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Rashad !

Patience is a virtue !


Is there a admin that I can look at?

Yes, but we didn’t update this demo, we have more features now in admin panel,

usr: admin

Pass: admin

Patience is a virtue! lol

If you purchased king media pls write this comment to king media product page for approval

RedKings Please contact me djcombox[at]gmail[dot]com

YOU can contact us from mail box in my profile

:D I send

@RedKings pls fast answer ♥

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Patience is a virtue !-))

If you purchased kingmedia pls write this comment in kingmedia product page fpr approval

this script is badly missing media/image delete function. I uploaded a image and for odd reason image won’t load so now I cannot delete it. I checked admin panel and user area no such thing lets me delete any of content.

Found it, you had to hide image first then delete. Bit odd thought.

My other problem is some images won’t show up after upload?? it shows in my media but when I click it it doesen’t load the image.

redbuzz King-include files are different if you don’t use the redbuzz, you need reupload king media default files,

I see I have uploaded old includes so now it works as before :) still new to this script. Btw any plans for any big updates? With new feature and such?

Yes we will update with new features but i can’t say any date

Pre-sales questions, does this bundle include the ads-manager? The main description of the product is very confusing :S

Yes , there is two ad plugin

Ok and those 2 are here in the bundle or not? Still not answering the question…

Loading ad plugin is in bundle version and there is ad places in kingmedia script, other ad plugin is extra


bsolake Purchased

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