. I’m not sure why it’s set up that way.

So, the zip file contents issue is resolved. I installed the theme and it does not look like the preview nor does it have options to configure it to look like the demo. How do I get the theme to look like the demo?

Hi, the theme comes with options setting where you can set the styling, if you have a specific question please use the support tab.

Thanks for the reply. I managed to figure out how to get the styling right, for the most part.


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