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We have a wordpress site with 4 languages, powered by polylang pro. Can we have knownledgebase articles in those 4 languages?

Hello, no currently not.

Knowledge Base does not work with ‘TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme’. There is no option to take a look inside the category so it’s useless. It is loading the page for very very long with no result. Support did not solve the problem – shame :(

You have contacted our support with once and we responded the same day most common solution. You have not contacted us since.

You send an official WP documentation, but it’s not a problem connected with migration. I installed fresh WP as well with only TheGem theme and your plugin so I advice that it’s not compatible. If there is anything more I can do, please write to me.

Hi there! 3 years ago you said WPML is on the list of future features. Whats the actual state of it?

Hello, we had some issues with implementation so for the moment it is off the list.

Hello, I’m interrested by your plugin. We don’t have backoffice demo. Could we add some embed files like PDF, Calameo, Google Slide or like that ? (With shortcode by Editor it’s ok for us). Thanks you.

No demo backend ?

Hello and thank you for your interest. The plugin doesn’t have any custom file upload feature, but you should be able to use the WP default “Add Media” to add files. You can test it on default posts or pages.

Thanks for your reply

Hi – Two questions: 1. Do you have a list of known conflicts with this theme? A client of mine is using with Capacious and it doesn’t work. The setup works, but then you can’t click on anything. 2. – More important – I want to change out the Capacious theme to Divi, but want to confirm that there is no conflict with Divi by Elegant themes. Do you know of any conflict there? Thanks.

Hi, 1. no we don’t 2. not aware of any issues

Is it possible for clients to email a support question that goes into the “system” ready for answering?

No, this plugin doesn’t have such feature.

Visual Composer making issue

Contact us through support tab with details.

Can i display sidebar items in an accordian or toggle?

No, you would have to customize it.

can this be setup on 2 of my subdomains? where can i see setup steps and requirements.

The plugin works also on multisite. Just activate the plugin globally or on selected subsites just like any other plugin, other than that the setup is the same as on single WP installation. Documentation is bundled as PDF.

I would like to create a private access WIKI for my internal team/employee. Can I lock all the content behind a username and password?

Access control is not a plugin feature but you could used some third party plugin for that, anything that can protect custom post types and taxonomies.

Presales question: What about translation. Does this plugin work seamlessly with WPML, can i translate every string? Merci ;)

Plugin can be translated with Poedit, but is not multilingual wpml.

is it posible to convert a post to a knowledgebase article?

I believe there are plugins that can do that export/import between custom post types, check I dont know the exact plugin name.

Hi there. I am running a Mediawiki Website at the moment and looking to transform it to a better solution. Is it possible to have every user to edit with your plugin like in wikipedia? And will there be a history to change things back then?

Hello, there is no edit option on the front end. You could use a third party membership plugin to allow users edit articled through dashboard. Change history could be enabled by adding a line of code.

Unfortunately not compatible with Salient wordpress theme


asbell Purchased

Where is the documentation for this plugin?

Download all files from your Envato downloads, unzip to find PDF documentation inside.

When someone clicks on the heart or broken heart icon, “Did this article answer your question?”.... where is this feedback stored or displayed?

The voting count is displayed on back end, in all article posts view we added a column.

Really not impressed… renewed support several few weeks back, requested support via the correct channel, received a reply after a week or so requesting some more info, which I provided…. not a word since despite chasing up. Really not great service :(

When will it support Gutenberg?

After WP 5.0 is released.

Is it possible to display the voting options as “Yes | No” rather than icons?

Cheers, Steve

Hello, this is currently not an option but I put it on suggestions list for future updates. Regards, Ivan

Hi There

I think you have a great plugin and been testing for another client of my now that you have shortcode support. However, the shortcodes do not work in Guttenberg ie the initial screen. If I used the page selected via the pressapps option than the main page works as expected.

When do you expect to have full Guttenberg suppor?

Hello, after 5.0 release. I think there is some misunderstanding: the shortcode is there to display a simple list of articles somewhere on the site, but it doesn’t display the main page as the plugin option does. Having said that we plan to add shortcode option for the main page in the next release planned end of Jan.