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Hi there, It is posible to show multiple timelines (each one with his data)? Ive tried but the points appear in the first timeline only…

My code in markup (i remove the < and / > ): div id=”tmlA” style=”margin:100px; border:2px solid silver; width: 1000px; height:8px;” div id=”tmlB” style=”margin:100px; border:2px solid orange; width: 1000px; height:8px;”

In js: $(document).ready(function () { $(’#tmlA’).timelinexml({ src: ‘TimeLineA.xml’ }); $(’#tmlB’).timelinexml({ src: ‘TimeLineB.xml’ }); });

The error says: Línea: 101 Error: El objeto no acepta la propiedad o el método ‘getElementsByTagName’


Can you please try using HTML code instead of XML? If you are still having issues please send us a support ticket.


i can not install in my site and error massage ” The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.”

Hello, This is jQuery version of the plugin. If you try to install it in WordPress environment will be unsuccessful. I suggest you to see the documentation of the plugin and how you can use it. The documentation is located in the package, which you have dowloaded when you had bought the plugin.

My code is working fine but it is displaying the entire year, from January to December. As the events are very close I would only exhibit the months in which the events occur. How do I do?

I replied to your message in our live chat. :)

Hi all, Working in HTML. Can someone let me know how I can only show 1 month on the timeline? I’d like to only show the next 31 days. Is it possible? Thanks in advance.


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Please, submit a ticket to me using our support system: